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  • A Touch Of Elegance - 1,997 words
    A Touch Of Elegance "What is needed in order to really become a star is an extra element which God gives you or doesn't give you. You're born with it. You cannot learn it. God kissed Audrey Hepburn on the cheek and there she was" (Harris 11). Seen as an angel by all those who adored her, Audrey Hepburn portrayed the true image of a Hollywood star. Her grace and elegance touched all those whom she met and her death brought sorrow to millions. Living her life as a princess, Audrey had everything she had ever dreamed of. But her journey to such an end was not easy. Living through the devastation of World War II was only one of the many struggles and triumphs Audrey had to face throughout her li ...
    Related: formal education, latin america, real world, purple, learner
  • Othello, The Moor Of Venice - 1,217 words
    Othello, The Moor of Venice Othello has been described as William Shakespeares most perfect play. Since 1604, this Shakespearan tragedy has captivated audiences of all ages. The play begins when Othello, a Moorish nobleman and soldier of fortune, unconsciously evokes the spirit of evil in the villainous Iago by choosing Cassio as his lieutenant and not him. Partly for vengeance, but mostly for wicked delight, Iago soon plans to bring about the downfall of Othello and his new officer. Enjoy! Act I Scene I. [Venice. A street.] Scene II. [Venice. Before the Sagittary] Scene III. [Venice. A chamber in the Senate House] Act II Scene I. [A seport in Cyprus. An open place near the harbor] Scene II. ...
    Related: moor, venice, brad pitt, sean connery, emilia
  • The Secret Of The Medicine Men - 1,203 words
    The Secret Of The Medicine Men Secrets of the Medicine Man: Why they're better then ours. Thousand of years ago Man, and Beast lived in peace. Then Man grew hungry and decided to hunt beast. Beast grew angry and decided to send disease to man. Man grew weak and sick, and was close to death. Plant took pity upon Man and said, "Do not fear, for death will not visit you. For every disease that Beast sends you, you will find the cure in us." (Iroquois 34) This Iroquois folk-tale was used to explain the healing properties of plants. Plants have been used to cure all the aches and pains that have plagued mankind. There is a large body of research into herbal medicines. Great progress has been made ...
    Related: medicine, third world, profit organization, national center, preventing
  • Title Of Paper : Flopping Sun - 713 words
    Title of Paper : Flopping Sun Grade Received on Report : 88% Flopping Sun. How to turn a great book into a bad movie. There have been many book to movie conversions, yet Rising Sun by Michael Crichton was one that had gone horribly wrong. Rising Sun, in addition to being a gripping mystery/thriller, functioned as a scathing attack on American apathy to Japanese economic aggression. In fact, in his afterword to the novel, Crichton says, "The Japanese are not our saviors. They are our competitors. We should not forget it." Statements like these earned Rising Sun the dubious distinction of being a Japan-bashing novel. The movie version of this book tried to stay away from that type of publicity ...
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