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  • Teen Drug Use - 664 words
    Teen Drug Use Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter! Teen Drug Use Teen drug use is on the rise in the 90's. But one of the most popular drugs is marijuana beacause it is so easy to get and usually cheap. But there are many other kinds of drugs, you got PCP, LSD, Hash, and many others that come from the same plant but all of them are hazardous to your body and your health. Most people use the drugs just to forget about everything, but they forget about the dangers drugs can cause them. Marijuana is a big seller these days and it is a lot worse than it used to be people's bodies are building ip immunity's to the drugs the the dealers have to add more things to help you ge ...
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  • Juvenile Drug Use - 1,044 words
    ... ply. When the user is addicted or depending on the drug, he or she will have an increased tolerance meaning that they need a higher dose for the same effect. Some physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms are ill, depressed, anxiety, panic attacks, denial and severe physical pain (Shiromoto 3). Early initiation of any negative behavior generally predicts that other problems will follow. Substance abuse is closely related to delinquency, and almost all of the incarcerated youths report the use of drugs. Healy alcohol, smoking, and marijuana use appear to occur with early-unprotected intercourse. Dropouts appear to be involved with sex, drugs, and violence to a much greater degree than ...
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  • Reaction Paper On Students Cheating - 366 words
    Reaction Paper On Students Cheating While reading Generation What? Connecting with Today's Youth I found myself disagreeing with some of the points made by author Carol Tell. I am a mix between a Generation X-er and this new un-name generation. However, I did agree with a few ideas. I mostly definitely disagree with the statistics stating, "9 out of 10 teachers say that cheating is a problem." Here is my argument, if they knew effective teaching methods, we wouldn't cheat. To back this up, I have a great example. In high school, I chose to take Italian as my language, being that I am Italian and come from a background where a dialect is used on a daily basis. My teacher (who I had for Italia ...
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  • Teenagers And Marijuana - 1,173 words
    ... e. Cannabinoids, the chemicals in marijuana that make you high, are psychoactive because they only stimulate certain brain receptors. Other think differently because this test has only been performed on four monkeys. Research by Dr. Robert Health claim that money brains cannot be compared to human brains because the brain work slightly different and is considerably smaller. A different experiment performed by the National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) exposed 64 rhesus monkeys to weekly doses of marijuana smoke for an entire year. The results showed that it did not effect the structure of the brain at all and later back up their results when test were performed on humans. Sele ...
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  • The First Act Of Americas Antidrug Laws Was In 1875 It - 1,413 words
    The first act of America's anti-drug laws was in 1875. It outlawed the smoking of opium in opium dens. This was a San Francisco ordinance. The basis on passing this law was that Chinese men had a way of luring white women to their dens and causing their "ruin", which was the association with Chinese men. Later, other Federal laws such as trafficking in opium was illegal for anyone of Chinese origin. The opium laws were directed at the smoking of opium. The law didn't effect importation of the drug because opium was a common medical drug. This law was specifically targeted at the Chinese, for the smoking of opium was a Chinese custom. Cocaine was outlawed for fears that black men would go on ...
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