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  • Windows Nt - 1,164 words
    Windows Nt Windows NT Operating System Windows NT History. Since it was first released in 1993, Microsoft Windows NT Server has established itself as the network operating system (NOS) of choice for countless organizations of all sizes in private industry and public agencies. They have discovered that Windows NT Server is extremely reliable, highly scalable, and capable of handling the complex, mission-critical demands of even large Fortune 500 corporations. But the widespread adoption of Windows NT Server stems from more than just its operating system capabilities. What IT managers in every industry are discovering is that Windows NT Server provides a complete and solid platform for an all- ...
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  • Winston Churchill - 1,268 words
    Winston Churchill Sir Winston Spencer Churchill Winston Churchill was born in 1874 and died, aged ninety, in 1965. He was active in British politics for almost sixty years and was twice Prime Minister. He was a soldier, an artist, a historian, and a journalist, as well as a politician. He was a man of great mental energy, of vivid imagination, and powerful ambition. He was frequently the center of stormy political activity; criticism and abuse were often showered upon him. But he died respected and mourned not only by his own nation, but by the world, for which he had done so much when he led the fight against Nazi tyranny and refused to surrender or to despair of victory. (Gilbert 13) On No ...
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  • Women In 18th Century France - 1,731 words
    Women in 18th Century France Women in 18th Century France Many changes occurred during the Enlightenment period of the eighteenth century. For instance, more and more emphasis was placed on the family as the eighteenth century passed. There were three groups of urban women in eighteenth century, lower-class, middle-class, and upper-class. This essay will discuss the experiences of the lower and middle class urban women. It will also cover Olympe de Gouges, The Declaration of the Rights of Woman. The changes were different for lower-class women as opposed to middle class women. "Only those wealthy enough to afford to dispense with womens work could partake of the new domesticity." Our textboo ...
    Related: century france, century women, eighteenth century, france, men and women, working women
  • Women Murders - 1,420 words
    Women Murders Marriage is a life long commitment between two people. Vows are taken as a promise to one another, " Till Death Do us Part" may be the most well known vow, but with the two women I will be discussing they take it into their own hands to speed up the process. The following stories are about two women who commit murder in some form, perhaps intentional or not who are not punished as far as the story tells us. Fortunately, we have a legal system that is designed to prevent these homicides and programs specifically designed to help women in cases like these that feel they have no other choice but to murder their husband to achieve freedom. As you will see these women were so desper ...
    Related: insanity defense, tax forms, human nature, insane, jones
  • Women: The Hard Way - 911 words
    Women: The Hard Way The Hard Way Most women have a dream of becoming the world's perfect person; pleasing everyone they come in contact with. When a woman looks in the mirror she wants to see a thin, big-chested, blonde, blue-eyed image staring right back at her. Why would anyone wish for something different? That is what society expects from women, which is far away from reality. Everyone is different, and we all should wise up and accept that, before it takes a toll on our future. Women feel they should live up to the very well known Barbie-doll-mutation-image. Wrong! I hope that women start opening up their eyes, instead of emptying out their wallets to plastic surgeons and weight loss cr ...
    Related: school work, weight loss, social issues, magazine, sending
  • World War 2 In The Mid90s Drew A Hard Blow And Left A Serious - 1,820 words
    World War 2 in the mid-90's drew a hard blow and left a serious and lasting effect to many Asian countries. This however, did not hamper the growth of countries such as China, Japan and Vietnam as their government were taking serious steps to recover economically. Thus, the global market cannot deny a place for these 'Asian Dragons', because these countries are growing at a tremendous pace to the extent of being capable in emerging as global market leaders. China's capitalism and boom was born when their president, Deng Xiaoping permitted the provinces to dismantle their communes and collective farms. This led China to venture into free-market economics, although they were still under the co ...
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  • Writte By Joe Bollini Brevard, Nc I Didnt Do It How The Simpsons Affects Kids The Simpsons Is One Of Americas Most Popular Te - 1,221 words
    ... thing else imaginable in the fifteenth episode. (Groening, 37) The Simpsons is often viewed as one of the biggest threats to Christianity. The Simpson family goes to church on a regular basis, but Bart and Homer loath it. A typical Sunday School conversation is as follows: Child: "Will my dog, Fluffy go to heaven?" Sunday School Teacher: "No" Other Child: "How about my cat?" Teacher: "No, Heaven is only for people." Bart: "What if my leg gets gangrene and has to be amputated? Will it be waiting for me in heaven? Teacher: "Yes" Bart: "What about a robot with a human brain?" Teacher: "I don't know! Is a little blind faith too much to ask for?" (Pepoon) The pastor, Reverend Lovejoy is a hyp ...
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  • Wuthering Heights Setting - 1,545 words
    Wuthering Heights - Setting Like the world of Transylvania, the Gothic setting in Wuthering Heights suggests a wild and primitive landscape unconstrained by Orthodox norms. The reader is first introduced to Wuthering Heights, the house and its surroundings, as it appears to the middle class, Mr. Lockwood, on a stormy night. Thus, Lockwood serves the same role and Jonathan Harker as he is the bridge between the world of 19th century normal realities and the primeval world of Wuthering Heights. Just as Mr. Harker characterizes his trip to Transylvania as a journey between two atmospheres, entering the "thunderous one", Mr. Lockwood too is introduced to Wuthering Heights on a stormy night, a fo ...
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  • Y2k - 979 words
    Y2k Civilizations dependence upon computers has grown exponentially in the last thirty years. Businesses use computers to keep their records, write reports, and to converse with colleagues and clients. The average businessperson depends primarily on their computer to complete a days work. Years ago, programmers caused what could have potentially been a major problem with modern computer systems. While attempting to conserve scarce and expensive data bits, they programmed the year using two digits instead of four. At the turn of the century, computer systems would not be able to discriminate between the year 1900 and the year 2000. As the speculation of what would happen at the turn of the mi ...
    Related: credit card, major problem, information officer, dependence
  • Y2k - 1,686 words
    ... at, and (5) electronic formats not Y2K compliant should cease beginning April 1, 1999. If the laws enacted by the U.S. Congress and the president , and the recommendations made by the WSUBC are followed, the Y2K problem will likely have little or no affect on the clerical areas of hospitals. In addition to the patient care and clerical concerns facing hospitals with respect to the Y2K problem, there is one other pressing concern for hospitals. Utilities are essential to the everyday life most people are accustomed to. If the electricity goes out at home, most people just burn candles and wait, without much worry, for the lights to come back on. However, losing utility service in a hospit ...
    Related: water shortage, federal government, electric utilities, suppression
  • Year 2000 Bug - 1,600 words
    Year 2000 Bug The Millennial sun will first rise over human civilization in the independent republic of Kiribati, a group of some thirty low lying coral islands in the Pacific Ocean that straddle the equator and the International Date Line, halfway between Hawaii and Australia. This long awaited sunrise marks the dawn of the year 2000, and quite possibly, the onset of unheralded disruptions in life as we know it in many parts of the globe. Kiribatis 81,000 Micronesians may observe nothing different about this dawn; they only received TV in 1989. However, for those who live in a world that relies on satellites, air, rail and ground transportation, manufacturing plants, electricity, heat, tele ...
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  • Year Round Education - 1,884 words
    Year Round Education Imagine a child, on a hot summer day... no baseball, no swimming, no picnics or amusement park rides. Instead of spending time doing all of the things kids like to during summer vacations, this child, is attending school. Year round education (YRE) has been around since 1904, with 3,000 schools and 2 million students currently using the program (National Association). Students in year round schools go to school the same 180 days that traditional schools attend. In YRE, the summer vacation is eliminated, replacing it with shorter, more frequent breaks. There is a number of ways the year round school can operate, including: 90/30, 45/15, and 60/20. The most popular of thes ...
    Related: education system, round, round education, school education, high school
  • Year Round Schooling - 1,055 words
    Year Round Schooling For more than twenty years the educational and economic benefits of year round schooling have been debated in the United States. Experts agree that year round schooling may not be the answer to the problems of all school districts. However in more than 205 districts nation wide, problems have been resolved by year round schooling. First I need to explain that this is different from extending the school year; on a year round schedule, students attend school the same number of days-180-as students on the traditional nine-month calendar. The difference is that year round education (YRE) students have several short vacations rather than one three-month summer break. Most yea ...
    Related: first year, round, round education, schooling, american lifestyle
  • Yemen: Developing A Country - 1,161 words
    ... ditional measures. Mismanagement, corruption, and an underdeveloped legal system all discourage private sector investors (1. Yemen Times.) II. Salvaging the Tourism Industry 1. Introduction The importance of tourism for the Yemeni national economy and the process of development cannot be over emphasized. Tourism ostentatiously represents an inexhaustible river that feeds any country with hard currency. It is rightly termed the engine of economic development. This is because it is a principle foreign currency earner which supports the national economy. In Fact, in some countries, especially the third world, tourism compromises the whole and sole source of hard currency. Worldwide statisti ...
    Related: national economy, world bank, private sector, tourist, economy
  • Young Versus Old - 447 words
    Young Versus Old In my community I have two groups of people that just dont seem to get along. One group is the younger people of the area, and the other group is the older senior citizens that live in the community. The older people have complained that the younger people are irresponsible, destructive and rude. The younger people of the area have protested the construction of a retirement home in the community, saying that the older people are boring, old fashioned and complain too much. I feel that bringing these two groups together and making them see the things they share in common will be rather easy to accomplish. Much of the prejudice that the two groups have against each other is ba ...
    Related: versus, young people, older people, community service, beneficial
  • Zonation On Rocky Shore - 2,235 words
    Zonation On Rocky Shore The seashore is a habitat that contains a wide range of microhabitats and ecological niches for different creatures. This is mainly due to the effects of the tides, that rise and fall twice each day. Tides are the vertical movement of water in a periodical oscillation of the sea, due to the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. The tides are on a semi-diurnal cycle, so there are two high tides and two low tides each day. Due to the orbit of the moon, the tides also have a monthly cycle. This creates neap (very low) and spring (very high) tides. The seashore can be divided into several zones, which are illustrated on the diagram below: Key: EHWS = Extreme High Water ...
    Related: rocky, shore, adult life, sea anemones, environmental
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