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  • Theodore Roosevelt - 279 words
    Theodore Roosevelt Preserving the memory of Theodore Roosevelt; Father, Rough Rider, Conservationist, Naturalist, Badlands Rancher, and Republican/Bull Moose Progressive statesman whose policies and accomplishments included the crafting the Square Deal, sending out the Great White Fleet, endorsing Big Stick Diplomacy, successfully preserving what is now thousands of acres of national park land including the Grand Canyon, winning the Nobel Peace Prize and inspiring the creation of the teddy bear. Several of TR's residences have been preserved, including his primary residence at Sagamore Hill, Pine Knot his woodsy Presidential retreat and a museum on the site of his birth home. TR is the young ...
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  • Theodore Roosevelt - 401 words
    Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most successful presidents in the United States history. He achieved many goals in life. Some of these goals were as follows: 1) He won the Spanish-American War; 2) He won the Nobel Peace Prize; 3) He was the youngest president in United States history. He also had other positions in life such as: 1) He was a Historian; 2) Politician; 3) Cowboy; 4) Buffalo Hunter; 5) Crime Fighter; 6) Reformer; and 7) a Calvaryman. Theodore Roosevelt was born in 1858 and died in 1919. He became President of the United States when President McKinley was assassinated. President Roosevelt served in office from 1901-1909. During the Spanish-American War Theodo ...
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  • Theodore Roosevelt - 2,471 words
    Theodore Roosevelt Outline Thesis: Theodore Roosevelt's political presence altered the course of the United States, transforming it into a superpower fully ready to handle the challenges of any opposition, and changed the role of the president and executive branch of US government, making it a force to be reckoned with. I. Introduction II. Before Roosevelt A. Post-Reconstructionist Views B. The Industrial Revolution C. The Gilded Age 1. Railroads 2. Robber Barons 3. Immigration 4. Standard Question D. McKinley III. The Roosevelt Era A. Early Life 1. Influence of Parents 2. Invalidism B. Early Political Career 1. Ending Corruption/Enforcing Laws 2. Political Bosses 3. Governorship C. Presiden ...
    Related: franklin roosevelt, roosevelt, theodore, theodore roosevelt, foreign policy
  • Trail Of Tears - 1,421 words
    Trail Of Tears Within United States History, there has been some horrible discrimination upon certain races of people. At the trail of tears native Americans were persecuted against heavily. Until 1828 the federal government had Cherokee rights to their land and in that same year Andrew Jackson was elected president and this all ended. On September 15, 1830, at Little Dancing Rabbit Creek, the Chiefs of tribes and representatives of the United States met to discuss a bill recently passed by the Congress. This day started with all the same good intentions of those today but ended with only a few Native Americans signing the treaty which allowing for the removal of all Indian peoples to the we ...
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  • Transfer Of The Panama Canal - 658 words
    Transfer Of The Panama Canal Transfer of the Panama Canal Skepticism and controversy have surrounded the Panama Canal's recent turnover by the United States to Panama. The Panama Canal, completed in 1914, spans 51 miles across Panama from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. Considered to be the biggest civil engineering project in history, the canal shortened the trip from San Francisco to New York by 8,000 miles. It is navigated by fourteen thousand ships a year, four percent of the world's maritime commerce. Although the United States picked up the $352 million price tag and it's very existence is credited to former President Teddy Roosevelt, Panama still considered the canal rightfully th ...
    Related: canal, panama, panama canal, transfer, south america
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Fire - 878 words
    Triangle Shirtwaist Fire American History October 10, 1999 The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (1911) What do we think of when we hear the word sweatshop? Many people associate that word with female immigrant workers, who receive very minimal pay. The work area is very dangerous to your health and is extremely unsanitary work place. The work area is usually overcrowded. That is the general stereotype, in my eyes of a sweatshop. All if not more of these conditions were present in the Triangle Shirtwaist Company. This company was located in New York City at 23-29 Washington Place, in which 146 employees mainly women and girls lost their lives to a disastrous fire. A superficial examination revealed t ...
    Related: fire department, fire protection, triangle, human life, natural resources
  • Us Events In 1850s - 474 words
    U.S. Events In 1850'S In United States history, the events of the 1850's proved to be the staging ground for disastrous Civil War of 1861-1865. Two examples were the Fugitive Slave Act and the Kansas-Nebraska Act. These events greatly affected the country at the time and in the long run. Of all the bills that made up the Compromise of 1850, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1854 was the most controversial. It required citizens to assist in the recovery of fugitive slaves. It denied a fugitive's right to a jury trial. The act called for changes in filing for a claim, making the process easier for slaveowners. Also, according to the act, there would be more federal officials responsible for enforcing ...
    Related: compromise of 1850, social issues, popular sovereignty, kansas-nebraska act, controversial
  • Watergate - 1,249 words
    Watergate Watergate Scandal Introduction Watergate was the name of the biggest political scandal in United States history. It included various illegal activities constructed to help President Richard Nixon win reelection in the 1972 presidential elections. Watergate included burglary, wire tapping, violations of campaign financing laws, and sabotage and attempted use of government agencies to harm political opponents. It also involved a cover-up of conduct. There were about 40 people charged with crimes in the scandal and related crimes. Most of them were convicted by juries or pleaded guilty. Watergate involved more high-level government officials than any previous scandal. It led to the co ...
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