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  • Analysis Of The Various Finance Sites How To Go About It - 829 words
    Analysis of the various finance sites - How to go about it! Visit a site and explore and while doing so - Check the site with respect to the following parameters and prepare a concrete report on it 1. The creative aspect of the site say, full of vivid, interactive graphics and clever tools. An e.g. is Smartmoney.coms famous Map of the Market (a heat map that gives a color-coded live snapshot of the stock markets hottest sectors and companies) that can now also be customized to ones portfolio. 2. Is the site customizable giving one the ability to say, banish links one deems unimportant and have his preferred interface. Do the site offer a free e-mail service, or a free newsletter subscripti ...
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  • Child Nutrition - 1,191 words
    ... ough calories, or the child's body will use needed protein and fat stores for energy. Calories must be provided throughout the day. Because they have small appetites, preschool children generally need two or three snacks in addition to three meals every day. If a child skips a meal, not enough calories or other nutrients will be eaten for that day. The calories from skipped meals are not made up at a later meal. Therefore, regular meals and snacks are very important to assure good growth. The caloric needs of children of the same size, age and sex vary. Until the age of ten, there is little difference in the calorie needs of boys and girls. Generally, children between the ages of one and ...
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  • Electronic Commerce - 1,165 words
    ... tion key can gain access to your information. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape come standard with 40-bit encryption. With your data encrypted, even with a 40-bit encryption, it is safer to transmit that data around the world than to call in your number over the telephone. When you are talking about online banking, you most likely will have to upgrade your browser to support 128-bit encryption. The majority of online banking companies will not let you use the basic 40-bit encryption because it is not quite as safe as the 128-bit version. It is assumed that you need more protection for your bank accounts than you do for a basic online purchase. In all cases you should be using some ...
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  • Fdr And The New Deal - 1,964 words
    Fdr And The New Deal The Great Depression was a disastrous history that affected millions of people through out the entire United States. It began in 1929 and continued on, to some point, until 1939. People lost their jobs, and families lost their homes. The country was in total chaos. Some believed that America would never recover. There were several factors that contributed to the start of the Great Depression. One of them is the crash of the stock market. It was 1929, and Republican Herbert Hoover had just been recently elected. During the previous few years, the stock market had been steadily rising, and everyone wanted their piece of the profits. By this time, over 1.5 million people ow ...
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  • Financial Planning - 1,047 words
    Financial Planning SAVINGS: Shop around for a bank that offers you free checking and waives ATM fees if you maintain a low minimum monthly balance in your checking account or in a combination of accounts. This can save you hundreds of dollars a year. You also need to sign up with a credit union to minimize your banking costs. To find out if youre eligible to join one, call 800-358-5710 and ask for the number of your states Credit Union League. Dont put your money in a money market account just because, it pays a slightly higher interest rate than a plain old savings account. To avoid monthly maintenance fees, you often have to keep more money in a money market account than you would in a sav ...
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  • Free Enterprise - 477 words
    Free Enterprise The term "free enterprise" is often used to describe America's market system. Unfortunately, when the government sets rules and standards for the companies in the system, the result is not free enterprise. Free enterprise is defined by Wilson S. Johnson, President of the National Federation of Independent Business, as "the successful marriage of personal freedom with economic freedom". (1) With free enterprise comes competitive pricing, more wealth which is distributed widely among the population, and small business survival--an important trait when over 50% of America's non-government workforce is employed by small businesses. Deregulation brings free enterprise in a sense t ...
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  • Into The Wild - 982 words
    Into The Wild Into The Wild The name of this book is Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. This book is based on a true story about a young man who goes on a journey. The author takes the real story of what happens to this boy and actual quotes written by real people to show why this boy would want to go on such a journey and what his purpose was. Jon Krakauer the author was an Journalist who had to write an article on this incident. He was so fascinated by this story that he took time out to do a one year research project on what real went on before this boy had gone in the woods on this survival mission. Jon does not look at what this boy has doe as a crazy and abnormal thing. He looked at the bo ...
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  • Islamic Banking - 1,514 words
    Islamic Banking INTRODUCTION The basic concept of Islamic banking which is also known as 'interest-free banking' is based on basic ethical standards with just one main difference- Muslims are not allowed to pay or receive interest. This does not mean that business activities or making a profit are not encouraged, they are but as long as they don't involve interest in any form. To fulfil this purpose, financial instruments have been introduced by the Islamic financial institutions to satisfy these requirements. An example that can be seen is that equity financing is used instead of debt financing. Furthermore, instead of giving a fixed interest rate on the savings account, Islamic banks offer ...
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  • It All Begins With Attitude - 2,804 words
    It All Begins With Attitude IT ALL BEGINS WITH ATTITUDE from the seminar BREAKING THROUGH LIFE'S BOUNDARIES by Pat Spithill Seminar Leader * Author * Keynote Speaker (C) Copyright, 1989, Pat Spithill P.O. Box 505 * Hutchins, Texas 75141 214-225-8051 This material may not be reproduced or altered without written permission of the author and copyright holder. The Importance of Attitude The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word "attitude" as "a mental position or feeling with regard to an object." The mental positions or feelings are our thoughts, beliefs and opinions. The object is life. In other words, attitudes encompass all of the thoughts, beliefs and opinions which people have about ...
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  • Privatization: The Better Choice - 1,228 words
    Privatization: The Better Choice Privatization: The Better Choice Every working American citizen contributes to Social Security. Anyone who has ever held a job has felt the frustration of seeing how much money the government takes out of their paycheck. Being told that we will all be able to collect social security when we can no longer work does not ease the frustration of having 6.2% of our hard earned money taken from us each payday. If individuals could have control of their retirement funds, this frustration could be eased. Being able to control our own retirement funds is an option that is being supported more and more by American workers. Currently, nearly 44 million Americans receive ...
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  • Raisin In The Sun And Dreams - 516 words
    Raisin In The Sun And Dreams Dreams are vital to the life of every person. Without dreams, there is nothing to plan or look forward to; therefore, no reason to live. The Younger family in A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry has many dreams for the future that a $10,000 insurance check guarantees them. I also have dreams and hopes for my future, college, a job, and a family are all things that I want to have, some day. Due to Walter Youngers death, his widow, Lena Younger, receives a $10,000 insurance check. Lenas dream is to own her own two story house. She takes the money and uses some of it to put a down payment on a nice little house in an all white neighborhood. This causes some pr ...
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  • Social Security Problem - 744 words
    Social Security Problem Nature of the Problem Social Security is not a problem right now; in fact, it runs a large surplus every year. However, Americans are living longer, and drawing more Social Security payments than they ever put in. Early in the next century, we will be paying out more than we take in, and Social Security will have to dip into its surplus, which is currently used by the federal government for other spending. When the last of the baby boomers retire, the payroll tax would have to almost double to maintain benefits. This creates an undue burden on Generation X-ers, and solutions need to be found to prevent this from happening. II. The Solution * Citizens should be given a ...
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  • Teens Should Have Parttime Jobs - 592 words
    Teens Should Have Part-time Jobs Having a job as a teen can be a difficult task, but most teens are responsible enough to work. Its a good experience to apply, interview, and keep a job. You learn to work with and get along with all kinds of people. You also meet new friends. My opinion concerning working teens is that most can handle the pressure and the responsibility. Working helps a teen learn responsibility. Teens must be able to fill out an application and answer questions about themselves and their abilities. After getting the job, a teen has to be at work on time. Sometimes they have to sacrifice fun activities because of their job. Teens also have to do a job well and perform with 1 ...
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  • The Firm Or The Chamber - 925 words
    The Firm Or The Chamber If you like books like The Firm or The Chamber then this is the book for you. It has a great mix of suspense, action and drama. Its about a young man named Rudy Baylor who had aspirations of breezing through law school, graduating, and having a rich and prosperous future waiting for him. But after graduating the company that had hired him as a student was forced into a merger and the new owners dont want to have anything to do with him. It looks as if the whole world is crashing down on him, except for one case, one chance to pull himself away from being just another sleazy lawyer taking garbage cases that fall like scraps from the corporate bigshots tables. Its an in ...
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  • Y2k Computer Problem - 1,242 words
    Y2k Computer Problem The year 2000 is just around the corner. As some people look forward to a new and brighter millenium, others prophesize about the Second Coming, or the apocalypse. While these prophecies may be ignored by many, they might not be too far off base. The year 2000 may not bring an end to the physical world; however, it may cause great havoc to the world's computing industry. The year 2000 problem (or "Y2K" as it is often referred to) is not really a bug or virus, but is a computer industry mistake. Personal computers (PCs), mainframes, and software are not designed or programmed to compute a future year ending in double zeros ("00"). This is going to be a costly "fix" for th ...
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