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  • A Traveler Is Resolute And Independent - 1,973 words
    A Traveler is Resolute and Independent Tenets of Wordsworth in Resolution and Independence Romanticism officially began in 1798, when William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge anonymously published Lyrical Ballads. This work marked the official beginning of a literary period which had already begun many years before 1798. A work is defined to be of a certain period by its characteristics, therefore to be considered a Romantic work, the work must contain aspects which are termed "Romantic." A few typical "Romantic" aspects are: love of the past; sympathy to the childs mind; faith in the inner goodness of man; aspects of nature having religious, mystic, and symbolic significance; and reco ...
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  • April Morning - 1,253 words
    April Morning April Morning was an interesting book concerning a young man, Adam Cooper, and the trials and tribulations of his taking part in the Battle of Lexington. The story takes place mostly in Adams home town of Lexington, Massachusetts, but also partially on the surrounding roads and countryside. The novel opens with a glimpse into the daily life of the Cooper family. As Adam comments on the harsh perfectionist opprobrium of his father, I find myself drawn to his side of the issue. Adam confuses his fathers constant animadversion with the feeling that his father hates him. These feelings of hate are somewhat annulled by Granny, Adams grandmother and confidant. She tells him that, sin ...
    Related: new england, local community, american independence, levi, remaining
  • Awakening And Suicide - 757 words
    Awakening And Suicide What is suicide? "(Suicide is) the act of self-destruction by a person sound in mind and capable of measuring his (or her) moral responsibility" (Webster 1705). "No one really knows why human beings commit suicide. Indeed, the very person who takes his (or her) own life may be least aware at the moment of decision of the essence of his (or her) reasons and emotions for doing so. At the outset, it can be said that a dozen individuals can kill themselves and "do" (or commit) 12 psychologically different deeds" (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 385). Suicide is written about in a variety of novels, short stories, and movies. Suicide moves like an undercurrent in the sea of themes ...
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  • Biographical Narrative Based On The Video 8216fatal Game - 787 words
    Biographical Narrative Based On The Video 'Fatal Game' Arising lethargic and groggy after their sleepless night at camp six, Mark Whetu and Mike Rheinberger were slow to dress, melt ice, and get out of the tent at three o'clock in the morning. They should have left at one at the latest but the wind was too gusty. Unfortunately, by the time they loaded their backpacks, strapped on their crampons and were ready to leave, it was three thirty. Mark, an experienced climber knew they wouldn't summit before one p.m. but he had only been hired as a guide for Rheinberger, who, after seven tries at Mount Everest had still not been able to summit. For Rheinberger, descent was totally unacceptable. Too ...
    Related: biographical, narrative, video, sleepless nights, mount everest
  • Death Penalty - 1,737 words
    Death Penalty In our understandable desire to be fair and to protect the rights of offenders in our criminal justice system, let us never ignore or minimize the rights of their victims. The death penalty is a necessary tool that reaffirms the sanctity of human life while assuring that convicted killers will never again prey upon others. Through the death penalty many families of victims find solace and retribution by seeking to put an end to it all; the sleepless nights, the terrifying nightmares of what their son, daughter, wife, husband, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend went through and the constant reminder of why their loved ones arent with them. In June 1997, a parade of w ...
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  • Dialogue Crito - 1,374 words
    Dialogue Crito In the Last Days of Socrates the dialogue Crito recounts Socrates last days before his execution. Socrates had been accused of corrupting the youth and not worshipping the Gods of the state. During his trial he denied all accusations and attempted to defend himself by proving his innocence using reason . He was judged to be guilty and given a death sentence. His long time friend Crito proposes to Socrates a plan to escape from his death sentence in prison. Crito and Socrates argue the issue of escape with Socrates deciding on accepting his sentence. I feel that in light of his beliefs Socrates was ethically correct in refusing to escape from prison. It was important to Socrate ...
    Related: crito, dialogue, legal system, good life, refuse
  • Dragons - 1,831 words
    Dragons How many times during the night do we toss and turn, check the clock, and find it ticking away and tell ourselves, If I could fall asleep right now I would get at least five hours of sleep? But, sleep doesn't come so we continue to toss and turn. This happens to many people and may suffer from a disorder known as insomnia. People who suffer from this disorder have many complaints, and many have similar symptoms. Symptoms can vary from stress to pain to always feeling tired. Insomnia is a very difficult disease to have to live with. It is hard for both those that suffer from it and their family members. According to Linde and Savaley's, The Sleep Book, (1974), the person who has troub ...
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  • Hemingway Short Stories - 1,149 words
    ... f with a shotgun. Ernest Hemingway takes much of the storylines of his short stories from his personal experiences. In "Soldier's Home" Hemingway expresses the alienation from bourgeois American culture that many returning soldiers felt. Harold Krebs, who is the main character in the story, feels this alienation when he returns to the U.S. He came back much later than the other soldiers. Everyone heard the same stories from all the soldiers, so Krebs felt the need to lie about the stories to make people listen and so he would feel like he belonged. Krebs is the story's protagonist. He is bored with his town and disgusted by his parent's bland piety. He also felt isolated from his family ...
    Related: ernest hemingway, hemingway, short story, world war i, clean well lighted
  • Hunger Artist - 988 words
    Hunger Artist I will try to demonstrate what the publics reaction was to the angel in The very old man with Enormous wings and Kafkas Hunger Artist from what the authors wrote in the stories and the characters point of view. I will also try illustrate how the public has more of a meaning in both stories. In A very old man with Enormous Wings the public goes to see the old man because they wanted to see what he was. The owners of the house where the old man was at, thought that he was a lonely castaway from some foreign ship wrecked by the storm. They thought this because they spoke to him and he answered in a incomprehensible dialect with a strong sailors voice. The public tossed him t ...
    Related: artist, hunger, hunger artist, sleepless nights, point of view
  • Insider - 1,010 words
    Insider A dramatization of 1995 events in which the tobacco industry allegedly covered up proof that nicotine is addictive and harmful. When Brown and Williamson executive Jeffrey Wigand (Crowe) tries to expose the industry's cover-up, he is threatened into silence. He eventually gets his story to 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman (AL Pacino), but CBS decides against airing it due to political and economic pressures, and the threat of lawsuit from Brown and Williamson. Before we start, I think it's important that you know a little thing about me, and where I'm coming from. I do smoke. But I believe that most of the lawsuits filed against the tobacco industry are unfounded, desperate attempt ...
    Related: insider, real life, second hand smoke, social security, representation
  • Insomnia - 1,604 words
    Insomnia Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that plagues millions of people around the globe by not allowing them to sleep. Its severity can range between a couple of days to a couple of months, and is curable in most cases. In any given year, about one-third of all adults suffer from insomnia (Hendrickson 1). Insomnia itself is not a disease, but a symptom of an underlying mental or physical condition of the person. There is not a strict definition for insomnia, but it could be narrowed down to: a person not being able to sleep, having difficulty falling to sleep, or having trouble staying asleep. Medications are available for the treatment of insomnia, but they should not be used on a reg ...
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  • Insomnia - 1,234 words
    ... rks and wakes them as they are first falling asleep. Almost any sleeping pill, if taken continuously, will cause insomnia. Sleep can be affected by ones individual differences, prior sleep history, circadian rhythms, drugs, life styles, and psychopathology. Caffeine and nicotine are both central nervous system stimulants, and as such are sleep-disrupting substances. Insomnia can also be due to poor eating habits, caffeine, and lack of exercise. Medications that are prescribed bed for sleep can disrupt or eliminate the sleep are: Doral, Halcion. Restoril , valium, and Xanax. Antihistamines can also cause sleep depravation. Vitamins and minerals such as B6, niacin amide, calcium, magnesium ...
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  • Kafkas Hunger Artist - 990 words
    Kafka`s Hunger Artist I will try to demonstrate what the publics reaction was to the angel in " The very old man with Enormous wings " and Kafkas " Hunger Artist " from what the authors wrote in the stories and the characters point of view. I will also try illustrate how the public has more of a meaning in both stories. In " A very old man with Enormous Wings " the public goes to see the old man because they wanted to see what he was. The owners of the house where the old man was at, thought that he was a lonely castaway from some foreign ship wrecked by the storm. They thought this because they spoke to him and he answered in a incomprehensible dialect with a strong sailors voice. The publi ...
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  • Lysistrata - 510 words
    Lysistrata Lysistrata is a play written in 411 BC by Aristophanes. At that time in Greek history, the city-states were constantly warring with one another. Consequently, the women were left at home. One woman, Lysistrata, was so fed up with the fighting that she called all of the women of Greece to a meeting. When they finally showed up, Lysistrata presented her plan for peace: no sex until the wars ceased. She eventually convinced all of the other women that this was the only way to bring peace to the land. The men were miserable and ultimately they negotiated a treaty to stop the hostilities. This play has its merits and its downfalls. As a whole, however, it is well written, humorous, and ...
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  • Macbeth Themes - 594 words
    Macbeth Themes William Shakespeare, in his tragic play Macbeth, written in 1606, dramatizes the unrelenting power of deception, insanity, and greed which ultimately results in the demise of Macbeth. Macbeth allowed his desire to become king overrule his judgement which consummately terminated his existence. The play is full of pestilence and set in Scotland during the eleventh century. In Macbeth, sleeplessness is an important motif that permeates the dramatic structure. Shakespeare uses this fatigue to substantiate the guilt of Macbeth, to represent subconscious insanity, and to show a foreshadowing of bad things to come. The motif serves to dramatize the true overview of how the characters ...
    Related: lady macbeth, macbeth, sleepless nights, king duncan, banquo
  • Mockery Of Transcendentalism In The Fall Of The House Of Usher - 1,320 words
    Mockery Of Transcendentalism In The Fall Of The House Of Usher Edgar Allan Poes Mockery of Transcendentalism in The Fall of the House of Usher Throughout the development of our culture there have been a large number of literary movements. From existentialism to naturalism, humanism to surrealism, they all play an important role in the development of the literature we read today. One important movement during the nineteenth century is known as the transcendentalist movement. Transcendentalism is a form of idealism. In philosophy and literature, it is the belief in a higher reality than that found in sense experience or in a higher kind of knowledge than that achieved by human reason. Nearly a ...
    Related: fall of the house of usher, madeline usher, mockery, roderick usher, transcendentalism, usher
  • Reed College - 381 words
    Reed College I could tell you a heartfelt, sentimental, poignant story about first seeing a Reed College refrigerator magnet (my uncle got it at a reunion, I think) and feeling first deep emotions stirring somewhere inside my spleen. Or I could meticulously paraphrase the numerous brochures and articles about Reed that I have perused. Yet another option would be to rent a small airplane and skywrite, I want to go to Reed, in colorful pollutants. And I probably would resort to one of these strategies, had I not some real incentives to attend Reed College. They are based on what I have learned from The Princeton Review, general knowledge, conversations I have overheard, and other miscellaneous ...
    Related: reed, sleepless nights, side effects, football players, admiration
  • Review Of Platoon - 524 words
    Review Of Platoon I wasn't expecting it, I just looked up and there it was: the disgusting, bloody, mauled body of a dead soldier. The shot was brief and I do not remember if he was strung up on a tree, if he was hanging, or what not. I was not in class the day prior due to a sleepless night led to sickness, so I was not able to watch the first part of the movie. I remembered that our class was supposed to watch a war movie; Ms. Klein was deciding between "Born on the Fourth of July" and "Platoon". I vaguely remember her saying something about one of the movies being a slight bit, well, gruesomely horrifying. Due to a number of things that were due in my classes that day, when I walked into ...
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  • Robert E Lee - 1,832 words
    Robert E. Lee Throughout history, there have been people whose names and faces have become synonymous with the time periods in which they lived. For example, Julius Caesar is synonymous with the late Roman Republic and George Washington is synonymous with the American Revolution. Just like these two men, the name Robert E. Lee has become synonymous with the American Civil War. Not only did Lee rise to become the most important and recognizable person in the Southern Confederacy, but his honor and virtuous acts during and after the war made him a hero to modern-day Americans. Even though he fought for what many consider the morally erroneous side of the war, the virtues of his character have ...
    Related: robert e lee, robert e. lee, jefferson davis, confederate general, resolve
  • Teilhard De Chardin Place Of Man In The Universe - 1,361 words
    Teilhard De Chardin - Place Of Man In The Universe Before the world was made, he chose us, chose us in Christ, to be holy and spotless, and to live through love in his presence, determining that we should become his adopted sons, through Jesus Christ. (Eph. I, 4-5). These powerful words of St. Paul in his first letter to the Ephesians, I think, best characterize the spirit of Teilhard the Chardin, his idea of man and man's place in the universe, and of the common goals of humanity. Just imagine somebody Somebody, whose whole life was a continuous prayer to God, a prayer, in which he constantly asked to break through the seal of traditional authority and common ignorance, and explore the dept ...
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