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  • Anne Frank - 1,372 words
    Anne Frank Anne Frank I can remember the first time I knew of Otto Frank's idea for the Secret Annex. Otto had been paying attention to the Nazis for quite some time, and had noted their strong desire towards the expansion of Nazi rule. I myself must admit that I knew nothing of the terror we were about to face. Soon Jews were wearing Yellow stars on their chests, not allowed into public places, not allowed to associate with non-Jews, and finally being deported to "work camps". Since Otto and his family were Jewish, I began worrying about their safety. I had worked for Otto at the Dutch Opetka Company in Amsterdam for quite some time, and in that time, we had become close friends and I admir ...
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  • Immigration In America - 1,304 words
    Immigration In America Immigration in America American National Government Immigration I. Introduction A. Problem of Immigrants in the U.S. B. Numbers that are Immigrating into U.S. II. Stands on the Issue A. Democrats Stand B. Republican Stand C. Candidates Stand D. Special Interest Groups E. Local Citizens F. My Stand III. Ways to solve the problem A. Quotas B. Standardized Tests Immigration is an increasing problem in the U.S. making the issue a minor detail to be concerned about in the years upcoming election. Because of increased immigration a variety of problems have resulted. The first is education. When an immigrant comes into this country he or she doesnt have to have any knowledge ...
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  • Robert Frost - 768 words
    Robert Frost Robert Lee Frost was born in San Francisco, California, on March 26, 1874 and was the son of William Prescott Frost and Isabelle Moodie Frost. After his father died in 1885, the family returned to Lawrence, Massachusetts, which was the home of Frosts grandparents. There he grew up through his high school years. After less than a year at Dartmouth College, he left to work in textile mill and to marry Elinor White, a high school classmate. When his academic experience at Harvard disappointed him, Frost returned to Lawrence and had a variety of jobs. Finally, he became a chicken farmer in Derry, New Hampshire, on property that he bought from his grandfather. In 1912, Frost took his ...
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  • School Violence - 1,238 words
    School Violence It was the week before spring break. Alex Orange, a popular student and football player at West Charlotte High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, was looking forward to spending time with his dad in Tennessee. But that Friday, he decided to stop by a house party being held by the Debonairs, a high school social club. It had been billed as a Stop the Violence Party. Word of the party spread. School would be out soon and students were ready to celebrate. More than two hundred teenagers were dancing, talking and having fun, when some students from a rival high school showed up looking for trouble. They began beating up people with baseball bats. Then Alex saw a man pull out a ...
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  • Seeing - 903 words
    Seeing Piero V. Maniaci Social Rehab CSP #1 10/13/00 Seeing My community service group goes to the Seven Hills Charter School in Worcester to fill our fifteen hours of service required for this class. At the school our group does a few different things. When we arrive, the children are outside and usually playing some type of schoolyard game. We usually join the children and play these games for a while. Then after about forty-five minutes a teacher come out and announces, Time to do homework. We then go in and tutor the kids on their homework, usually writing, math, and reading. At this time most of the kids go into room 214 to do their homework. Except for Jose who has trouble reading. He ...
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  • Social Promotion - 1,089 words
    Social Promotion Social Promotion Most children are taught since the beginning of their educational careers that they must do well, and succeed if they wish to be acknowledged. There was always a black sheep, some boy or girl, who did not do their work and was held back. Consequently, these children were used as horrifying examples of what could happen. However, was the child really at fault for failing to complete grade requirements, or was the system in which they were taught in error? The evidence available demonstrates that children who were retained were not unintelligent, but that education policies were to blame. Although the human race has gone through stupendous scientific awakening ...
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