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  • Adjustment Disorder With Depressed Mood - 1,468 words
    Adjustment Disorder With Depressed Mood Running Head: ADJUSTMENT DISORDER WITH DEPRESSED MOOD CAUSE Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood, Cause and Affect Abstract Research was conducted to investigate Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood, and some causes, affects, and treatment approaches. Not all individuals manifest or demonstrate the same depressive symptoms, which can make it difficult for clinicians to diagnose and treat. The American Psychiatric Association has categorized various depressive disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders fourth edition (DSM-IV, 1994). Researchers have investigated the validity of the DSM diagnostic criteria over the year ...
    Related: adjustment, depressed, disorder, mood, treating depression
  • Battered Womens Syndrome: A Survey Of Contemporary Theories In 1991, Governor William Weld Modified Parole Regulations And Pe - 1,755 words
    ... s theory, explaining help organizations are too overwhelmed and limited in their resources to be effective and therefore do not try as hard as they should to help victims. Whatever the case may be, the researchers argue that we can better understand the plight of the battered woman by asking did she seek help and what happened when she did, rather than why didn't she leave. Because the survivor theory of learned helplessness attributes the battered woman's plight to ineffective help sources and societal indifference, a logical solution would entail increased funding for programs in place and educating the public about the symptoms and consequences of domestic violence. There are battered ...
    Related: battered women, contemporary, governor, modified, parole, survey, weld
  • Deaf Culture And Alcoholism - 858 words
    Deaf Culture And Alcoholism Deaf Culture and Alcoholism Abstract Why is it so hard for the deaf to deal with admitting they are alcoholics or drug addicts which is an impediment for recovery? Why is it so hard for them to stay sober once they have achieved it for a few weeks or months? What do you think the main reasons are? Having worked with the deaf for over 30 years I will try to answer these questions and research other aspects of the deaf culture, their mode of communication and alcoholism. Although it may seem that communication is an aspect of every culture, two of the unique features are that there is not always a common language between parents and child, and there is no written fo ...
    Related: alcoholism, deaf, deaf community, deaf culture, deaf people
  • Mindy Wudarsky - 1,210 words
    Mindy Wudarsky July 5, 2000 The Physical Self Causes of Higher Depression Rates among Women Depression is an illness that plagues millions of Americans. The depressed person is not only emotionally unwell; he or she also often becomes physically unwell as a result of the depression. The Department of Health and Human Services lists among the symptoms of depression decreased energy, overeating or eating too little, insomnia or oversleeping and chronic aches or other symptoms not associated with a physical disease. Also listed as depressive symptoms are difficulty concentrating, feelings of hopelessness/guilt/worthlessness, loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities, and thoughts of suic ...
    Related: social problems, socioeconomic status, self esteem, menstrual, dependency
  • Monday - 384 words
    Monday Stressor. My Java class assignment due by midnight tonight and I have not started it yet. Stress Response. Psychological Cognitive: Questioned my programming ability Emotional: Worry I would fail out Physical: Bite fingernails Behavioral: Work slower than normal Tuesday Stressor. Chemistry Lab for Wednesday class is still not done. Stress Response. Psychological Cognitive: Questioned my reason for being here (Kettering) Emotional: Worry I would fail out Physical: Bite fingernails, and pace room Behavioral: Work slower than normal, and repeatedly stop to eat. Wednesday Stressor. Calculus Exam taken in morning without any studying. Stress Response. Psychological Cognitive: Questioned my ...
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  • Portfolios And Standardized Tests Pros And Cons - 1,160 words
    ... sed to test this type of knowledge and skill, they produce reliable, consistent scores. These tests are efficiently economical to develop, administer and score, and easy to standardize and norm. Developmental reading professors need to use standardized tests to determine students' reading, thinking, examination, and note taking skills so they can meet their student's needs for materials and instruction. Schools need to help prepare their students for standardized tests that would maintain the integrity of the school's curriculum and its methods of learning. A way to do this, is to have students interact in workshops to help them take standardized tests. When children do take part in thes ...
    Related: cons, pros, standardized, standardized testing, standardized tests, tests
  • Proposed Study To Determine The Effects Of Heat On Immediate Recall Of Videotaped Lecture In College Students, Age 18 25 - 1,776 words
    Proposed Study To Determine The Effects Of Heat On Immediate Recall Of Videotaped Lecture In College Students, Age 18 - 25 Proposed Study to Determine the Effects of Heat on Immediate Recall of Videotaped Lecture in College Students, Age 18 - 25 Dana Serrata The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College PSYC 3301.01 December 3, 1996 Dr. D. Freeberg Proposed Study to Determine the Effects of Heat on Immediate Recall of Videotaped Lecture in College Students, Age 18 - 25 Researchers have studied many aspects of temperature effects on human perception and cognition. Thermal stress, in the form of extreme heat, has been studied by examining the human response under this envi ...
    Related: college students, heat, lecture, recall, scientific study, social effects
  • Psyschology Study On Drinking - 3,216 words
    Psyschology Study on Drinking Abstract In response to the need for research that incorporates multiple aspects of theory into a testable framework, this study attempted to replicate and extend the results of Cooper, Russell, Skinner, Frone, and Mudar (1992). A modified stressor vulnerability model of stress-related drinking was tested in a homogeneous sample of 65 male and female undergraduate student drinkers. Total weekly consumption of alcohol was used as the criterion measure, whereas family history of alcoholism (Adapted SMAST: Sher & Descutner, 1986), alcohol outcome expectancies/valences (CEOA: Fromme, Stroot, & Kaplan, 1993), perceived stress (PSS: Cohen, Kamarck, & Mermelstein, 1983 ...
    Related: drinking, drinking behavior, present study, phone number, informed consent
  • Psyschology Study On Drinking - 2,813 words
    ... study variables. Conceptually variables may be grouped into one of five categories: weekly drinking (variable 1), perceived stress (variable 2), family history of alcoholism (variable 3), coping variables (Variables 4-7), and expectancy variables (variables 8-21). Examining the pattern of correlations between these variables suggests several conclusions. First, family history of alcoholism was neither significantly correlated with perceived stress nor with weekly drinking, suggesting that family history of alcoholism is not important in stress-induced drinking. Second, several coping variables were significantly correlated with either weekly drinking and/or perceived stress. Specifically ...
    Related: drinking, drinking behavior, present study, psychological research, sample size
  • Secondary Science Teacher Career Analyis - 1,223 words
    ... going to change in the future. There will be more of a focus on outer space. Currently the main focus in secondary science classes is on the earth. Many middle and high school students take biology, earth science, physical science, and chemistry. Borowiec and James agree that in the 21st century there will be more space-based sciences. They also state that the new space based science will focus on missions to Mars and will engage students in a new exciting way (Borowiec). Cindy White, an eight-grade teacher in St. Paul, Minnesota claims that, many trends in the education system recycle around and around and that major changes in education will take a long time to happen as long as money ...
    Related: analyis, career information, earth science, physical science, science, science curriculum, science teacher
  • Semester Project - 976 words
    Semester Project 10-page paper 5/3/2000 STRESS!! Stress is a problem in life that has to be dealt with. It happens everyday to everyone. Different things make people irritated and cause stress. Stress causes many problems in everyday life. It could cause everything from a headache to a heart attack. Eventually a person could be so stressed out and lose all hope to actually commit suicide. There are also many ways to relieve stress. A person could do anything from going to the doctor to yoga. In the dictionary the word that is used most as the definition is pressure (New World Dictionary, 1409). Pressure from your job, family, and life all cause stress. Stress is also related to panic, anxiet ...
    Related: semester, relieve stress, self image, world dictionary, react
  • Stress Managmeent - 1,408 words
    Stress Managmeent Stress management is something we as people should take a lot more seriously than we really do. Whenever I tell someone that they need to learn how to control their stress they always tell me they need their stress. They are right, they do need their stress, we all need a certain amount of stress in our lives. No stress is almost just as unhealthy as too much stress. Just the right amount of stress is called Eustress. Eustress is a healthy stressor because it helps to keep us motivated. Unhealthy stress is called Distress. Distress is unhealthy because it can cause all sorts of health problems such as anxiety attacks or high blood pressure. There are two different kinds of ...
    Related: reducing stress, stress management, half empty, sunday afternoon, stressful
  • Teenage Parents - 2,320 words
    Teenage Parents This study aims to determine the stresses and coping strategies encountered by Teenage Parents. Life is a series of choices. Deciding whether to marry, whether to have children, whether to have two careers in one marriage, and whether to view a situation positively are among the more important choices you will ever make in your lifetime. And besides of all this choices, problems may appear and turn to stress that people encounter in daily living. Stress is the "wear and tear" our bodies experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment; it has physical and emotional effects on us and can create positive or negative feelings. As a positive influence, stress can h ...
    Related: teenage, financial problem, physical activity, physical appearance, schedule
  • The Effects Of Altitude On Human Physiology Changes In Altitude Have A Profound Effect On The Human Body The Body Attempts To - 1,861 words
    THE EFFECTS OF ALTITUDE ON HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY Changes in altitude have a profound effect on the human body. The body attempts to maintain a state of homeostasis or balance to ensure the optimal operating environment for its complex chemical systems. Any change from this homeostasis is a change away from the optimal operating environment. The body attempts to correct this imbalance. One such imbalance is the effect of increasing altitude on the body's ability to provide adequate oxygen to be utilized in cellular respiration. With an increase in elevation, a typical occurrence when climbing mountains, the body is forced to respond in various ways to the changes in external environment. Foremost ...
    Related: altitude, human body, human physiology, physiology, profound
  • The Game Of Golf - 353 words
    The Game Of Golf Activty: The Stress-Relase of the Game of Golf As a male in this crazy world, I need a form of stress-relase that wont be destructive on me or anybody else. The game of golf might be boring to others in the sense of, all the golfer does is hit the small, white ball into the hole. True, in essense, this is all the game is about, but the difficulty level unmatched. Just hitting the ball wont make it magically go into the hole. A person must know excatly what is going on at the present time to determine what shot has to be made. This is what is the stress-relase for me. Just tring to determine what shot has to be made, at what angle or at a certain force, takes my mind off what ...
    Related: golf, golf club, sports, patience
  • Violence In Work - 1,971 words
    Violence In Work Violence in the United States has reached epidemic proportions (Mason 1). Increasingly, violent behavior is being observed in the American workplace (McCune 52). This research examines the phenomenon of work-related violence. An overview of the problem is followed by a discussion of possible explanations for such behavior. The increase in the incidence of work-related violence in the United States is characterized by behaviors that range from telephonic threats to murder (Filipczak 39-40). Homicide is now the second most common cause of on-the-job deaths in the United States. Approximately 7,000 work-related homicides occur each year in the United States (Segal 33). More tha ...
    Related: violence, work environment, workplace violence, santa monica, american society
  • Why Homosexual Mariages Should Be Banned - 972 words
    Why Homosexual Mariages Should Be Banned A battle has been in progress for years over whether equal rights and equal protection against discrimination should be extended to homosexuals. Recently this has expanded into the area of marriage. The topic of homosexual marriages is a prevalent issue today. Even in the nation's capital, representatives are finding ways to make this alliance unlawful. This topic has been debated bringing up many valid points, but the fact of the matter is that homosexual marriages are wrong and we, as a country, should not condone such acts. Marriage is the institution whereby men and women are joined in a special kind of social and legal dependence for the purpose ...
    Related: banned, homosexual, homosexual marriage, sexual orientation, negative influence
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