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  • 1984 Vs Animal Farm - 1,278 words
    1984 Vs. Animal Farm 1984 vs. Animal Farm 1984, by George Orwell, is a very powerful drama which involves man and totalitarian society. It is a story of a lonely rebel whose only valuable is his mind and who later conspires with another in an attempt to separate from their increasingly dominant hate-infested society. In 1984, Orwell depicts the susceptibility of today's society and its possibility of becoming a realm of lies. In it, the masses live in constant fear, being monitored at all times. He also admonishes the fact that this society can be in store for us in the future. The main theme of 1984 is that without independent thought and freedom, corruption can and will transform decent or ...
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  • Business Strategies - 539 words
    Business Strategies In chapter seventeen several topics for debate are presented about managing global operations. For many global organizations, or organizations that produce or sells goods or services in more than one country, a difficult question is how to develop and place managers in foreign operations. Some people believe organizations should let foreign managers run foreign subsidiaries because of the large differences among national cultures while others believe that domestic managers should be trained to run foreign subsidiaries because of loyalty issues. Nation culture is the particular set of economic, political, and social values that exist in a particular nation. This culture ef ...
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  • Capitalism In America - 1,472 words
    ... ender their applications and software compatible with the parameters contrived by Microsoft. Consequently, these competitors must always at the mercy of changes made by Microsoft. This limits the ability of these companies to plan for the long run. As stated by Gary Reback, the attorney for the competitors of Microsoft filing a suit against the corporation, Microsoft retains a monopoly of the operating system in personal computers, which, essentially, is the brain. This brain controls the arms and legs of the computer (software) and inherently controls the arms and legs of the industry that are the competitive firms. Reback, the firms, and many others deem this kind of control unlawful, ...
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  • Convergence - 1,849 words
    ... the workload. ATM is one technology that definitely does just that. Beginning at the way the header is made up; ATM is arguably the best choice for transporting voice. The header, itself contains a pointer, which allows a digital signal level 0 (DS0) structure to be maintained. DS0 are the lines that today transport voice. They are multiplexed together to get larger and larger number of signals through. Signaling with VoATM is compared in the pictures below. VoATM has the ability to either transport voice signals transparently through the network or to interpret and move the signals at ATM speeds. The second is more advantageous because of the use of SVCs or Switched Virtual Circuits. T ...
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  • Death - 1,393 words
    Death Death: Good for the Dead, Bad for the Dying, and Worse for Those It Leaves Behind My whole life, death has been a distant thing to me. It is not even really a thing, but more of an idea. I have heard about death millions of times with the media. Everyday in the news, people are dying left and right with disease in the foreign countries, famine in distant lands, and even murder in the suburbs. I even heard about it a few times from my friends when they told me about their recent loses. With all of these stories of tragedy and awful accidents, I never felt any emotion. The news reporter's sympathy for these victims was not convincing enough to make me think that something tragic had happ ...
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  • Ecology - 1,165 words
    Ecology 1. The main purpose of this exercise is to see if College Woods Natural Area is experiencing succession, and to observe and document the tree community structure. Other purposes of this exercise are to examine College Woods and measure the densities of different species of trees as well as diameters of stems, and use these measurements to determine if the varying measurements lead to varying information about this tree community. Another purpose is to determine all species present, as well as the abundance of each species. We will also analyze the size structures of the trees to predict future change in College Woods Natural Area. 2.a. The extent of the estimation of absolute density ...
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  • Euthanasia - 2,210 words
    ... of proper pain management, symptom control, psychological and spiritual support (Killing With Kindness, p 16). Palliative Care, opponents feel, should be more in the forefront. According to Choice in Dying, more than two million people in America die each year with 80 percent of those in care facilities. Vivienne Nathanson, head of ethics at the BMA, says that Doctors have become more aware that palliative care is effective. Temptation may come when adequate care is not available. But that's exactly what doctors and families should be demanding, not euthanasia. Once we have a perfect palliative care system, that is the time to look at the issue (Killing With Kindness, p 16). Regulated le ...
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  • Hate Language In Rap Music - 1,458 words
    Hate Language in Rap Music In a recent survey of Americans, 75% reported believing that exposure to violence in popular music, television shows, and movies, inspires young people to act aggressively (Lacayo, 1995; Smith et al., 2000). The consumption of media containing heterosexist and homophobic languages, by young adults and children, harbors aggression and sexual confusion. Jung and Smith (1993) define heterosexism as, "a reasoned system of bias about human sexual orientation...rooted in a largely cognitive constellation of beliefs about human sexuality" (Hecht, 1998, p. 113). The constant exposure to hateful lyrics found in some of todays most popular music desensitizes the young to vio ...
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  • Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky - 829 words
    Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky Bohdan Zenoviy Khmelnytsky was one of the most influencial rulers of Eastern Europe, but not known as well as other great leaders such as Napoleon, because of the way he led the great Ukrainian uprising, or The Great Revolt of 1648 (Subtelny, 123). Born about 1595, though the exact date and place is unknown, Khmelnytsky was the son of a minor Ukrainian nobleman named Mykhaylo Khmelnytsky. Mykhaylo served the royal Hetman Stanislaw Zolkiewski and his son-in-law, Jan Danilowicz of Poland. For his good services, Mykhaylo obtained an estate in Subotiv. Bohdan was educated at a Jesuit College in Yaroslav where he studied the Polish and Latin lan ...
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  • How Divorces Affect Children - 904 words
    How Divorces Affect Children How Divorces Affect Children In our society families are divided everyday. The circumstances vary, but they still cause traumatic behavior towards those who are irate about their families separating. It seems to be a delimma for parents that no longer acquire each other's company to be subjective about their separation, but what if children are involved. Parents have a tendency to make choices about their marriage with animosity and revulsion towards one another, but what about the siblings. What did they do? Therefore, it is an inequity for parents to divorce with children, because their kids' lives will be impacted tremendously. A separated mother and father ha ...
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  • Human Body - 1,468 words
    ... rising source of saturated fat may be the nondairy creamer used in coffee. A study by University of Nebraska Medical Center professors found that 22 out of 25 non-dairy creamers contained coconut oil. Coconut oil is more saturated than cream, butter, lard or beef fat. Be aware of other prepared foods containing coconut oil. Another important consideration is increasing the ratio of polyunsaturated fats to saturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats lower cholesterol by increasing lipoprotein breakdown and removal, and lowering the synthesis of lipoproteins in the liver. Also, the essential fatty acid content, such as linoleic acid, is beneficial. It decreases platelet aggregation and serum chol ...
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  • I Statement Background - 1,576 words
    ... directory structure will be focused around the faculty which will be Heinrichs, Perry, Banerjee, Clapper, and Carland. The faculty will have the rights to the classes that are taught here at Western Carolina University. These classes will also be used by the students of the Computer Information Systems program. The applications that will be used by the students and faculty of CIS will be Salsa, CO! BOL, Visual Basic, Database applications, Basic, and Visual/IFPS Plus. In these courses faculty can assign programs or assignments to the students and all they have to do is go to the appropriate class that they are in and get the homework that is do for that certain class. The medium used to ...
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  • Ibm Compatible Pcs - 213 words
    Ibm Compatible Pcs Being a full time student I am always using computers for one thing or another. It has been my experience that the IBM compatible PCs have a wide range of software programs. These programs range from high tech 3D simulation games to integrated word processors, financial and life management systems to elaborate encyclopedias. IBM compatible computers are easy to use and are continually becoming even more user friendly every year. They are found at any school or government establishment, and most businesses throughout the country and around the world. PCs have a proven reputation for being upgradable, reliable, and common machines. Because of these reasons and because I lear ...
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  • Importance Of Being Earnest - 2,437 words
    ... atus as a worthy suitor for her Gwendolen. He just doesn't make the cut of the upper class bachelors. He isn't on the roster of the best choice for mothers to make for their daughters. Quote: I feel bound to tell you that you are not on my list of eligible young men Curmudgeon [Lady Bracknell to jack 13] Lady Bracknell is interviewing Jack. She asked him what he knows. He knows nothing. She is glad to hear that. Lady Bracknell is speaking to Jack of her view of education. She thinks it would hurt the upper class for there to be intellectual people and that it might possibly cause a riot on the royal family, but that problem won't occur in England because even educating people doesn't com ...
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  • Internet - 1,401 words
    ... iation process. Both parties have the responsibility for the best or worse outcome. Negotiators should not blame the other party but to take the responsibility to create a spirit of cooperation. ( XMCM/cooperate/neg.htm) 7. Being hasty Do not be hasty to button down a days work for low quality solutions. And do not start giving in to the other party due to the reason of tired or ready to home. Try to call for a break and contemplation will help in such situation to avoid risking anger the other party. ( 2.7 Influence 2.7.1 People An effective negotiation is about the ability of the negotiator to influence people. Most peo ...
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  • Legalize Gambling - 550 words
    Legalize Gambling Whether or not to legalize gambling is a tough decision. The pros and cons of the question are almost equal, and while some say it will boost economy others say it can destroy it. No one argues that gambling is a big, profitable business, they only question whether it is a business doing good, or the opposite. Arguments both ways are very compelling and both sides have many examples that demonstrate their point. However, if I were in the position of deciding if gambling should become fully legal in my country I would side with gambling. In many areas of the world gambling has proven an economic success. The growth in jobs, revenue and government money is too large to ignore ...
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  • Lord Of The Flies, Comparison Of Ralph And Jack - 1,059 words
    Lord Of The Flies, Comparison of Ralph and Jack Lord Of The Flies, Comparison of Ralph and Jack There are always people who, in a group, come out with better qualities as a leader than others. The strongest people however, become the greater influences, which the others decide to follow. However, sometimes the strongest person is not the best choice. Authors often show how humans select this stronger person, in order to give an understanding of the different powers that some people can posses over others. In William Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies Ralph though not the stronger person, demonstrates a better understanding of people which gives Ralph better leadership qualities than Jack. Ra ...
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  • Medical Article - 1,303 words
    Medical Article December 21, 1999 The Hope, and Hype, of Cord Blood By DENISE GRADY Should parents pay a blood bank to store the blood from their newborn baby's umbilical cord and placenta, in case that child or another family member ever needs it to treat cancer or leukemia? Expectant parents are being urged to do so by companies that have sprung up during the past few years to sell cord-blood banking as a form of biological insurance against such dreaded diseases. The pitch is based on reports in medical journals, such as a major study published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine, showing that cord blood can sometimes be used in place of a bone marrow transplant. Like bone ma ...
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  • Monstercom Comparison - 517 words
    Monster.Com Comparison Monster.Com vs There is a lot of online recruitment services available that help organizations obtain qualified applicants. I have viewed many of these in the past and the two that seem to be the most user friendly are and They are large and seem to have the largest postings of jobs. They are similar but have many differences that may make deciding which one to go to very clear. I feel that is the most convenient of the two which will be evident in the information provided. There are four advantages to that I feel are the most important characteristic of this service. The first is the convenie ...
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  • Murder In The Cathedral - 755 words
    Murder In The Cathedral Murder in the Cathedral I believe the conflict and change within the main character, Thomas Beckett, was very drastic. Thomas went from running away from his problems, to facing them and ultimate killing himself because of it. At the beginning of the play Thomas was running away from people that wanted to kill him or hurt him, because of his belief that the king didnt have power over the church. Throughout the play, Thomas questioned himself on why he was doing what he was doing, and in the end he decided that if death was coming he couldnt cheat it. I admire Thomas on how made his final decision based on what he truly believed. Thomass final decision, was what he bel ...
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