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  • Battle Of Britain - 1,285 words
    Battle Of Britain Battle of Britain Dunkirk-May 1940 In May of 1940 German forces invaded France. By the end of May Allied troops were cornered, on the coast, in the town of Dunkirk. They had been overpowered by the German blitzkrieg(Battle of Britain).Though German bombers had destroyed over 200 of the rescue armadas ships, the British still were able to evacuate 224,000 of their troops along with 123,00 French(Mosley 20). Though they had been forced to abandon most of their equipment and supplies on the beach, the British avoided the trap set by the Germans. This event was the precursor to the Battle of Britain. At this point, Germany felt that Allied forces were weak and if they were to i ...
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  • Battle Of Britain - 1,295 words
    ... n their goals(Mosley 57). In the first 10 days the British suffered heavy loses because they flew in tight formations and had no room to move when they were under attack by the Germans. The RAF soon changed their strategy and began flying in Finger Four formation, which broke up the rigidity of the old formations and improved their odds against the Luftwaffe in air encounters(Mosley 86). Every day, during the months of June to October 1940, the RAF and Luftwaffe fought in the skies. The Luftwaffes final attempt to knock out the RAF began on Eagle Day, August 13,1940(Battle of Britain). Though the weather was stormy a flight of 74 Dronier bombers and 50 Me-110s headed towards RAF fields a ...
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  • Grizzly Bears - 999 words
    Grizzly Bears This report you are about to read is about the threatened species of grizzly bears. Grizzly bears are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and meat. However, they come from the order of Carnivora, meaning they have inherited the meat-eaters unspecialized, tubelike gut. Read on to help you learn more about grizzlies and start thinking of what you can do to help this near extinction species. By the way, this report was by Cynthia Chan. Grizzly bears are large brown bears with coarse, silver-tipped fur. They have large brown humps over their shoulder that most people find disgusting. Grizzlies claws can grow to 5 inches long. Their front claws are longer than their back claws. ...
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  • Oil Pollution And Its Effect On Wildlife - 676 words
    Oil Pollution and Its Effect on Wildlife "OIL POLLUTION AND ITS EFFECT ON WILDLIFE" INTRODUCTION: Contamination of the oceans by oil spillage is not a rare occurrence. It is happening all over the world every day, fouling coastlines, killing animals and destroying fisheries. BODY: In 1987, more than 3.5 million tons of oil were released into the oceans around the world. Out of that only 28 percent of the spillage was accidental; the remaining 72 percent was deliberate, illegal actions. The sources of oil spillage were: Washing tanks at sea: A lot of the illegal pollution is caused by cleaning of oil tanks at sea. After they are cleaned the tankers then dump the polluted water, mixed with all ...
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  • When Push Comes To Shove - 530 words
    When Push Comes To Shove When Push Comes to Shove In August 1940 the continent of Europe was all but conquered by the Nazis. There was no army left to fight the Germans on the Western front. Adolf Hitler's troops had pushed 340,000 English soldiers off the coast at Dunkirk, back across the channel to England. The British Isles was the only conquest left for the Nazi Empire. France had crumbled to the pressure of German blitzkrieg only months before, and the English were next on the list. The Battle of Britain in 1940-41, proved to be the first unsuccessful German campaign of World War II. According to the film, Why We Fight, the battle was won not only over the skies of England by the Royal ...
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