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  • Debate: Talk Shows - 872 words
    Debate: Talk Shows Chrsitine Tirman Talk About Talk Shows In the world of television, talk shows have undoubtedly taken up almost every inch of space on daytime television, and while doing so has caused much controversy. In the nineteen eighties, soap operas and game shows ruled the daytime airwaves, but the nineties are definitely the decade of the talk shows. The craze of talk shows all seemed to start with the originals such as Geraldo Riveria, Donahue and Sally Jesse Rafael (now called Sally) In fact, many of their original topics are still being used in todays talk shows, but with a different style and format. Some of the talk shows on the air today, such as the Oprah Winfrey Show and t ...
    Related: talk shows, winfrey show, quality of life, soap operas, adultery
  • Japanese Americans - 1,724 words
    Japanese Americans The Japanese Americans have maintained loyalty to the United States throughout the history of there immigration beginning in 1843 (Leathers, 6). Over the years, they have persevered through the trials and tribulations of discrimination and prejudice. The white community often discriminated them because of the misunderstanding of their language and culture. They overcame this obstacle, and became productive citizens of the United States of America. The immigration of the Japanese into the United States was first recorded in 1843. Because of the strong currents and winds, sea traders and fishing fleets from many nations learned to exploit these winds and currents to travel f ...
    Related: american public, american society, american state, japanese, japanese american, japanese government, native americans
  • Judgments And Antigone - 1,312 words
    ... t justified? Well apparently Martha Nussbaum, a critic, believes that Antigones actions can be more justified. She states: Antigones act shows a deeper understanding of the community and its values than Creon does when she argues that the obligation to bury the dead is an unwritten law, which cannot be set aside by the decree of a particular ruler. The belief that not all values are utility-relative, that there are certain claims whose neglect will prove deeply destructive of communal attunement and individual character, is a part of Antigones position left untouched by the plays implicit criticism of her single-mindedness." (1348) This goes to show that Antigones actions were based on h ...
    Related: antigone, american heritage, bottom line, tragic heroes, unjust
  • Neanderthals Are Not Our Ancestors - 792 words
    Neanderthals Are Not Our Ancestors 7-11-97 University Park, Pa. -- A team of U.S. and German researchers has extracted mitochondrial DNA from Neandertal bone showing that the Neandertal DNA sequence falls outside the normal variation of modern humans. These results indicate that Neandertals did not contribute mitochondrial DNA to modern humans, says Dr. Mark Stoneking, associate professor of anthropology at Penn State. Neandertals are not our ancestors. The research also reaffirms the origins of modern humans in Africa. Reporting in today's (July 11) issue of the journal Cell, the researchers detail their methods and the results of analysis of Neandertal mitochondrial DNA. The research team ...
    Related: ancestors, graduate student, mitochondrial dna, liberal arts, sequence
  • Planning Information Systems - 1,090 words
    ... ndustry and view how information system improved their process. The MIS geared toward physical distribution at the operational level, where update orders and invoices sent to the distribution centers and the system updates the account receivable and associate system files. The system prints invoices at the origin and destination location, resulting in reduced cost and faster payments equal more cash flow. The food company produced numerous reports that enabled the managers to conduct on-line credit checks from their account receivable status report, and identify delinquent accounts, before shipping the merchandise to the distribution centers. The customer services personnel have immediat ...
    Related: family planning, information systems, information technology, management information, management information system, product information, system analysis
  • Talk Shows In Society - 888 words
    Talk Shows in Society As a teenager in a present day society the media helps form the reality of the scene expressed by teens today. Television shows such as Talk Shows, that are watched by me frequently have persuaded me in making many of my judgments and dissuasions. As I lay back with my remote control browsing through the channels. I come across at least six-seven Talk Shows within an hour. Talk Shows in the world of television, have undoubtedly taken up almost every inch of space on daytime television, and while doing so has caused much controversy. In the nineteen eighties, soap operas and game shows ruled the daytime airwaves, but the nineties are definitely the decade of the talk sho ...
    Related: talk shows, television shows, winfrey show, soap operas, quality of life
  • With Talk Shows Ruling Daytime Television, People Are Left With Little Choice But To - 782 words
    With talk shows ruling day-time television, people are left with little choice but to watch this humiliating form of entertainment. Turn the television on in the afternoon and you will find a large variety of talk shows to choose from. "Maybe we have become a nation addicted to hearing our neighbors' seamy personal problems"(You 40). Personally, I feel it is both the lack of choice and the attraction to other peoples problems. Many of the topics on talk shows are degrading to our society. If person came to America for the first time and watched television, they would probably see a talk show. The model a talk show would give of American society is horrifying. For example, a common talk show ...
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