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  • Crucible Tale Of Trials - 1,164 words
    ... ious decisions, though, the government powered by theocracy had undermined both the people's rights and their privacy. One civilization taken by madness is harrowing enough, but the real-life drama that submerged Salem Village and left its people in a state of hysteria was unfortunately to be repeated in almost parallel form. Indeed, the similarities between the HUAC trials in the 1950s and the Salem witch trials as portrayed in The Crucible are horrifying. Both trials were initiated by individuals who called out the guiltiness of others in order to somehow better their own positions in society. Abigail Williams and her friends went against the conformity of their Puritan religion, which ...
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  • Living In Salem, Massachusetts In 1692 During The Witchcraft Trials Must Had Been An - 777 words
    Living in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 during the Witchcraft Trials must had been an uncanny event to experience. The entire witchcraft hysteria started because people were pointing fingers at each other. Innocent women and children were being accused for ridiculous reasons such as mysterious book reading and having poppets, or rag dolls, lying around the house. The way the judicial system operated in the 1600's was entirely mismanaged. It let guilty people live and innocent people die. If one was accused they were given one of two choices, they could either confess and live or not confess and be hanged. Therefore innocent people that were being accused would confess to save their life, even ...
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  • The Crucible - 1,199 words
    The Crucible There are several similarities and differences between the 1996 movie The Crucible and the truth about what happened in the Salem Witch Trials. Even though there were differences between the movie The Crucible and the actual Salem Witch Trials, the movie summarized the trials very well. Ever since Increase Mather and thirteen or fourteen other pastors signed what was called the Cases of Conscience document, the village of Salem was in major controversy. The farms around there hadnt been farmed in months and the village wasnt looking good. Some of the Puritans blamed this on the witches (A Village Possessed). It was late one night when two girls by the names of Elizabeth Parris a ...
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  • The Crucible - 1,032 words
    The Crucible The Evolution of a Truth Seeker A crucible is a severe test as of patients or belief, a trial. The play The Crucible is a journey through the trials of many townspeople caused by the superstitious belief of witchcraft. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller progresses and evolves the outlooks and views of the townspeople of Salem and shows how events, people, and catastrophes cause the characters to change their views on whether the people prosecuted were guilty or innocent of witchcraft. Reverend John Hale changes his view, more and more drastically as the play advances, as a result of the events that he underwent and the experiences he had. Soon he had total belief in the innocence of ...
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  • The Crucible Arthur Miller - 1,154 words
    The Crucible Arthur Miller The Crucible Arthur Miller Introduction Arthur Miller was an American playwright who was born in 1915. He grew up in New York to a Jewish family. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1938 where he began to distinguish himself as a playwright. His first plays were Honors at Dawn (1936) and No Villain (1937) which won the University of Michigan Hopwood Awards. His Death of a Salesman won the Pulitzer prize in 1949. Miller wrote The Crucible in 1953 during the McCarthy period when Americans were accusing each other of Pro-Communist beliefs. Many of Millers friends were being attacked as communists and in 1956, Miller himself was brought before the House of ...
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  • The Crucible Arthur Miller - 1,175 words
    ... m the natures of the characters. The fact that the story isnt contrived, and even more that it is based on a true story is interesting. The result is so unbelievable. The incident begins with the girls dancing in the forest and snowballs into a huge witch hunt. The plot was exciting. There was sufficient conflict to keep my interest aroused. There are a lot of tension and suspense in the story. It covers basic human instincts and qualities. It shows the human necessity for survival, and the lengths at which a person will go to save his life. There is the idea of honor and truth. Proctor tries to keep his reputation but gives it up to reveal the truth. Through his struggle he achieves rig ...
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  • The Crucible Injustice - 1,224 words
    The Crucible- Injustice In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, justice and injustice is portrayed through the characters of John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams. It is also shown through the minor characters of Mary Warren and Mercy Lewis, followers of Abigail Williams, and through Danforth and various townspeople. After Abigail Williams and the girls are discovered dancing in the forest by Reverend Parris, there are rumours of witchcraft among them, when Betty Parris and Ruth Putnam are found "witched". Once the girls discover this, they become more and more frightened of being accused of witchcraft. Abigail is the first to "admit" to seeing the devil, and all the other girls jo ...
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  • The Role Of The Puritan Church In The Salem Witch Trials - 1,097 words
    The Role Of The Puritan Church In The Salem Witch Trials The Role of the Puritan Church in the Salem Witch Trials The Salem Witch Trials were a time of confusion, where half a dozen girl accusers threw the town of Salem on its head. The end result was 19 hung and one crushed to death for failure to admit or deny witchcraft and 150 more were imprisoned throughout the course of the trial (Hall p38). The Puritans came to the New World for their religious freedom to fallow their ideals for a new way of life, the perfect way of life. They were issued charter--to live on the land--. The King Phillips war labeled as [t]he bloodiest war in Americas history whichtook place in New England in 1675 (Tou ...
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  • The Role Of The Puritan Church In The Salem Witch Trials - 1,151 words
    ... e 19 people that were hung and the one man who was crushed to death were all guilty of the same crime, failure to admit to practicing witchcraft (Hall p.38). For the few people that did admit to practicing witchcraft there lives would be spared if they were to repent. The puritan religion believed that if you were to acknowledge your sins that God would save you. The first objective Parris had was to gain the support of the powerful and influential members of the town. During the latter part of February he invited some worthy gentlemen of Salem and neighbor ministers to his house for a consultation, no doubt hopping to keep the local men of power and influence sympathetic toward him as w ...
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  • The Salem Witchcraft Trials - 1,624 words
    The Salem Witchcraft Trials The Salem Witchcraft Trials The Salem Witchcraft trials in Massachusetts during 1692 resulted in nineteen innocent men and women being hanged, one man pressed to death, and in the deaths of more than seventeen who died in jail. It all began at the end of 1691 when a few girls in the town began to experiment with magic by gathering around a crystal ball to try to find the answer to questions such as "what trade their sweet harts should be of ". This conjuring took place in the Parris household where a woman named Tituba, an Indian slave, headed the rituals. Soon after they had begun to practice these rituals, girls who had been involved, including the Master Parris ...
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  • The True Devils In Salem - 1,270 words
    ... fied the consequences of those black desires. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the madness of the Salem witch trials is explored in great detail. There are many theories as to why the witch trials came about, the most popular of which is the girls' suppressed childhoods. However, there were other factors as well, such as Abigail Williams' affair with John Proctor, the secret grudges that neighbors held against each other, and the physical and economic differences between the citizens of Salem Village. From a historical viewpoint, it is known that young girls in colonial Massachusetts were given little or no freedom to act like children. They were expected to walk straight, arms by their ...
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  • There Is Many Meaningful Personal Connection That Was Made To A Key Aspects Of The Play For Example The People That Were Accu - 727 words
    There is many meaningful personal connection that was made to a key aspects of the play. For example the people that were accused and/or convicted of something based on little or no evidence. This incident happened very often in this play. The characters that were involved were John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, Abigail, Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse, Salem girls (including Rebecca, Ruth, and others), and the Putnam family are only a few who were charged or charging others for ridiculous things. Three of the main characters, John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Abigail (their servant at one point) that had a tangled mess together was over something stupid. John had an affair with Abigail when he w ...
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