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  • Binge Crinking - 910 words
    Binge Crinking From one generation to the next, we have seemingly continued this ridiculous practice of "binge drinking". Sure, let's all see who can drink the most, who passes out first, and let's not forget throwing-up? Yes, you haven't experienced the true effects of binge drinking until you've thrown-up all over yourself. But why, why is it that today's generation feels that this is fun? Risking your life to fit in isn't fun. Fun is going to an amusement park or even a baseball game. Unfortunately, college campuses across the nation are preoccupied by this issue of alcohol abuse. Binge drinking in the U.S. is out of control and mostly a problem that our government has produced. It is a b ...
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  • Double Standard Of Masculinity In Gender Role Socialization - 1,206 words
    ... are seen by the student?body of the school. Pep rallies are thrown to support the 'athletes', the 'stars' of the school. Girls swoon over the masculine 'hunks'. As young boys move into adulthood they are told to "be men" when confronted with a formidable challenge or when they face some sort of agony. The implication in this phrase is that men should be immune to pain and not show any emotion. To show emotion would be a sign of weakness and society would view them as abnormal or inferior (Pollack 1995). I have covered the socialization process showing how physical prowess is objectified and legitimated in males. This process, however, does not end in high school. As men move into their ...
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  • Double Standard Of Masculinity In Gender Role Socialization - 1,060 words
    ... t to an extreme. He talks of the initiation rites of the Sambia of New Guinea saying, Initiation rites begin when boys are seven to ten years old and include oral ingestion of older boys' semen and painful bleeding by sticking grass reeds up the nose. The bleeding is a counterpart of menstruation and semen is ingested instead of mother's milk (Betcher 1993). Although these actions seek to mark the boy as not a woman, ironically they incorporate basic feminine biologic functions that men lack. Secondary socialization then acts in the later stages of a boy's life to reaffirm society's beliefs about masculinity. As boys grow older, their bodies develop and they enter junior high and high sc ...
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  • Hindu Marriages - 441 words
    HINDU MARRIAGES Most of the Hindu marriages conducted in India and elsewhere are both social and religious functions. There is no uniformity on their social side. These are based on local customs and traditions. On the religious side, with minor variations, they follow some specific rituals that are followed from the Vedas. The marriage ceremonies are called Vaidika. Marriage ceremonies last two days, one day prior to the Muhurtha day and the day on which the actual wedding occurs. The day previous to the marriage, its customary practice to visit a nearby temple to offer many prayers. The Lagna Patrika, a document indicating the details of the BG & Bride and the timing and place of marriage, ...
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  • Psychology Theories - 1,951 words
    ... the superiority complex states mankind tries to better themselves in order to overcome our weaknesses. I agree with this because I am living proof. In everything I do I always try to make myself better. I don't give up until I feel I have completely given it everything I have got. On every weakness that I have especially when it comes to fitness I kill myself everyday to look my greatest and to feel the best that I can feel. This takes much hard work and dedication, but I do not even think about it when I think about how I am going to feel and look when I accomplish my goals. The second part of this theory is the inferiority complex which is when society measures us up to their standards ...
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  • Totem And Taboo - 1,697 words
    ... desires of others and awakening the ambivalent conflict in them." It is clear that the violation of certain taboo becomes a social danger that must be punished by all the members of society. If they did not punish the violator, they would therefore become aware that they want to imitate evil. Among these races, taboo has become the general form of law imposed by chiefs and priests to insure their property and privileges. Freud explains theyre still remains a large group of laws related to enemies, chiefs, and the dead. First, lets talk about enemies. The punishment when you kill an enemy is different in every tribe. For example, in Timor the leader of the expedition cannot return to his ...
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