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  • Corporate Web Presence - 1,655 words
    Corporate Web Presence Advantages and disadvantages of a Web Presence The World Wide Web is a World Wide Market. It is a new way of selling. More and more customers expect to find your product news and specifications on the web. But even on the Net, you have to advertise your product. Using Internet as a media to advertise your product is different from traditional media. Through Internet companies can be present all over the world. Using the web as an advertising tool is the cheapest way to be discovered at every time. You can also quickly change your promotional campaign, in order to gain attention that may lead the consumer to the product. Online services become so popular because they pr ...
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  • Hypertext Environment - 513 words
    Hypertext Environment Computers finds a unique selling point to attract customers: their advertisement shows a young man ecstatic after getting the latest computer in the market. However, on his way home, he reads a billboard sign, which displays that a newer version of the same computer is launched. Apart from marketing Gateway Computer's upgrading strategy, the advertisement reflects the rate of change in a technology-oriented world; the dichotomy being that such rapid change undermines the possibility for users to cope with emerging, changing technology. The situation exemplifies a new and unstable era for pedagogy in the age of information technology where technical communicators must be ...
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  • Innovations In Behavioral Marketing And - 3,117 words
    Innovations In Behavioral Marketing And MARKETING MANAGEMENT TERM PROJECT Innovations in Behavioral Marketing and Electronic Commerce Date: June 15, 2000 Table of Contents Preface1 . Introduction . Benefits of Electronic Marketing . Effectiveness of E-Commerce I. Ways for Promoting your Website II. Learning about your Visitors III. Segmenting your Internet Market . E-Commerce in Lebanon I. Lebanese Companies on the Net II. Customer Adaptation to E-Commerce Websites . Conclusion I. Introduction An online marketing channel is one that a person can reach via computer and modem. A modem connects a computer to a telephone line so that the computer user can reach various online information se ...
    Related: behavioral, direct marketing, internet marketing, marketing, marketing campaign, marketing channel, marketing plan
  • Virtual Reality Technology And Society - 1,998 words
    ... ting, manipulating, and representing the various components mentioned before. Computer application programs written to allow the presentation of graphic, audio, and perceptual information allow the "user" to enter the virtual world. The computer and it's programs must then handle the input from the user in order to realistically simulate their interaction with that artificial reality. The computer hardware and software capable of implementing virtual reality range from home computer systems costing around $5,000 to the high-end Silicon Graphics, Inc. workstations costing over $100,000 (Newquist 1992, 95). Although the price of the computer hardware and software has been one of the major ...
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  • Web Page - 1,322 words
    Web Page We are standing on the precipice of a new culture? Sceptical, questioning connected with the world, thirsting for information and change. Technology is driving society at a pace unparalleled in history creating new attitudes, interrelationships, and global awareness. A new consumer is emerging, suspicious of traditional media sources, incredulous of advertising, and contemptuous of the contrived the hyped, the false. This consumer is not easily persuaded by clever graphics or manipulated by fads in design. In order to integrate all aspects of a brands presentation on a web-site, the designer must move beyond form, colour and type and embrace the comprehensive impact of design. Enhan ...
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