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  • Teenage Suicide Occurs At An Alarming Rate And Can Be Directly Attributed To Three Main Causes: Depression, Substance Abuse, - 1,919 words
    Teenage suicide occurs at an alarming rate and can be directly attributed to three main causes: depression, substance abuse, and relationships. This terrible phenomenon is rapidly increasing in the United States and only in the last decade has any serious attention been paid to the underlying causes. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 15-25, with only accidents and homicide being more common! Most teenagers express various warning signs before they attempt suicide. Therefore, suicide is a preventable occurrence in the vast majority of cases. Depression is by far the leading cause of teenage suicide. Depression is a disease that afflicts the human ...
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  • Adolescence Is A Time Of Storm And Strife - 1,781 words
    Adolescence Is A Time Of Storm And Strife : : Introduction : : Adolescence is a time of storm and strife. Adolescence is a period of time between childhood and adulthood. This is the age when one can either make something of his life or destroy it all, this is the time when a person makes those friends who changes the how he looks at life and how he faces it. An adolescent's main goal these days is to fit in and not be different from their peers. In this paper I will explore the probabilities of the following grievances experienced by the adolescent youth which are drugs, suicide, and homelessness. : : Body of the Essay : : Adolescence is the developmental stage between childhood and adultho ...
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  • Breaking Up - 1,044 words
    ... ly, Tom got angry and told Christine to stay away from his family. As it turned out, Christine never followed through on her threats. They were just an underhanded ploy to make Tom upset. This is not a mature way of handling a breakup, which is true for most teenage heartbreak. Another incorrect method of recovery is harassment due to obsession. The harasser is the person who, for example, is obsessed with driving by the exs house or place of work, calls the other just to hear his or her voice and tries to cover it up with lies like, I was just in the neighborhood, and I think I dialed the wrong number... The severity of the obsession is measured by the time that is spent on it, the degr ...
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  • Romeo And Juliet - 662 words
    Romeo And Juliet William Shakespeares great tragedy Romeo and Juliet is a play which addresses the ideas and dilemmas that have faced teenagers since it was written nearly 500 years ago. Three predicaments which are encountered in this play are teenage suicide, rebelliousness, and love. Romeo and Juliet is the tale of two teenagers, whose families are sworn enemies. Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love. Upon realizing that the objects of their affections are their families sworn enemies, they decide to marry, without parental knowledge or consent. When Juliets father announces that she is to marry another man, she fakes her death so that she can remain faithful to her husband Romeo, withou ...
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  • Teen Social Issues - 1,385 words
    Teen Social Issues There are many social problems that teenagers go threw. I think the two most recognized problems are Teenage Drinking and Driving, and Teen Suicide. These two social behaviors teenagers go threw are two of the leading causes of teenage death in the state of New Mexico. Alcohol, the most widely used and abused drug among youth, causes serious and potentially life-threatening problems for this population. New Mexico holds one of the nation's highest DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) rates (Ulibarri, 1999). Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in New Mexico. Society must now face several questions, why do teens drink, what are the results of teen d ...
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  • United Way - 1,411 words
    United Way There are approximately 495,000 tax﷓exempt/nonprofit organizations in the United States (excluding churches) that may receive tax﷓deductible contributions. Of those with incomes above $25,000, roughly 55,000 are classified as human service organizations and another 28,000 are health related (Hodgkinson and Weitzman, 1996). The term nonprofits refers to these health and human service organizations. The types of health and human services that nonprofit organizations provide include housing and residential care, youth development, recreation, services to children and families, employment assistance, crime and delinquency prevention, food and nutrition, and substance abu ...
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  • Written Speech On Teen Suicide - 1,623 words
    ... ssible suicide. Change in eating and sleeping habits. Some suicidal teens, without realizing it, try to starve themselves. Burdened by severe depression, they seem to care nothing for food. Others eat all the time. Either way, its a sign of trouble. Another indication of trouble is a change in sleeping habits. Some depressed people sleep most of the day, while others have trouble sleeping. Hurting oneself. Teenagers who are at the point of suicide may first try it on a small scale. In one "accident" after another, they may cut, burn, or injure themselves. These are not really accidents. This is self-destructive behavior, which, in effect, is an effort to punish oneself. Physical problems ...
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