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  • Roosevelt, Teddy - 823 words
    Roosevelt, Teddy He first tried the law profession by enrolling in Columbia University. He did not enjoy it and soon left school. He published his first book in 1882 it was entitled The Naval War of 1812. He had begun work on it while still at Harvard. Then Teddy decided that he would try a career in politics. His first position was on the state assembly in the state of New York. He ran as a republican and won the position easily. At this position he did two major things: first he exposed a corrupt judge and secondly he learned to work with men from both parties. Instead of going for a second term of legislature he decided that he would go to the Republican National Convention in Chicago. He ...
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  • Teddy Roosevelt - 402 words
    Teddy Roosevelt The progressive believed that by applying a more uncorrupt form of democracy they could in fact fix the already corrupt democracy especially at the state and city levels. The progressives believed that if given a chance the majority of voters would elect honest respectable officials unlike those elected by the corrupt political machine but to do this they needed people to vote. So they compiled numerous methods for increasing the participation of the average citizen in political decisions. The secret ballot box, by using the method adopted by the Australians the voter would not be manipulated by the political party that would affect a voters decision by standing next to a bal ...
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  • Teddy Roosevelt - 1,191 words
    Teddy Roosevelt Early Life and Family Theodore Roosevelt, the second of four children, was born in New York, New York on October 27, 1858. He was part Dutch, English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, French, and German. Because of Roosevelts poor health, he suffered from asthma and defective vision. He had great energy, curiosity, and determination like his father. Teedie as his family would call him, loved books and the outdoors. He combined these interests into nature study. When he was ten and again when he was fourteen, Teedie went with his family on yearlong trips to Europe and the Middle East. His father built a gymnasium in his house so he could exercise regularly. His father said that he woul ...
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  • Teddy Roosevelt - 2,162 words
    Teddy Roosevelt Ascension To The White House As Governor of New York, Roosevelt would once again stand on his own and distance himself from the political bosses and machines that got him elected. The head of the Republican machine, Thomas Platt, had misgivings about making Roosevelt governor of New York because of Roosevelt's total independence and his reform nature. But in the gubernatorial race of 1898, with the bad press the Republican Party was receiving, there seemed to be no one else who had a chance. Roosevelt was riding the crest of the wave of being a true war hero, and with Platt's help together they might keep the Democrats from winning the office. Platt in return for his help exp ...
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  • Teddy Roosevelt - 2,137 words
    ... . If he sided with the coal miners, he could further alienate the big business men whom he would need to gain the presidency of his own accord in 1904. Yet, with coal being the main source of fuel in the nation at that time, to let it go on could shut down the nation economically and have many Americans suffering from the cold if the strike dragged on into the winter. Roosevelt decided to try to bring the two parties together, with himself being the mediator. After this first meeting, Roosevelt quickly realized that John Mitchell was the level headed one, and that the coal operators were pig headed and arrogant. The talks quickly broke down, and Roosevelt knew that he must come up with a ...
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  • Teddy Roosevelt And The Panama Canal - 526 words
    Teddy Roosevelt And The Panama Canal Teddy Roosevelt was a man who liked to creat a stir wherever he went. He loved mingling with people to boost his own self-image.He loved to impress people with his cowboyism, his collection of guns, and his pintsize spectacles.Also, Roosevelt was a direct-actionist.He wanted to keep the country moving foward and preserve his public image at the same time. He wanted to display to his supporters that he could lead the country and be a jovial person simulataneously. His public image seemed to be his first priority, and when the election of 1904 came approaching, he wanted to show that he could be a bully to smaller countries and impress his people back home. ...
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  • A Feminist Reading Of Dh Lawrences - 1,932 words
    A Feminist Reading of D.H. Lawrences The Rocking Horse Winner The man that does not know sick women does not know women. - S. Weir Mitchell "The Rocking Horse Winner" is the story of a boys gift for picking the winners in horse races. An omniscient narrator relates the tale of a boy whose family is always short of money. His mother is incapable of showing love and is obsessed with the status that material wealth can provide. This paper will explore the premise that D.H. Lawrence presented the figure of the mother as the villain; a loathsome, unloving character with no commitment to genuine values. This evil mother figure will ultimately be the "male-destroyer" by turning her "nameless" husba ...
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  • Although Musicians Had Been Recording Fiddle Tunes Known As Old Time Music At That Time In The - 4,509 words
    ... ves' career. In 1959, Reeves recorded his all-time greatest hit, "He'll Have to Go." The theme was familiar enough. Some years earlier it might have been called a honky-tonk song. But the treatment, with Reeves' dark, intimate, velvet tones gliding over a muted backing, was something different again. The result brought him instant stardom. During the early 1960s, he also continued to dominate the US country charts, with hits including Guilty (1963), and "Welcome to My World" (1964). Tragically, on a flight back to Nashville from Arkansas on July 31, 1964, Jim and his manager ran into heavy rain just a few miles from Nashville's Beery Field and crashed, killing both men. Voted into the Co ...
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  • Blockbuster - 554 words
    Blockbuster Teddy Owens English Comp 1 Carol Johnson 12 November 2000 Blockbuster Has It All In blue and yellow, Blockbuster advertises movies to everyone who drives by. The movie ticket as the logo draws people in. Every person who enters the store is greeted by a, How are you doing? from John the employ who checks people out when they have found their evening entertainment. John has been working at Blockbuster for 2 years now and believes he has found the answer to return customers, If you treat them like your friend then they will return. The are hooked once you ask how their day was, or when you tell them to have goodnight with a smile. Blockbuster is kind to its customers and in return ...
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  • Body - 825 words
    Body The story was written from the point of view of a grown up person that took a part in the story when he was a child. Gordy tell us about his adventure with his bodys on a search after a dad body. The mission is to find the body of a dead men that be run over by train. In my opinion every one went to this mission with his own personal mission Gordy - wanted to see how a dad body looks like, because he didnt accept his brother's death, after this event Gordy felt like no one loves him any more in the family and he wanted to prove his father that he is as good as his brother was. Warren - he told to his friend all about the dead body and sagest that all of them will go to find it. He wante ...
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  • Challenger - 2,357 words
    ... ere scrutinized. "Mr. OConnor - who flew on the shuttle Atlantis three months before Challenger was destroyed - said his next mission wasnt until 1991." (Price, p1) But there more to the effects than the investigations; there were also many emotional issues that had to be faced. "For the Challenger mission, Robert B. Sieck was Director of shuttle operations at Floridas Kennedy Space Center - a position he still holds. He is also 57, balding and soft spoken. On the wall of his second floor office is a formal portrait of the Challenger Crew, autographed by the seven members. ! There is also a quote from Teddy Roosevelt that he hung after the explosion. It says " the credit belongs to the m ...
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  • Child Development: Amazing Power Of Baby Love And A Year To Cheer - 1,382 words
    Child Development: Amazing Power Of Baby Love And A Year To Cheer The articles The Amazing Power of Baby Love and A Year to Cheer (written by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Emily Abedon, respectively) advocate intense coexistence between the child and the caregiver. These articles (taken from parenting magazine) are, in essence, guidelines to be used by the parents or caregiver to ensure proper development of their child up to the second year. The article also educates the reader that every child develops at their own pace, and there is no exact time table that one can easily look at to see how well their child is doing. Either way the two articles overly support deep mutual interaction between b ...
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  • Chinese Attitudes Towards Death - 1,976 words
    ... c. 1989. Throughout the history of mankind, death has always been a fascination. People have always wondered about the causes of death, the aftermath of death, and whether it could be stopped. Among these people were the Chinese, who like many other people, believed there was life after death. They performed certain rituals to help them along their way. Chinese attitudes toward death are reflected in funerary rituals, Buddhist philosophy and reverence for the deceased. Death is a very important issue to the Chinese people. The son of a family has the obligation to give his parents a proper funeral. This includes such essential elements as; a large coffin, a funeral procession, a well-ch ...
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  • Christina Harwood - 467 words
    Christina Harwood February 4, 1999 LA 345 P. Souvorin Close Call Late one evening a young woman, in tears, steps into her bathroom torn apart with emotional pain and anguish. She raises her head to look in the mirror. A terror stricken face shines back at her with the coloring of a Scarlet Macaws red breast and a pasty complexion on her face. Her high, delicate cheekbones are waterfall ledges from the tears that she sheds. As she stands before the mirror, she is clad in a long, flowing nightgown the color of the full moon. She turns away from the mirror and her small, dainty feet are heard as she ever so slowly turns towards her bathtub. Its seems like an eternity for her to go just two step ...
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  • Church Leader In Pine Hill - 653 words
    Church Leader In Pine Hill There is an expanding church in Pine Hill that I attend each week. This church is filled with many great spiritual people who are like family in which you could share your struggles of life with and then listen to them as they help you get through those struggles. Our pastor is a loving man too and tries to help people as much as he can. He is like a big teddy bear, because he is such a warm and comforting man. However, as the pastor of the church there are certain responsibilities and qualifications that he or she may need. For example, a good pastor should live his or her life according to Gods laws and it should be noticeable to those in the congregation. A good ...
    Related: good leader, hill, pine, jesus christ, activity based
  • Death Penalty - 1,083 words
    Death Penalty It is a fact that there are 1900 people across the country sitting on Death Row. It is a fact that the US and Turkey are the only two countries that execute people for certain crimes they have committed. It is also a fact that all twelve jurors of a case must unanimously agree for a defendant to receive the Death Penalty. (Films for Humanities) With all of these people sitting on Death Row everyday in only two countries, with their fate having been controlled and determined by only twelve people, one would think it doesn't leave much room for mistake, or misjudgment. Maybe we should take a closer look. Just how careful is our judicial system when it comes to determining other p ...
    Related: death penalty, death row, penalty, supreme court, moral theory
  • Diary Of Dispair - 1,387 words
    Diary Of Dispair A Diary of Despair A Chronicle of Heroin Abuse As Seen through the Eyes Of a Mother Jennifer Bernstein Drug Use and Abuse Professor Santucci 4/26/99 Dear Diary, I think back, and I smile at the little girl I used to have, all pigtails and lace. I can still hear her laughter echoing through the hallways of our home; see her swinging on the swing set in our backyard, her long curly blonde hair, full of pink ribbons, sailing behind her like a pool of melted gold. When the sun hit her face, she just glowed, her green eyes sparkling, her red cheeks, full, lush and alive. What happened to that little girl? Where the hell did I go wrong?!? Why am I sitting in a cold empty room, whe ...
    Related: dear diary, diary, teddy bear, common theme, yesterday
  • Elvis Aaron Presley - 445 words
    Elvis Aaron Presley Elvis Aaron Presley was born January 8, 1938 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Elvis sang in the Assembly of God choir. At age ten, Elvis won a school singing contest and he taught himself the principles of the guitar. Elvis' family is very interesting. His parents are Gladys and Vernon. Jesse Garon, Elvis' twin brother, was stillborn. The Presley family is extremely poor. All of his family is extremely religious. The church rejoiced in African-American songs. In high school, Elvis Presley was extremely shy. He was in a lot of fights. He also won a talent show in his senior year of high school. Elvis got a lot of attention after winning the talent show. He was invited to parties ev ...
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  • Field Work - 1,274 words
    ... er for breast cancer. The 3 of them sat with the book and chose what bears they thought would sell and which would be more profitable for their cause. The principal valued their opinions as equals on the matter and you could see that this made them feel really good about what they were doing and, most of all, good about themselves. They, like the students in the earlier govt class, were so involved becasue they were encouraged. One could see by this interaction as well as many others that there was a great relationship between the students and the staff, everyone seemed more like friends, like one big team, all working together, unlike the traditional idea of education where the teachers ...
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  • Geronimo - 3,218 words
    ... ans, Americans, and Indians. In 1858 Mexican soldiers killed his mother, wife, and children, and Geronimo vowed to take revenge. No settler on either side of the border--and no fellow Indian--was immune to his attacks. Both the Mexican and the American armies, aided by rival Apaches, pursued him for more than ten years. Though they captured Geronimo twice, he escaped both times. In 1886 Geronimo surrendered for the last time, but on his own terms. He remained in the custody of the army, and after a brief imprisonment, he worked as an army scout in Oklahoma. Later in life, with few other resources available, Geronimo capitalized on his fame, selling souvenirs and appearing at public event ...
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