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  • Alcohol And The Effects On Behavior - 1,596 words
    Alcohol And The Effects On Behavior Alcohol and The Effects on Behavior The articles in which I reviewed dealt with alcoholism and the many different effects it has on behavior. The purpose for each experiment differs, but they all deal whit alcohol and the effects of its behavior. In each of the articles used to complete this research a comparison was mead between people who had been affected by alcoholism to people who had not. The reason for this was to see if alcohol had any effect on an individuals behavior. In the first study which was done by Wright et. Al, they tested to see if non-adult children of alcoholics (ACAs) who were college students differ from nonclinical ACA college stude ...
    Related: alcohol, alcohol consumption, drinking behavior, first year, social support
  • Basketball Stats - 641 words
    Basketball Stats Executive Summary We tried to find out how certain basketball statistics affect winning percentage for a NCAA Division I basketball team. We used the entire NCAA division I 1999-2000 season statistics. We considered the following statistics: Field Goals, Free Throws, Personal Fouls, Turnovers, 3 Pointers, Blocks, & Steals. Our conclusion is that while a rise in each stat had some affect in the rise or fall of winning percentage, we could not determine a single stat that had a direct affect on the dependent variable (Winning Percentage). Our results were more effective when we ran the test on how the combination of all stats affected winning percentage, however, this would be ...
    Related: basketball, executive summary, dependent variable, more effective, regression
  • Educational Reform - 267 words
    Educational Reform American Polling Choice Words: If You Cant Understand Our Poll Questions, Then How Can We Understand Your Answers? Core Issue Richard Morin writes about a problem plaguing polls across the nation. Morin states that many Americans polled do not understand the poll questions, yet they seem to always have an opinion on most questions poised. Supporting Ideas 1) When President Clinton was confronted with questions about his past actions with Monica Lewinsky, he created ambiguity within the questions. He misinterpreted the meaning of sex, and what it entails. 2) To create the most illustrating answers, several questions are asked; the answers should come out the same. This will ...
    Related: educational, educational reform, reform, standard error, monica lewinsky
  • Inflation Evaluation - 1,543 words
    ... single exponential smoothing model for its' forecast which produced a Durbin Watsin statistic of 1.85, and standard error statistic of 1.211. This model eventually proved to be the superior model because of its lower than others error statistics. The combination model produced lower MAD, MSE, RMSE statistics than did the automatic method, but smoothing model was more accurate in that it produced a significantly lower MAPE. The summary of method errors, as well as forecasting models, are contained in appendix 6a. Therefore, using these crude methods I have been able to determine that Smart's single exponential smoothing model provides the most accurate forecasting tool for considering th ...
    Related: evaluation, inflation, federal open market committee, reserve bank, currency
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