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  • Battle Of The Bulge - 819 words
    Battle of the Bulge The Battle of the Bulge took place on December sixteenth 1944. The Germans mobilized the last chance they had to win the war. The Germans wanted to cut the American forces in to two parts this way the could easily be destroyed. Hitler felt this was his last to win Because his forces were being pushed back and soon they would run out of the resources the would need to win the war. Hitler was mobilizing a task force of 500,000 Germans solders. The allies were slowly pushing throng the Ardennes Forest on the Germany, Belgium Boarder, with a force of 600,000 American solders And 55,000 British solders. Hitler hoped to surprise the Allies of gard and quickly separate the army. ...
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  • Capital Punishment And Religion - 462 words
    Capital Punishment And Religion Capital Punishment Electrocution . . . gas chamber . . . lethal injection . .. field shooting . . . all are forms of the death penalty used across the United States. Some believe that when one person takes the life of another, that persons life should be taken as well. They should pay for what they did. But honestly . . . is capital punishment used to make the murderer pay for what he did? Or is it simply revenge? Capital punishment is wrong. In my opinion, it is barbaric. It is revenge, and it teaches revenge as well. Do two wrongs make a right? Do two murders instead of one make everything okay? We need to distinguish the difference between our emotions and ...
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  • Comparison Of Spartan And Samurai Warriors - 1,435 words
    Comparison of Spartan and Samurai Warriors Comparison of Spartan and Samurai Warriors Both Feudal Japan and Ancient Sparta are renowned for their outstanding soldiery. Each had distinctly different military styles owing to the differences in their lifestyles and beliefs. The Japanese soldier had a balanced view of himself as a whole person, studying both martial and literary techniques, whereas the Spartan soldier was born and raised to become a soldier. Both techniques were extremely successful in developing a fighting force that was the elite of their times. The Core of feudal japans military force was the samurai. The development of the samurai in ninth-century Japan occurred when the cen ...
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  • Euripides Medea - 740 words
    Euripide`S Medea Euripides Medea I see Medea as a woman who took a chance and stood up for herself. The kind of behavior that Medea displays was very rare for these times: she doesn't accept the dramatic change in her life; she does something about it. On the other hand, Medea becomes so obsessed she loses herself to revenge. Medea is only heroic to an extent. Medea's thirst for revenge begins when she finds out about her husbands unfaithfulness. Medea's husband Jason decides to marry the princess Glauce to establish a position of power in Corinth. Jason claims he did it so Medea and their two sons could have better lives. Jason fails to tell Medea of his plans. Medea, who has committed her ...
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  • Good Looking And Attractive Person - 897 words
    Good Looking and Attractive Person Image Would you rather be called good-looking or attractive? Is there a difference between a good looking and attractive person? To many probably not but I believe there's a thin line that separates those two words. A person might be very good-looking yet not attractive. How is that possible one might ask? Well the answer is very simple; it all depends on the attitude and personality. While working at Express I get a chance to observe people, their behavior and image and what role it plays in overall appearance. Let's admit it we all judge people at one point or another. When you meet someone the first impression is solely based on looks. Some people look a ...
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  • Heart Of Darkness - 1,362 words
    Heart Of Darkness Throughout the story, Heart of Darkness, there is a thin line between what is seen as reality and what is illusion. The main character soon realizes that he has different interpretations of events and physical things than that of the Europeans. Charlie Marlow first realizes how many things, events and even people, in Africa, seemed misnamed by the Europeans, distorting them from what they truly are. Consequently he is wary of labeling something in case he might misname it and as a result devalue it. In the end, Kurtz, who has already reached enlightenment, will be the one to teach Marlow, though not directly, the significance of a name. Charlie Marlow is the only one to be ...
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  • Hopi Indians Lived In The Western Part Of America Arizona Their Civilization Is About 3000 Years Old And They Usually Farmed - 577 words
    Hopi Indians lived in the western part of America (Arizona). Their civilization is about 3000 years old and they usually farmed for living. The Hopi reservation is a remote area, comprising approximately 650,000 acres, and is surrounded on all sides by the Navajo Reservation. The Hopi people have lived in this area for over a thousand years, with one of its native villages on Old Oraibi, having the distinction of being the oldest continuously inhabited village in the United States. Hopi brought a lot of influences to many people. Hopi people were famous for their pots they make. Hopi pottery is assumed to have been made by women, there are few early historic references to men making pottery. ...
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  • Ideologies - 528 words
    Ideologies Ideologies An ideology is a set of ideas connected together that explain how government and society should be organized and what set of values the society should embrace. The concept of an ideology is a very slippery topic in that people range in the level or degree of their feelings. Ideologies are simplistic and not concerned about logic and consistency. This means that if they are either conservatives or liberal their ideas may vary slightly. Conservatives may have slight differences in the way they think about society. Their ideas are not clear cut or precise. Ideologies contain a view of human nature. In other words, they tell what people are like. There are not clear-cut ans ...
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  • Irancontra - 1,005 words
    Iran-Contra The Iran-Contra affair is not one scandalous incident, but rather two covert operations started under Reagan's administration. In the beginning, these two operations were independent of each other, but eventually became linked though funds received from the sale of arms to Iran for hostages and then given to the Contras fighting to overthrow a Marxist government in Nicaragua. The scandal began with Nicaraguan politics. After the Marxist Sandinista regime took over Nicaragua in 1979, the government was faced with a growing communist threat to US interest in Central America. When President Reagan took office in 1981, he was vehemently determined to halt the spread of communism, esp ...
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  • Irancontra Affair - 1,557 words
    Iran-Contra Affair Iran-Contra Affair Iran-Contra: Crossing That Line "I think everyone knew we were walking a very thin line."(Owen) Not many Americans know the truth that lies behind the Iran-Contra scandals. Most would be surprised to know about the deception of our leaders. Still today, some truth of Iran-Contra lies hidden in the conscience of the people who organized it, aided it, and went through with it. It started with good intentions, but soon was corrupted. Some may argue that we must do what we can to smother the flame of communism, but I believe that deception, abuse of power and bloodshed is no way to go about it. To fully understand Iran-Contra, you must know the history behin ...
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  • Jonathan Edwards - 770 words
    Jonathan Edwards The Puritan man must tread lightly and avoid sins in order to enter the good graces of God. Otherwise, the undeserving man will plunge by Gods own hand into the pits of hell. Mercy is not easy to come by and those sinners who are not embraced by the kingdom of Heaven will live in eternal, painful misery. Jonathan Edwards sermon was obviously not intended to encourage his congregation, but to frighten them into good, pure submission. He sears his point onto their brains by using extensive figurative language, including multiple gothic metaphors and similes. For example, Edwards repeatedly preaches about how each man walks on Gods thin hand, which is all that holds the man abo ...
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  • Kate Chopin And Awakening - 1,327 words
    Kate Chopin And Awakening A Style of her Own Kate Chopin uses symbolism and realism to enhance her theme of social conflict in the lives of women during the nineteenth century. These conflicts seemed to travel from one woman to the next, unnoticed by the rest of society. Chopin used these conflicts as a basis for all of her short stories and novels. This inevitably started turmoil about issues that never were brought out before. This, in turn, opened the eyes of society to the individuality of women. In The Awakening, by Chopin, a woman named Edna realizes that she is an individual and has individual feelings. She and her family lived at Grand Isle during the summer and her husband, Leonce, ...
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  • Life Of Goya - 1,199 words
    Life of Goya With the coronation of the two Catholic rulers, Ferdinand and Isabella in 1479, the country of Spain slowly began to unite. Piece by piece, the King and Queen recaptured once lost lands and built their empire. In 1516 Carlos V rose to power, establishing the Hapsburg reign. The Hapsburg ruled for nearly two hundred years until the death of Charles II. With him died a Golden Age for Spain that the Catholic rulers established. Spain fell into a time of mass poverty, disorganization, and lackadaisical rule. One force that was structured in Spain was the church. Catholicism was not only a religion in Spain but also a significant influence in society. At the time, however, it did lit ...
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  • Lord Of The Flies - 640 words
    Lord Of The Flies In Human Nature there are two main opposing sides. Good and Order vs. Evil and Chaos, the two sides greatly contrast each other. In the novel Lord of the Flies, the author William Golding displays the difference in humanity with two nemeses Ralph and Jack, and how sometimes there is a thin line between the two. Ralph constantly tries to bring good to the island by bringing order. For example, Piggy first sees Ralph on the beach and depicts Ralph as a boxer, as far as width and heaviness of shoulders went, but there was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil (10). Piggy can clearly see that in Ralph there is a need for order. Ralph can live by no other ...
    Related: flies, lord of the flies, human nature, william golding, lawful
  • More Than One Celled Organisms Grow By Way Of Mitosis And The Cytoplasmic Division Of Body Cells On The Other Hand, Meiosis O - 1,541 words
    More than one celled organisms grow by way of mitosis and the cytoplasmic division of body cells. On the other hand, meiosis occurs only in germ cells, which are put aside for the formation of gametes (sperm and egg). Reproduction by meiosis allows for species survival and it increases genetic variability. The process, during which the germ cells are generated is called meiosis. It represents nature's solution to the problem of chromosome doubling that would occur, if two diploid cells, i.e. two cells with a double set of chromosomes would fuse. Accordingly does meiosis produce haploid germ cells, with maternal and paternal germ cell fusing at fertilization and thus generating a diploid fusi ...
    Related: cell division, division, meiosis, mitosis, organisms
  • Religion In American Culture - 1,105 words
    ... n by the rest of America as a force to be reckoned with. I think many American blacks were happy to accept him as the next leader of black people, since one was about due. Unfortunately, Farrakhans solutions to most of the black mans problems involve extreme hatred towards and separatism from American culture in general and all other racial groups that exist in it. His presence as a strong black leader can have extreme ramifications on racial relations in this country, because there is a thin line between upholding him as a great social leader and adopting all of his hateful and racist attitudes. Farrakhan has certainly not been subtle in his beliefs that the white man is evil and inferi ...
    Related: american, american culture, american people, religion, white america
  • Sex In Society - 1,901 words
    Sex In Society Sex plays a major role in today's society. From television, radio, music, and advertisements, to video games, the Internet, and even art and pictures, all forms of media use sex to help sell their products. With the public being exposed to so many different types, the overuse and exploitation of sex is common. Is sex a useful tool, or a ploy to get the attention of the public? Before discussing sex in the media, one must understand why it has come to be that people use sex as a gimmick. The writing of modern history has resulted in a viewpoint that is nothing short of a stag party. The history of women is ignored, hushed up, and censored in the most literal sense of the term. ...
    Related: century society, coca cola, men and women, early adolescence, television
  • The Kamikazes - 1,197 words
    The Kamikazes Kamikaze was a type of Japanese pilot who flew suicide missions during the last months of World War II (1939-1945). The kamikazes were trained to dive airplanes loaded with the explosives into certain targets, usually American naval vessels. They were much like a human bullet. The suicide planes were also called kamikazes. Japan was desperate when it launched the kamikaze missions. Its military leaders viewed the kamikazes as the last hope of stopping the powerful Allied advance. But the plan didnt work. The first kamikaze attacks occurred in October 1944, when the Allies invaded the Japanese-held Philippines. More than a thousand kamikazes took part in the defense of Okinawa i ...
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  • The Life You Save - 939 words
    The Life You Save Use of Symbolism in The Life You Save May Be Your Own The symbolism that Flannery OConnor uses in The Life You Save May Be Your Own, illustrates the spiritual struggles between good and evil that we as humans face. The main character, Mr. Shiftlet, embarks on a journey of spiritual means by walking on both the paths of salvation and damnation. Mr. Shiftlet is given countless opportunities to turn himself around and to proceed in the right direction, on the path of salvation. As in the story, these moments that give us a chance for salvation encompass our own lives. Unfortunately, Mr. Shiftlet does not stay on the right path for very long. He finds himself, time and time aga ...
    Related: main character, on the road, thin line, empty, warning
  • The War Of 1812 Was Fought Between The United States And Great Britain From - 1,837 words
    The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain from June 1812 to the spring of 1815, although the peace treaty ending the war was signed in Europe in December 1814. The main land fighting of the war occurred along the Canadian border, in the Chesapeake Bay region, and along the Gulf of Mexico; there was also fighting that took place at sea. There were many reasons for the Americans to go to war with the British. From the end of the American Revolution in 1783, the United States had been irritated by the failure of the British to withdraw from American territory along the Great Lakes, their backing of the Indians on America's frontiers, and their unwillingness to sign ...
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