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  • Escapism In Young Sherlock Holmes - 290 words
    Escapism In Young Sherlock Holmes A simple adventure film is made into much more in Young Sherlock Holmes. The special effects employed accentuate the escapist qualities that exist within the movie. The mystery begins when a few certain men are injected with a hallucinogen and they imagine inanimate objects coming alive and trying to kill them. Among other things, a man imagines his dinner attacking him and another sees a stained glass figure come alive and try to kill him. All of the men injected with the hallucinogen end up dead. This results from their reactions to the drug. Throughout the movie, not only are these men targeted and attacked with the drug, but so are the three main charact ...
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  • Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes, Written By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Is A Collection Of Sherlock Holmes Short Stories Silver Blaze, - 2,621 words
    Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is a collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories. Silver Blaze, The Yellow Face, The Stock-Brokers Clerk, The Gloria Scott, The Musgrave Ritual, The Reigate Puzzle, The Crooked Man, The Resident Patient, The Greek Interpreter, The Naval Treaty, and The Final Problem are included. A lot of information about Holmes and Watson is included in this collection. There is some information which is shocking, and other information which might have been expected. These stories also include some of Holmes most memorable adventures. I suppose this is why they call it Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Silver Blaze actually has two mysteries: the dis ...
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  • Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes, Written By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Is A Collection Of Sherlock Holmes Short Stories Silver Blaze, - 2,623 words
    ... was it stepped? North by ten and by ten, east by five and by five, south by two and by two, west by one and by one, and so under. What shall we give for it? All that is ours. Why should we give for it? For the sake of the trust. Holmes follows this as best hi can, and it leads him to an underground passage. It stops where there is a huge rock covering the passage. With the help of the mate, Holmes pushes it to the side and finds that there is a little space and then there is a wall blocking the rest of the passage. In this area is the body of the dead butler. Holmes figures that the butler had followed this ritual and had gotten help from the sick girl in moving the rock. There must hav ...
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  • Sherlock Holmes - 995 words
    Sherlock Holmes The Man with the Twisted Lip By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle In this short story, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mr. Neville St. Clair has been kidnapped. His wife is in town one day and she sees him hanging outside of a window. As she looks up at him, he lets out a scream and is yanked back into the room from where he stands. She is very concerned about seeing her husband in this situation and thinks that he is in trouble. She runs to the entrance of the building that she saw him standing in and she tries to get upstairs to where he is and help him. She is stopped by the doorman and not allowed access to the upstairs. Once the police get to the scene, they barge into the upstairs area ...
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  • Born In Boston In 1809, Edgar Poe Was Destined To Lead A Rather Somber And Brief Life, Most Of It - 1,157 words
    Born in Boston in 1809, Edgar Poe was destined to lead a rather somber and brief life, most of it a struggle against poverty. His mother died when Edgar was only two, his father already long disappeared. He was raised as a foster child in Virginia by Frances Allen and her husband John, a Richmond tobacco merchant. Poe later lived in Baltimore with his aunt, Maria Clemm and her daughter Virginia, whom he eventually married. The trio formed a household which moved to New York and then to Philadelphia, where they lived for about six years -- apparently the happiest, most productive years of his life. Of Poe's several Philadelphia homes, only this one survives. In 1844 they moved to New York, wh ...
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  • Charlie Chaplin - 519 words
    CHARLIE CHAPLIN The most successful comedian of all time went by the name of Charlie Chaplin. It was said by many that Charlie Chaplin was the creator of comedy, while others considered him a genius. Charlie Chaplin could make people laugh even with no sound. And even though his films were black and white he put a lot of color into everyone's life. Charlie Chaplin was a man with many talents and despite his rough childhood he strived to become the legend he is today The creator of comedy was born in London in April of 1889. His parents, Charles Chaplin and Hanna Hill were music hall entertainers but separated shortly after Charlie was born, leaving Hanna to provide for her children. Unfortun ...
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  • Charlie Chaplin - 506 words
    Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in Walworth, London on April 16, 1889. His parents, Charles and Hannah Chaplin were music hall performers in England, his father was quite well know in the profession. Charlie had one sibling, a brother named Sydney. At a very early age Charlie was told that someday he would be the most famous person in the world. Charlie first appeared onstage at the age of six as an unscheduled substitute for his mother. When his performance was over the audience was throwing money up onto the stage, they loved him, and he was on his way to being the most famous person in he world. Charlie had a very difficult childhood, by the time he had pe ...
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  • Charlie Chaplin - 630 words
    Charlie Chaplin Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889 in Walworth, London, and lived a Dickensian childhood, shared with his brother, Sydney, that included extreme poverty, workhouses and seeing his mother's mental decline put her into an institution. Both his parents, though separated when he was very young, were music hall artists, his father quite famously so. But it was his mother Charlie idolized and was inspired by during his visits backstage while she performed, to take up such a career for himself. He achieved his ambition when he joined a dancing troop, the Eight Lancashire Lads, and this eventually led onto parts in Sherlock Holmes and Casey's Court Circus. Sydney, mea ...
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  • Cocaine - 1,412 words
    Cocaine Cocaine is an alkaloid found in leaves of a South American shrub. It is a powerfully reinforcing stimulant. The drug induces a sense of exhilaration in the user primarily by blocking the dopamine from going into your brain. Life-long happiness will be genetically pre-programmed. "Peak experiences" will become a natural part of everyday mental health. Cocaine, alas, offers merely a tragically delusive short-cut. Before Columbian times, the coca leaf was reserved for Inca royalty. The natives subsequently used it for mystical, religious, social, nutritional and medicinal purposes. They exploited its stimulant properties to ward off fatigue and hunger, enhance endurance, and to promote ...
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  • Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian - 1,236 words
    Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian Ones background is usually associated with an individuals identity in a society. A society of individuals belonging to different cultural/ethnic backgrounds helps diversify and enrich ones community as people belonging to different faiths and beliefs come together on a common platform to share their knowledge and to apply it to make progress in various spheres of life.America coined as the land of opportunity is a typical example of one such society , where people belonging to all parts of the world come to find their piece of the pie I originally belong to India , a country diversified with numerous cultures , faiths , religions and tradition. India, although ...
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  • History Of Computer Animation - 1,780 words
    History Of Computer Animation To look at him, you would not think that Phil Tippett is the creator of some of the most horrific and terrifying monsters ever witnessed by the human race. A quite normal-looking man of average height, with thinning grey hair, he has been at the forefront of movie animation for almost three decades. Phil Tippett is one of the greatest animators of all time, starting off with the age-old techniques of stop-motion and then moving on to the technical computer generated wizardry of today. I chose to write about him because I greatly admire the work he had done in the industry and he has witnessed first hand the technological advances that have occurred during the co ...
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  • Hound Of The Baskervilles - 812 words
    Hound Of The Baskervilles Setting - About 1884-85, most of story takes place at Baskerville Hall in Devonshire. The introduction and the conclusion of this classic mystery occur at Sherlock Holmes' residence on Baker Street in London. Plot - We begin our story on Baker Street where Holmes and Watson talk to James Mortimer. He gives him the history of the Baskerville family starting with Hugo, the first victim of the hound, all the way up to the most recent slaying, of Sir Charles Baskerville. The next of kin is notified and he is to carry on the family legacy and live his remaining years at Baskerville hall in Devonshire. Now of course this was the place whereupon Sir Charles Baskerville was ...
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  • Hounds Of The Baskervilles - 694 words
    Hounds Of The Baskervilles The first half of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Hound of the Baskervilles started out with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson trying to identify a cane they had found. They easily find out the man is a doctor and all of a sudden he appears at the doorsteps of their house. His name is Dr. Mortimer and he asks for his cane and tells Holmes and Watson a story: In the 17th century, arrogant Hugo Baskerville brutalizes a servant and prepares to turn the servant's daughter over to his equally depraved companions, but she escapes. When he catches up with the girl in a ruined abbey, he kills her and then is attacked and killed himself by a huge hound that is never seen. Dr. Mortime ...
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  • Isaac Asimov - 1,774 words
    Isaac Asimov Isaac Asimov was born on January 2, 1920 in Petrouchi, Russia. His parents were Judah and Anna Asimov. Isaac also has a sister Veronica and a brother Stanley. In 1923 his family immigrated to the United States. He and his family grew up in Brooklyn, New York. In Brooklyn his family ran a small candy and magazine store. This is one of the places where Asimov began to learn about printing. Also it was here that Asimov learned good business and self-discipline skills (Bloom, 251). Asimov attended school and was a very bright student. He went to college at Columbia University. He graduated from there with his masters degree in Chemistry in 1941. His career was cut short though becau ...
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  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - 1,741 words
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was more than just an author. He was a knight, a soldier, a spiritualist, a whaler, a doctor, a journalist, and most of all, he was adventurous. He was not the quiet type of person, so he enjoyed expressing himself. Arthur Conan Doyle was born on the 22nd of May 1859 in Picardy Place, Edinburgh. The second child of Charles Altamont and Mary Foley, he was thought t have been named after the legendary medieval king, Arthur, of the Round Table. Doyle was also named after his granduncle, Michael Edward Conan. He was a descendant of the Irish, and was of the Roman Catholic religion. Doyle had a grandfather, John Doyle. He was political cartoonist, who ...
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  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyles Influence On Twentieth Century Detective Literature - 1,533 words
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Influence On Twentieth Century Detective Literature There are many different books, in many different genres. There are horror novels, love stories, suspenseful books, and detective stories. The detective story's evolution has been a long and eventful process. The man responsible for the biggest leap in the detective story was Arthur Conan Doyle. He gave the world Sherlock Holmes, who could be considered the greatest investigator in detective story history. Holmes was unique in detective story history. ... The reader's interest is captivated not only by the detective's unique methods, but to perhaps to even a greater degree by the singular personality of this remarka ...
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  • Speckled Band - 319 words
    Speckled Band This story is about a women that asks for Shelock Holmes help because she belives that she is going to die like her sister that died two years before. She belives that her sister was either frightened to death or killed by gipsies. Because when this woman Helen found her sister the last words the she sad were: Helen! Oh my God, Helen! It was the band! The speckled band!". All this happend just before Helens sister was suposed to get married. And there mother was also a rich woman but she died long before all this happend and their stepfather got 750 a year from his dead wifes fund. But if the sisters would marry he would have to pay them 250 each a year so if the girls would ma ...
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  • The Case Against Capital Punishment - 1,465 words
    The Case Against Capital Punishment John H. Whitehead Professor Roth Whitehead 1 A Moratorium on The Death Penalty Should Be Enacted In Illinois Due to the recent releases of newly exonerated Death Row inmates, individuals and organizations are calling for a moratorium- a cooling off period for state executions. The cases of just a few inmates makes it apparent that this would be a necessary step to save innocent lives. After 17 years in prison, Illinois Death Row inmate Anthony Porter was released from jail after a judge threw out his murder conviction following the introduction of new evidence. This reversal of fortune came just two days before Porter was to be executed. As reported in USA ...
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  • The Life And Death Of Edgar Allan Poe - 2,019 words
    ... as; compassionate, a fatherly man who acted from the "goodness of his heart", and as Edgar also stated: "He has always been kind to me." Edgar even trusted him with his real name and age. Even though he progressed in the army, Edgar felt that he wanted to leave. He had signed for five years but Howard promised to discharge him since he heard about Edgar's problems with his orphan hood, and the problems at the university and John Allan. Howard would, however, only let him leave if he settled his differences with John Allan. Lieutenant Howard wrote a letter to John Allan explaining the situation to which John Allan replied: "he had better remain as he is until the termination of his enlist ...
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  • The Murderous Miracle: Sherlock Homes Creative Story - 1,241 words
    ... ble, the Staff was gone for the day, and the only other people here were my brother Douglas Arganth Chaucer, and myself." he said. "Well, if it wasn't you, and no one else was here, it had to be your brother Douglas!" I concluded, inwardly gratified at my own simple solution. "Yes, but you forget a simple fact you thick-headed simpleton! My brother is also crippled and incapable of crawling, much less dashing up the stairs, And has been that way since he was 9 and stricken with complete paralyzation, it is a wonder that he wasn't bed-ridden for the rest of his life! Furthermore, he owed his ability to operate the upper-half of his body solely to Doctor Nietzche! For it was he who helped ...
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