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  • Sonnet 73 - 813 words
    Sonnet 73 Sonnet 73: That Time of Year Thou Mayest in Me Behold This sonnet by William Shakespeare can be regarded as a quite regular representation of what is called a Shakespearean sonnet. Not only that it is written by him, but as one will see the structure and the theme are really close to what can be found in other typical Shakespearean sonnets. Talking about the form, it must be mentioned that the poem is divided into an octave consisting of two quartets and a sestet consisting of two tercets. The quartets are indicated by full stops whereas the existance of the tercets is not supported by punctuation marks. Nevertheless one can assume that there actually are two tercets although in th ...
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  • Sonnet Definition - 516 words
    Sonnet Definition A sonnet is a fourteen-line poem in iambic pentameter with a carefully patterned rhyme scheme. Other strict, short poetic forms occur in English poetry (the sestina, the villanelle, and the haiku, for example), but none has been used so successfully by so many different poets. The Italian, or Petrarchan sonnet, named after Francesco Petrarch (1304-1374), the Italian poet, was introduced into English poetry in the early 16th century by Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503-1542). Its fourteen lines break into an octave (or octet), which usually rhymes abbaabba, but which may sometimes be abbacddc or even (rarely) abababab; and a sestet, which may rhyme xyzxyz or xyxyxy, or any of the multi ...
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  • The Merchant Of Venice Is A Controversial Play Among Experts Of Shakespeare This Play Has Been Argued By Some To Be A Comedy - 2,742 words
    The Merchant of Venice is a controversial play among experts of Shakespeare. This play has been argued by some to be a comedy. This is because there is a lot of comic relief and the story has a happy ending. Others consider the play to be a tragedy because of Shylocks character. He is very much like a character of a tragedy as in Phaedra. Still other experts use the term "tragicomedy". Personally I think that the last definition is the best one to describe this play. There are several factors that contribute to the classification of a play as a tragedy or as a comedy. A tragedy has four main elements according to current definitions. The first element is the tragic hero. In The Merchant of V ...
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  • The True Authorship Of The Works Attributed To William Shakespeare - 1,761 words
    The True Authorship Of The Works Attributed To William Shakespeare In 1564, a man was born by the name of William Shakespeare. He was born to a poor family, was given little education, and had no interaction with sophisticated society. Thirty-eight plays and over 150 sonnets are not attributed to this ignorant man. Those who believe that Shakespeare was the author have no definitive proof but instead point to Hamlet's declaration: "The play's the thing(Satchell 71)." The true author, however, lies hidden behind he name of Shakespeare. Edward de Vere the premier Earl of Oxford is not only considered a great poet in history, but he may also be the great playwright who concocted the sonnets and ...
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  • Walt Whitman - 1,765 words
    Walt Whitman In parting with traditional poetic formalities, Walt Whitman alleviated a burden that impeded his ability to achieve full poetic expression. To Whitman, the strict boundaries that formal meter, structure, and rhyme imposed set limits on his stylistic freedom. This is not to say that these limits prevented Whitman from conveying his themes. Rather, they presented a contradiction to which Whitman refused to conform. In Whitmans eyes, to meet these formal guidelines one would also have to sacrifice the ability to express qualities and passion of living men. Thus, Whitman contested traditional poetic protocol because it added a layer of superficiality that concerned itself with crea ...
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