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  • Brittle Star - 1,485 words
    Brittle Star BRITTLE STAR PHYLUM: Echinodermata SPECIES: Ophioderma panamense GEOGRAPHIC RANGE: From Peru and through Southern California HABITAT: They have been observed in the mid and low tide zones, abundant on the sea floor underneath rocks and in crevices and moving about tide pools and in available habitats in southern California NICHE: Omnivoire and filter feeder ADDITIONAL NOTES: Sometimes often called serpent starts due to their snake like movements. The mouth is located on the underside of the central disc. The aboral disc and arms are dark brown to black, and the disc is usually about 25mm. in diameter and the arms near 180 in length. They have rounded bodies with five slender, fl ...
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  • Gender Roles In Star Trek Next Generation - 1,713 words
    Gender Roles In Star Trek Next Generation Gender Roles In Star Trek Next Generation In 1966 a series called Star Trek was created. It's creator, Gene Roddenberry, did not create the show to be a science fiction series. The series was much deeper than that. It wasn't just about discovering new planets and civilizations. It was about controversial issues. Even though the series' take place in the 23rd and 24th century the issues struck with the times and related current issues. Through each series, The Original, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, there has been progression with the times and the issues. The issues that surround the episodes of Star Trek include race, religion, sexua ...
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  • How A Star Is Born - 1,174 words
    How A Star Is Born Birth of Stars Since my entire thesis for this paper is about how a star is born, I guess the first thing I should start out with is by telling you exactly what a star is. Stars are self-luminous gaseous spheres. They shine by generating their own energy and radiating it off into space. The stars' fuel for energy generation is the stuff they are made of -- hydrogen, helium, carbon, etc. -- which they burn by converting these elements into heavier elements. Nuclear fusion occurs, which is when the nuclei of atoms fuse into nuclei of heavier atoms. The energy given off by a star through nuclear burning heats its interior to many millions and, even in some cases to Pleiades S ...
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  • If You Liked The Star Wars Trilogy, Believe Me, You Will Love This Wellwritten Novel This Work Is One Of The Most Remarkable - 359 words
    If you liked the Star Wars trilogy, believe me, you will love this well-written novel. This work is one of the most remarkable and page turning book that I have ever read. X-wing: Wedges Gamble by Michael A. Stackpole is a worthwhile and I highly recommend reading this. This tale takes place five years after the events of the movie Return of the Jedi from the revolutionizing Star Wars trilogy. The plot of this grand novel is that the now strong Rebel Alliance schemes a strategy to take over Coruscant, the Imperial seat of the Galaxy. This book begins incredibly fast paced with lots of action where Corran Horn, part of the infamous Rogue Squadron loyal to the Rebels, fights his way out of a t ...
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  • Romeo And Juliet Star Crossed Lovers - 1,295 words
    Romeo and Juliet - Star Crossed Lovers Romeo & Juliet - Star Crossed Lovers "A pair of star-crossed lovers", Romeo and Juliet. From the opening scenes of the play these two children of feuding families were destined to fall in love together and eventually die together. How does the reader see this? How do we know it was fate which triggered these events? Coincidence caused the death of these two lovers. For this reason Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's great tragedies. For coincidence to have caused the death of Romeo and Juliet it must have been evident in the events leading up to their deaths. These events include their meeting and falling in love, their separation, their reunion an ...
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  • Star Appliances Inc 5 Year Plan - 4,463 words
    Star Appliances Inc. - 5 Year Plan Table of Contents Mission Statement Company Objectives Company Overview 1. Historical Outline 2. Products and Services 3. Financial Statements SWOT Analysis An analysis of companys strengths An analysis of companys weaknesses An analysis of companys opportunities An analysis of companys threats Business Strategy Marketing Mix Product Pricing Place Promotion Analysis of Major Competitors in the Field Kenmore Whirlpool Kirby Maytag GE International Expansion 1. Hungary External Environment Industry Analysis Recommended Entry Mode 2. Japan External Environment Industry Analysis Expansion Strategy for the Future Five Years 4. Canada External ...
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  • Star Appliances Inc 5 Year Plan - 4,569 words
    ... re popular on the Hungarian market although their market shares are still low, approximately 8 percent. For example, many American companies are exporting products to Hungary from their European subsidiaries and warehouses. Whirlpool Hungary: Whirlpool Corporation established its Hungarian headquarters Whirlpool Hungary in 1992, which is 100 percent owned by Whirlpool Europe. Whirlpool Hungary is only involved in distribution, logistics and marketing activities and products arrive in Hungary from the company's Western European factories. Currently, Whirlpool Hungary has a nationwide partner and servicing network. Whirlpool Hungary sold about 200 000 white goods in 1998, which corresponds ...
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  • Star Trek - 1,470 words
    Star Trek INTRODUCTION: Television programs provide one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. From The Simpsons to The X-Files, television shows amuse, shock, sadden, and excite us by turns. Television does more, however, than simply entertain. Television shows are cultural products, and as such, they reflect, reinforce, and challenge cultural ideas. It acts as a mirror and a model for society. In examining and understanding those cultural messages and popular appeal of certain television shows, we should understand something about the society that has created and sustained them. Arguably, Star Trek is one of the most popular television shows ever produced. Today Star Trek includ ...
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  • Star Trek: A Chronicle - 1,330 words
    "Star Trek": A Chronicle Space... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship "Enterprise." Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds... to seek out new life and new civilizations... to boldly go where no one has gone before... The above blurb has been used to introduce the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation. The show's run has elapsed that of it's predecessor, the original Star Trek. The original spawned six movies and endless conventions, and both have given way to action figures for children, national clubs, and other various paraphernalia. This is the chronicle to end all chronicles: the full analysis and timeline of one of the most popular televisio ...
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  • Star Trek: A Chronicle - 1,417 words
    ... ank Sinatra ("Old Blue Eyes") and the character Spiner plays; he dons yellow contact lenses as part of his android costume. One of the songs on the album features his fellow co-stars as backup singers. A final note belongs to Wil Wheaton, who plays Ensign Wesley Crusher (and son to Dr. Crusher, the ship's doctor) on The Next Generation. He had already acquired some semblance of fame as the lead in the flick Stand By Me. However, Wesley has also been stereotyped as a whining child in a teenager's body who sulks in his quarters whenever he doesn't get what he wants. The show has been so popular and so stereotyped that the parodies it has endured run into countless numbers. But most of the ...
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  • Star Wars - 936 words
    Star Wars Star Wars By George Lucas Paperback, November 1998 Star Wars is a science fiction adventure novel. The symbolism and characterization was really excellent in the story. The story gives a great look into the future as it has many different types of things we have not yet invented; blaster rifles, space ships that go the speed of light, fat alien slugs, and beam swords. The plot of the story sucks you into the novel and makes you want to continue reading the novel. The plot of the story mainly reflects on a young boy, Luke Skywalker. Luke was raised on his Uncle's moisture farm on the planet Tatooine. He meets up with Obi-Wan Kenobi by following a droid, R2-D2, he had purchased throu ...
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  • Star Wars - 3,440 words
    Star Wars Star Wars As a Mythology Fifteen years ago, I set out to make a movie for a generation without fairy tales. -George Lucas There exists in every culture a series of folk tales and stories, which make up a part of that culture's history. These stories, called myths, often venture into the magical and fantastic, with great heroes battling terrible monsters to save exotic lands. As the human race has evolved, we have moved beyond the need to attribute unexplained events to supernatural workings beyond our ken. As a result, modern culture puts its faith in science and organised religion, and for centuries there have been no new myths. In the nineteen-seventies, a young and enthusiastic ...
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  • Star Wars - 3,479 words
    ... d Han had to cope with a space station full of enemy soldiers, but the rescue is eclipsed by Luke's destruction of the Death Star at the end of the movie. This was presumably done because A New Hope was an action movie, which as a rule needs to present a final conflict at the conclusion rather than the climax. Therefore, Luke's Supreme Ordeal, the destruction of the Death Star, is separate from his prize, the rescue of Princess Leia. Upon entering the Land of Enchantment, the Hero is typically left to his own devices to complete his quest. If the Hero has learned his lessons well and fulfilled his role, he will do well and succeed. If not, his quest is doomed to fail. The Greek Hero Orph ...
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  • Star Wars - 657 words
    Star Wars We live in a society, which relies on fairy tales and mythology to entertain and take us off to a far away place where we can identify with our imagination. The Star Wars trilogy is a classic example of the hero cycle. A young man is brought up believing the light side of the force is his destiny. It has an old warrior, which teaches young Luke an ancient craft that has been used for centuries to battle evil. Luke is told about his father and how he was a great Jedi Knight, how he was killed by a man named Darth Vader, but fails to tell him that the fate of the galaxy lies on his shoulders. Luke grows wise but still cocky and bull headed much like Oedipus Rex. Young Luke Skywalker ...
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  • Star Wars - 956 words
    Star Wars One of the most memorable moments for many students will occur when they see "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace," the first part of a prequel trilogy to the beloved Star Wars trilogy. The original three films Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi have embedded themselves in our current culture. The Force, composer John William's famous soundtrack, and lines such as "Luke, I am your father"(which is never said in any of the movies) have become common in present day culture. But, the Star Wars trilogy also contains a deeper theme that is not unique to the current time period. In George Lucas's Star Wars Trilogy as well in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness ...
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  • Star Wars : A New Hope - 1,448 words
    Star Wars : A New Hope The dramatic war-like classic of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it is Star Wars. The reason most people go to see it is because of the THX digitally mastered sound, the new visual effects, the superb acting, but most of all the all important theme, without which, Star Wars would not be half the film that it is. But now, it has launched Lucasfilm Ltd. into a new era and taken all the world with it. When Star Wars was first made in 1977, nobody expected it to become a big movie. George Lucas had only a small crew, a moderate number of actors without much of a reputation, the London Symphony Orchestra, and a bunch of college students to help out with the effec ...
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  • Star Wars : A New Hope - 1,472 words
    ... ole heir to the usurper Capet, could not keep Quiet in his conscience wearing the crown of france, till satisfied that fair Queen Isabel, his grandmother, was lineal of his daughter by which the great marriage of Charles was re-united to the crown of France. So that, as clear as the sun, all French kings hold to the right and title of the female to this day; howbeit they Would hold up this law, to bar your highness claiming from the female and rather Choose to hide them in a net than amply to imbar their crooked titles usurpd from You and your progenitors. K. Hen. May I with right and conscience make this claim? Cant. The sin upon my head, dread sovereign! Exe. Your brother kings and mon ...
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  • Symbolism In Strange News From Another Star - 648 words
    Symbolism in Strange News From Another Star Symbolism in Strange News From Another Star Symbolism in Strange News From Another Star Strange News from another Star is found to be a story which contains numerous symbols which in many cases contain some important, abstract information. Symbolism is something which is very difficult to explain due to the fact that not everyone sees the so mentioned symbol. They dont quite see it as you, because no two minds are the same, which implies the fact that they dont react equally to something which must be internally interpreted as it is not present as mere information. On this essay I will try to back up with concise words, why I believe that something ...
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  • The Name Of Our City Is Zeus It Is Located On A Planet By The Star Phoenix, 20 - 944 words
    The name of our city is Zeus. It is located on a planet by the star Phoenix, 20 trillion light years from Earth. The city has 2 billion people in it and is the size of the entire USA. The entire city of Zeus is run by a computer so there is no government. Everyone in the city has a identification chip implanted in their heart. This ID chip tells the city computer exactly where everyone is. It has their full name, address, phone number, age, and gender. It also includes a police record, if the person has one and the person's proportions ( height, weight, etc.) The city has an electronic forcefield around it. The forcefield has 75 backups, and is invisible. Nothing can penetrate into it, but t ...
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  • The Plot Of Star Wars Episode Ii: - 1,719 words
    The Plot Of Star Wars Episode Ii: THE PLOT OF STAR WARS EPISODE II: Rather than write it all myself, Josh Griffin of has given me permission to use one of TFn's updates (this one) called The Story So Far. Everything written in grey is from TFn, and everything in purple is stuff I've added. I have also added links to the official site's select images so you can see how they fit in with the story. As Episode II begins, we learn that Amidala has left the throne on Naboo and has been replaced by the newly elected Queen Jamillia (Select 9: Queen Jamillia). Now going by the name Padme Naberrie, she represents Naboo in the Galactic Senate. We also learn of a deal between Count Dooku an ...
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