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  • Evil Problem - 1,841 words
    Evil Problem "No one who conjures up the most evil of those half-tamed demons that inhabit the human breast and seeks to wrestle with them can expect to come through the struggle unscathed." -Dora (Complete Psychological Works) There exists an all poweful force in this universe that makes man fall into an eternal abyss of illusion and hell. It is called Maya (Cosmic Illusion) by the Vedanta and"evil" by the English It wounds the opponent always, many times almost fatally. It is the most ferocious, wild, and swinish beast in existence. Sometimes a mere glance at it can provoke it to attack. There is only weapon that can kill this "evil", that can wipe it away once and for all, that can triump ...
    Related: good and evil, roman society, central theme, kingdom of heaven, gross
  • Lord Of Flies - 1,091 words
    Lord Of Flies This was one of the most interesting books I have ever read. It is very addictive and very well written. Though I am a slow reader, it did not take long for me to finish it. I spent four days reading this book and on weekends I put it down during meals. Lord of the Flies kept my interest with very little slow moving dialogue and lots of vivid description. The thing I probably liked the most about Lord of the flies was the theme of the story. This topic was very intriguing. It dealt with many flaws and desires of human nature, and how devastating these factors van be to a culture with no directions or rules to follow. I enjoyed how the story showed that even the youngest and mos ...
    Related: flies, lord of the flies, human nature, common sense, succeed
  • Lord Of The Flies By William Golding - 1,186 words
    Lord Of The Flies By William Golding The classic novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding is an exciting adventure deep into the nether regions of the mind. The part of the brain that is suppressed by the mundane tasks of modern society. It is a struggle between Ralph and Jack, the boys and the Beast, good and evil. The story takes a look at what would happen if a group of British school boys were to become stranded on an island. At first the boys have good intentions, keep a fire going so that a passing ship can see the smoke and rescue them, however because of the inherent evil of the many the good intentions of the few are quickly passed over for more exciting things. The killing of a p ...
    Related: flies, golding, lord of the flies, william golding, the monster
  • Lord Of The Flies Shows That Even Properly Raised British Boys Have A Bad Side At The Beginning Of The Story The Boys Held Me - 782 words
    Lord of the Flies shows that even properly raised British boys have a bad side. At the beginning of the story the boys held meetings and said they did not want to become savage like. As the book progresses all of the children start to show signs of inhumanity. By the end of Lord of the Flies all of the characters have revealed their crudeness except the dead boys, Piggy and Simon. I believe they would have turned wild too because everyone has a savage in them and it could be released at any time given the right situation. In society people are brought up with rules and taught to have manners. They are so used to behaving that when they are turned loose they can be trusted to keep themselves ...
    Related: british, flies, lord of the flies, properly, best person
  • Lord Of The Flies Vocabulary - 2,548 words
    LORD OF THE FLIES VOCABULARY Synonyms/Antonyms One of the major themes of Lord of the Flies is evil. In the novel, evil involves fear, hatred, and ugliness. The following words, taken from the novel reflect that theme of evil. Each underlined word below is followed by a definition, a synonym, and a page (p.) and line (l.) number. Read the definition and the synonym, then refer in the novel to the page and line on which the word appears. Read the definition and the synonym, then refer in the novel to the page and line on which the word appears. Read the sentence containing the word in the novel. Then, in the space provided beneath the definition, rewrite the sentence, substituting your own wo ...
    Related: flies, lord of the flies, vocabulary, world war ii, open space
  • Lord Of The Flies: Foreshadowing By Use Of Conflicts - 605 words
    Lord Of The Flies: Foreshadowing By Use Of Conflicts In the beginning chapters of Lord of the Flies, William Golding foreshadows action that will come in the eleventh and twelfth chapters. He does this by introducing various conflicts. These conflicts are Ralph versus Jack, weak, represented by Piggy, versus strong and Ralph, representing order, reason, and humanity, versus chaos. It is obvious from the first time that Ralph and Jack meet that there will be a struggle between them. In chapter one when the two meet Jack automatically proclaims himself the leader while Ralph has himself in mind for the position (22). Although both boys wish to be in charge, they think very differently. Ralph p ...
    Related: foreshadowing, lord of the flies, chapter eleven, william golding, surely
  • Pieces Of The Puzzle: The Island As A Macrocosm Of Man - 1,931 words
    Pieces of the Puzzle: the Island as a Macrocosm of Man Subject: English - Golding: Lord of the Flies Pieces of the Puzzle: the Island as a Macrocosm of Man In viewing the various aspects of the island society in Golding's Lord of the Flies as a symbolic microcosm of society, a converse perspective must also be considered. Golding's island of marooned youngsters then becomes a macrocosm, wherein the island represents the individual human and the various characters and symbols the elements of the human psyche. As such, Golding's world of children's morals and actions then becomes a survey of the human condition, both individually and collectively. Almost textbook in their portrayal, the primar ...
    Related: british naval, health concerns, englewood cliffs, freud, maturity
  • Summary: Lord Of The Flies - 2,758 words
    Summary: Lord of the Flies Introduction Lord Of The Flies, by William Golding, focused on the development and deterioration of a miniature society of boys isolated on a small tropical island. The story centred around individuals representing different aspects of children and their personalities. Beginning with a child-like innocence, the novel brought forth many of the sinister characteristics of human nature as the use of violence became more frequent and progressed into an ultimate pinnacle. The violence provided a sense of realism in that the author did not try to hide the factual harshness of the world by covering it with a false softness. The text was very descriptive of the setting and ...
    Related: flies, lord of the flies, william golding, modern society, bait
  • Summary: Lord Of The Flies - 2,820 words
    ... difficult to see. This black sensation was strengthened by the dark ashes, a reminder of the boys' carelessness. Black and darkness were used to depict empty-headed confusion. On their way to the mountaintop, Ralph's voice that had covered his inner fears and confusion, his exterior voice was silent. So that inside him, he could remember what Piggy would have thought of him at that time. He could also remember how silly they were being. A dentist's chair was used to describe the uncertainty amplified by the unsuggestive darkness. It was like sitting on a dentist's chair, wondering if he would be pulling out a tooth. The cries and roars of nature added to the mention of confusion to creat ...
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