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  • A True Friend - 1,379 words
    A True Friend A True Friend This can't happen to me!!! It just can't!! I screamed. I ran out of my English class, towards the guidance office, but there they were waiting for me. I quickly did a 180, and dashed out the side door. I ran as fast as I could towards the little woods behind Greenwood High School. I wasn't sure where I was going or when I was going to stop, I just needed some time to think. I found a big apple tree and slumped down on one of its big roots. It was here that I stayed until late at night. Millions of thoughts were going through my head all at once; how could this have happened? She was fine yesterday! I saw her last night! Why did this happen? She was only 16. Tears ...
    Related: saturday morning, english class, went wrong, frustrated, shut
  • Bad - 1,600 words
    Bad Luck On Love She moved into the house across the street when I was fifteen. She was fourteen. I was dumb struck. I had never seen a girl like Lilly before, and probably never will again. I had to have her. I fell in love from the first moment I saw her. My father returned from work at his usual time of 5:30 in the afternoon.I ran out to tell him we had new neighbors. He told me he already knew that. He said he had met Mr. Smith on Saturday when I was camping out. He asked if I had met the daughter yet. I told him I hadn't met her. I had just seen her from across the street. Dad smiled a knowing smile. You know how fathers can be. He didn't tell me till later that he had invited the Smith ...
    Related: good time, good thing, football team, smile
  • Catcher In The Rye - 838 words
    Catcher In The Rye J.D. Salingers novel The Catcher in the Rye depicts life in the fifties as seen through the eyes of a disillusioned teenager. There is a vast difference between the life of a real 1950s family and that of a typical family portrayed through the television sitcoms of the day. The Catcher in the Rye is filled with examples that demonstrate how different real societies are. In the fifties, quaint and perfect families dominated television home-life. The mother or"house-wife" on television was always perfect. She would always don a housedress, frilly apron, and four-inch high heels, all this along with her perfect makeup and hair. You could always count on your TV mom to be up a ...
    Related: catcher, catcher in the rye, the catcher in the rye, world war ii, orange juice
  • Eaters Of The Dead - 1,246 words
    Eaters Of The Dead "Eaters of the Dead" by Michael Crichton is a fiction but with historical background. Through this piece Crichton hopes to express the way of life for the Vikings in the year 922 AD while at the same time creating an entertaining story. Using a manuscript written by Ibn-Fadlan Crichton pieced together a book filled with adventure and excitement. Michael Crichton was born in Chicago, 1942 and always knew he had a talent for writing. He attended Brown University and has since published many books such as "Jurassic Park", "The Rising Sun", "Disclosure", and many more. Several of his books have been made into movies, for example, "Jurassic Park", "The Lost World", "Sphere", "C ...
    Related: eaters, angel of death, islamic religion, first person, blood
  • Economic Growth - 3,897 words
    ... eople to save by force will cause them to save less, and this is going to reduce the rate of growth. (183) First reduce the amount that can be saved. How can you reduce the amount that people are able to save? Well just take away some of their money. "Seize some of their income" theyll save less. (Rand 978) Personal income taxes are ideal for this purpose. First I will address the proportional tax. The proportional income tax is what is known as the flat tax. Proportional tax takes the same percentage of everybodys income it means that you have a single tax rate. Say 10% so if your income is $10,000 you pay a $1,000. If your income is $100,000 you pay $10,000. Now this is the least unjus ...
    Related: economic growth, global economic, interest payments, interest income, purchase
  • Economic Growth - 1,590 words
    Economic Growth Common Idea Economic growth is the most important study in economics today. The first book on economics was by Adam Smith The Wealth of Nations the full title was the Inquire Into The Nature And Sources Of The Wealth Of Nations. Economic growth determines a countries future, and economic growth in the past determines a countries present as far as its material values are concerned. (Buechner Recording) So every material value of the modern world is a result economic growth in the past, or your standard of living is the result of economic growth in the past. Economic growth in the future will determine whether or not there is rising or falling economic wealth, and coordinated w ...
    Related: economic freedom, economic growth, growth rate, world war i, different ways
  • Fiery Cross - 2,642 words
    Fiery Cross Gideon darted out his head like a snake, aiming for the leg of the rider just ahead. Seas! Jamie wrenched the big bay's head around before he could take a bite. Evil-minded whoreson, he muttered under his breath. Adam Chisholm, unaware of his narrow escape from Gideon's teeth, caught the remark, and looked back over his shoulder, startled. Jamie smiled and touched his slouch hat apologetically, nudging the bay up even with Chisholm's long-legged mule. A bit edgy, he said, with a nod toward the horse's head. One notched ear stuck out of the bay's head at a right angle, the other lay flat back. Best I take him on and let him work it off, eh? Chisholm looked warily at the bay's roll ...
    Related: gray, drop, creek
  • Forrest Gump By Winston Groom: Analysis - 1,332 words
    Forrest Gump by Winston Groom: Analysis 1. Forrest Gump is a novel about a mentally challenged man who overcomes his handicap and explores the world in an adventurous way. Gump has no direction in life; he just spends each day discovering more and more about the world, without any plan or schedule to guide him. "...I am tole they is lettin me out of the Army early. It don't take but a day or so, and then I am gone...Now I got to decide what to do." This proves how Gump goes from one adventure to the next, without knowing what to do or where to go next. "...We got in the little rowboat an paddled up to Bayou La Batre an caught the bus to Mobile. The lady in the ticket office there say, "Where ...
    Related: forrest, forrest gump, gump, winston, point of view
  • Gone With The Wind - 1,468 words
    Gone With The Wind The time is 1861, and the action is centered around Atlanta Georgia, and the surrounding area. It begins at Tara, the OHara plantation. Scarlett quickly moves to Atlanta, soon after her late husbands death. she returns to Tara, though, during the burning of Atlanta by the Yankees. Once she has made Tara successful again, and she needs money for the house, she gets Frank Kennedy to marry her. So she moves back to Atlanta. Once Frank is killed, Scarlett marries Rhett, and the two of them build a huge house outside of the city. Characters Scarlett OHara-Hamilton-Kennedy-Butler The main character of the book, Scarlett was very beautiful, and very stubborn. With her "magnolia w ...
    Related: gone with the wind, wind, atlanta georgia, surrounding area, reconstruction
  • Gremlin Hunting - 732 words
    Gremlin Hunting Gremlin' Hunting Brandon thought that he could take a swig of beer safely. But when he lifted the bottle of Miller to his still-grinning lips, he caught a glimpse of Chester, whose fat face was also grinning like a kid's Halloween jack o' lantern, and that happened just when the swallow of beer was going down Brandon's throat. The result was a loud choke, gurgle and spray of beer across a table already littered with bottles, caps, cigarette butts, and spoiling pretzels. Ah, *censored*! Chester yelled, jumping quickly out of his chair to avoid the sticky shower. C'mon, Bran. You gotta wear a god damn bib or something'? On the other side of the table, Henry laughed uproariously ...
    Related: hunting, creative writing, black panther, crazy horse, olive
  • Hamlet Friends - 1,015 words
    Hamlet Friends In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince Hamlet replaces the letter that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are carrying to England with a forgery of his own making, thus sending these two men to their deaths. He does this without giving it a second thought and never suffers from any guilt or remorse for his actions. Considering that these two men were friends from his youth, this would at first glance seem to reflect poorly on his character. However, one must consider carefully the characters of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern before passing judgment on Hamlet. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are sent for by the King and Queen to spy on Hamlet and learn why he "puts on this confusion" (II ...
    Related: hamlet, king hamlet, prince hamlet, king claudius, william shakespeare
  • Hate Crimes In America - 1,971 words
    ... the road ( fe/gay/out/menu). After years of extensive testing it was voted that homosexuality was in fact not a disorder, but a natural condition that may even be in place from birth onwards ( fe/gay/out/menu). Today many people still disagree with this fact. Arguments are pitted against this defense with the idea that homosexuality appears unnatural, a lot of people say that physically, Its just all wrong. People were made a certain way, and people fit together certain ways and that is just how it is. Gays and lesbians are often shrugged off as a victim because many people feel that there is ...
    Related: america, crime statistics, hate crime, hate crimes, hate groups
  • Heart Of The Wood - 943 words
    Heart Of The Wood The mole reached his porch by late afternoon. The door was neatly built into the hollow of an old tree, with double steps fitted into the thick roots, upon which new fallen leaves lay in all shades of green. He swept them away with his foot and turned the key. The entrance hall was round and wide, rising twenty feet to a second hollow. Warm sunlight shone through this window, dusky rays of soft gold. For a moment he saw her there, gliding in, downy wings of purest white. He sighed and turned to a wide stairwell, spiraling into the earth. Down he stepped, down and round, lighting lamps with a taper as he went. Flame by flame the underground mansion slowly emerged from the da ...
    Related: wood, open space, splash, thick
  • Kent Kite Club - 2,562 words
    ... perately needed a shower so the group were delayed a further half-hour. The main room was cramped, obviously, only three men would be able to fit along it's width, but the paint-work played an odd illusion with his eyes, orange and pink, striped horizontally in thick lines along the walls. Mohandas figured Rachel must be talented after seeing some of her work. He noticed a painting of a white kite with unusual pattern markings on the wall. "Rachel," Rachel spun her head round from a conversation with an old, solemn-looking black man on the hospice floor. "Uh-huh?" "Who's the artist? It's an odd subject matter." "You're talking to her." She got up and stared at the painting. "I did it abo ...
    Related: club, kent, kite, klux klan, subject matter
  • Kiss Kiss - 1,062 words
    Kiss Kiss Text Response 1) Which of the story did you find most enjoyable? Why? I like William and Mary because it was about the brain and it was very interesting how Henry kept the brain and the eye alive, and the detail of the operation in the letter to Mary after William had past away. 2) Which story did you find most disturbing? Why? Pig was the most disturbing story I found because at the end of the story Lexington got hook delibetly on the foot by a worker and got miniced my the pig mincer. 3) Summarize two storise. The way up to heaven: In this story called The way up to heaven. Mrs Foster had a fear of missing the train, plan and the boat. One day Mrs Foster was anxious to go to Pair ...
    Related: kiss, william and mary, film, foster
  • Last Luagh - 1,844 words
    Last Luagh About The Director: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau is one of the most important filmmakers of the cinema during Weimar Republic period. He is often grouped with Fritz Lang and G.W. Pabst as the big three directors of Weimar Germany. He finished his career in Hollywood and was killed at a young age in a car crash. Three of his films appear on the greatest films lists of critics and film groups. Even though there seems to be little written about him. Early in his career he created one of horror film, Nosferatu (1922); his last film was Tabu (1931), a documentary film in the South Seas. He was one of the pioneers in the technical side of the film industry, experimenting special effects in ...
    Related: general public, main character, world war i, documentary, silent
  • Nothins Gonna Stop The Flow - 1,804 words
    Nothins Gonna Stop The Flow Nothins Gonna Stop the Flow Yo, do you like these? I asked Damian. He was sitting on my bed, disinterestedly watching me model half my wardrobe in front of the mirror. He shrugged, tendrils of smoke creeping from the corners of his mouth. I guess. As he spoke, a huge plume of smoke leapt from his lips, filling the room with a sweet smell. Lemme get a hit of that, I gestured towards the glass pipe. He handed it to me, and I quickly lost interest in finding the right pair of pants. You like this? I asked him, nodding towards the stereo speakers. Jungle beats were pounding from them. Yeah. Did you mix this? Nah. Chris made it for me. I returned the colorful bowl to h ...
    Related: flow, mind and body, high heels, computer graphics, distorted
  • Observation 1:on Family Life - 851 words
    Observation #1:On Family Life It was just like Vancouver, everything is so unstable! For five days straight there were golden mornings and glowing afternoons. Then when Saturday crept up on the celestial planner, the sky's face lifted to gray and drizzling. If this weather change could be viewed with thought maybe it would seem almost shocking. It was not really cold, but it looked like it. Mom occupied herself in the kitchen, doing what really was not necessary. Oddly enough, she was always standing there doing all the "somethings", but the place managed to still look like a mess. No one in this house wanted to cook anymore either, so we just scrounged around, digging whatever there was to ...
    Related: family life, observation, people change, conversation, synthetic
  • Returnpath: - 1,824 words
    Return-Path: Received: from ( []) by (8.9.3/8.9.1) with ESMTP id KAA82726 for ; Mon, 22 Nov 1999 10:12:19 -0800 (PST) (envelope-from Received: from [] by (SMTPD32-5.05) id A8DB130126; Mon, 22 Nov 1999 13:18:03 -0500 From: School.Sucks To: Subject: The Termpaper You Asked For Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 13:16:17 -0500 X-Mailer: Allaire ColdFusion Application Server MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Message-Id: Status: Title of Paper : Communication in the Godfather Vi ...
    Related: different situations, president clinton, organized crime, accumulated, grocery
  • Shermans March To The Sea - 1,037 words
    Shermans March to the Sea George M. Hovsepian December 14, 1998 Shermans March to the Sea On November 15th, 1864 Major-General William Tecumseh Sherman, commander of the Grand Army of the West, embarked on a raid which would become known as the march to the sea designed to cut a 60 mile wide swath from Atlanta to Savannah. Once in Savannah he would turn north through South and North Carolina and on into Virginia to help Grant defeat Lee at Richmond. As Shermans soldiers were leaving Atlanta, now in flames, they went forward with the intent of shortening the Civil War. Shermans troops accomplished this with a brand of warfare seen only sporadically in the previous four years of battle. Sherma ...
    Related: general sherman, major general, war economy, ulysses s. grant, column
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