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  • 1984 And Big Brother - 629 words
    1984 And Big Brother 1984 shows how our lives will not be as secret as they are now. Oceania has no privacy and America is turning into that. In some ways America already is like Oceania. There are many elements in the book to compare with aspects in American society today. So in many ways George Orwell was right and maybe there soon will be a government very similar to the one in 1984. One element in the book 1984 is Big Brother. He is the ruler of Oceania. He is not one person but a name for the whole government. Big Brother could represent our government today. We may not know it but the government knows everything about us. All they need is our name and social security number and they co ...
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  • Inside The Mouse - 1,271 words
    Inside The Mouse Disney World places social controls on its visitors and workers in many ways. Disney is a very large corporation and has the power to implement these controls. The major forms of social control that I found were; consumerism, security, technology, location, conformity, and standards of behavior. Through these forms of social controls, Disney is able to control its visitors and workers. Consumerism at Disney starts before the visitors even get to Disney World. The consumerism starts with the pictures in the brochures. Selling the visitors on Disney World even before they get there. Showing pictures of happy families enjoying themselves at Disney World sells the idea of a safe ...
    Related: mouse, america today, surveillance cameras, tokyo japan, regulate
  • Panopticon - 722 words
    Panopticon The Panopticon in My Life Principles of the Panopticon can appear just about everywhere in our everyday life. The Panopticon itself is a simple system of centralized visualization. The basis of the original Panopticon was a circular prison system with a tower sitting in the middle that had a full, unobstructed view of all the prison cells. I can apply this idea to many situations in my life varying from computer use to my college classrooms. An instance, which stands out the most in my mind as being a panoptic environment, is my experiences in gaming casinos. The basic system of just about every casino is that of the tables (including Roulette, Blackjack and Craps) filling the cen ...
    Related: panopticon, society today, prison system, everyday life, tower
  • Rising Sun - 1,014 words
    Rising Sun I read the novel Rising Sun by Michael Crichton. The story is about the grand opening of the Nakamoto Tower in Los Angeles, the new American headquarters of a Japanese corporation. On the night of the opening a young girl was killed on the forty-sixth floor, one story above the floor of the party. The Japanese liaison, Lieutenant Peter James Smith, was called to help the investigation begin, as the Japanese businessmen tried to stall the police. Though the story is about a homicide investigation, the underlying theme is one of business deals, both corrupt and proper. Throughout the book the reader is taken though the way of Japanese business, and quickly learns the differences bet ...
    Related: rising, international law, american business, american industry, headquarters
  • School Murder - 1,186 words
    School Murder It is 7:30 on a normal Tuesday morning at Westside Elementary School. The buses have begun to pull into the child unloading dock and have unloaded the students. As the buses pull off, the students began to head toward their classroom to wait for the day to begin. As the day progresses, the students ready themselves for lunch break. As the teacher's aid opens the door for the students to leave, she sees four students dressed in long knee length jackets, strut briskly towards the cafeteria. She pays it little attention and waits for lunch bell to sound. Shortly after the bell sounds, the students leap out the door and cascade toward the cafeteria. In the cafeteria there is a stag ...
    Related: elementary school, high school, school counselors, school students, school system, school uniforms, school violence
  • When Comparing Mens Ability To Womens Ability, Is There Really A Big Difference Many People Believe That - 1,208 words
    When comparing men's ability to women's ability, is there really a big difference? Many people believe that differences do take place, but how? Both men and women have hopes, dreams, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Even though these similarities exist, women are still sometimes thought to be lower than their male peers. There have been many cases in which women felt they were being treated differently than the males around them. But, did you ever think there would be the problem of inequality between men and women in America's defense system? Both men and women have the right to serve in the military; but, many times women face discrimination and the problem of being unaccepted, possibly a ...
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