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  • La Fiesta Brava - 1,741 words
    La Fiesta Brava by 1 La Fiesta Brava Bullfighting is a tradition, art and athletic sport combined in one. Bullfighting originated in the classical world. The first bullfights supposedly took place in Knossos, Greece, "a contest of some sort is depicted in a wall painting unearthed... dating from about 2000 BC. It shows male and female acrobats confronting a bull, grabbing its horns as it charges, and vaulting over its back." (Encarta) Bullfights stayed popular after the Greek era had declined, in Rome. The spectacle of bullfighting during this time period was scarcely an art form but pure sport. It was not until the Moors of North Africa conquered the Visigoths of Europe in 711 AD that bullf ...
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  • Sun Also Rises - 1,687 words
    Sun Also Rises Of the segments of American society scarred by the anguish of the First World War, the damage was most severe amongst the younger generation of that time. Youthful and impressionable, these people were immersed headlong into the furious medley of death and devastation. By the time the war had ended, many found that they could no longer accept what now seemed to be pretentious and contradictory moral standards of nations that could be capable of such atrocities. Some were able to brush off the pain and confusion enough to get on with their lives. Others simply found themselves incapable of existing under their countrys thin faade of virtuousness and went abroad, searching for s ...
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  • Sun Also Rises By Hemingway - 1,503 words
    ... himself alone and unloved. Hemingway points out his narrators desertedness when Romero leaves Brett, and she sends to Jake for help. Her telegrams end only with her name while he signs his response, LOVE JAKE. But, in his return to Brett, Jake demonstrates that he has learned from his failure and, in that, displays his ultimate heroism and recuperation of his morality. The final lines of the novel indicate his new perspective as a man reborn with nothing but a heightened understanding of how he must live his life. He has reconciled with his loss of sexuality and knows that he must search for gratification in unique ways, like bull-fighting, rather than in the crass sexuality intimated b ...
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  • Sun Also Rises Title - 1,669 words
    Sun Also Rises Title The Sun Also Rises as it applies to the novel as a whole The novel The Sun Also Rises is set directly after World War I. This was a time of confusion for mankind. It can metaphorically be compared to the sun setting on people. People, in many parts of the world, had horrifying memories from the war, and this, naturally affected their lives both physically and psychologically. The generation following the war is often named the lost generation or the walking wounded. Yet, the title of the book, the Sun Also Rises is optimistic. Hemingways choice is not accidental. Once reading the novel it is clear that Hemingway meant to pass a message through the title. Throughout the n ...
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  • The Golden Marmoset - 218 words
    The Golden Marmoset Golden marmosets, or Leontopithecus chrysomelas, have a mane derived from long hairs on the top of the head, cheeks and throat. The golden marmoset is predominantly black with golden to reddish-orange on the front of the mane, the lower half of the front paws and part of the tail. It weighs about 0.7 kg (1.5 lb). They eat mostly insects and fruit and small vertebrates such as lizards and birds. The female usually gives birth to twins. The golden marmoset occurs in the Brazilian Atlantic Forests.The golden marmoset has only been known from the southern portion of the coastal state of Bahia, Brazil. It was originally found between the south bank of the Rio das Contas and th ...
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