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  • Chronicle Life And Times Of Sula And Nel - 1,468 words
    Chronicle - Life And Times Of Sula And Nel It all began in and around the year 1919. Sula Peace, the daughter of Rekus who died when she was 3years old and Hannah, was a young and lonely girl of wild dreams. Sula was born in the same year as Nel, 1910. Sula was a heavy brown color and had large eyes with a birthmark that resembled a stemmed rose to some and many varied things to others. Nel Wright, the daughter of Helene and Wiley, was and unimaginative girl living in a very strict and manipulated life. Nel was lighter in color than Sula and could have passed for white if she had been a few shades lighter she. A trip to visit her dying great-grandmother in the south had a profound effect on ...
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  • Exploring The Novel Sula By Toni Morrison - 1,550 words
    Exploring The Novel Sula By Toni Morrison A Strong Woman is Outcast Melody Carter Women in 20th Cen. Lit. Prof. Fiona Paton Paper 2- Nov 10, 2000 In the novel Sula, by Toni Morrison we follow the life of Sula Peace through out her childhood in the twenties until her death in 1941. The novel surrounds the black community in Medallion, specifically the bottom. By reading the story of Sulas life, and the life of the community in the bottom, Morrison shows us the important ways in which families and communities can shape a childs identity. Sula not only portrays the way children are shaped, but also the way that a community receives an adult who challenges the very environment that molded them. ...
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  • Many People Commit Actions That Are Unfavorable To Society Society, In Turn, Usually Scorns These Delinquents Wishing That Th - 1,807 words
    Many people commit actions that are unfavorable to society. Society, in turn, usually scorns these delinquents wishing that they would be expunged from all civilization. Morrisons Sula, for example, shows how happy people get when a wicked person has left society. It says, The death of Sula Peace was the best news folks up at the Bottom had(Morrison p. 141) Yet, can we live in a world without thieves, cheaters, and liars? If there were no wrongdoers, how would we know what is good or bad? How would we know what makes us sad or happy when there are no bad things in this world? And, to how far are we going to say what is wrong or inappropriate for todays society? The need for licentious and si ...
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  • Sula - 1,206 words
    Sula Sula "Sula" by Tony Morrison is the story of a friendship between Nel Wright and Sula Peace, who are opposites in the way of relating to other people, to the world around them, and to themselves. Nel is rational and balanced; she gets married and gives in to conformity and the town's expectations. Sula is an irrational and transient character. She follows her immediate passions, completely unaware of the feelings other people might have. However, Nel and Sula are able to function well only when they are together because they complete each other as opposites. However, as separate entities, Sula and Nel are vulnerable and isolated from the rest of world; Sula because she is impulsive and ...
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