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  • Battle Of San Jacinto - 1,778 words
    ... lamo, and so had his brother-in-law, Thomas J. Jackson. Curtis clubbed his rifle and went tearing through the gap in the breastworks, breaking skulls to right and left. Colonel John Wharton tried to stop the slaughter. He saw Jimmie Curtis threatening a Mexican officer with a Bowie knife(Hoyt )158. The colonel hoisted a Mexican officer up behind him on his horse. Men, this Mexican is mine. Jimmie Curtis took aim and blasted the Mexican off the back of the horse, turned and walked away. Other soldiers had lost relatives in the Goliad Massacre and they now got back some of their own, slashing, bashing, and shooting every Mexican they encountered(Hoyt )158. Colonel Delgado observed General ...
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  • Causes Of The Mexican War - 1,613 words
    Causes of the Mexican War The Mexican War lasted from 1846-1848 in the area now known as Texas. What began as several small disputes eventually led into an armed conflict between the considerably new nations of Mexico and the United States. The geographical and political disputes are the most likely causes of the war. These causes of this war became significant, when the outcome gave the United States a platform to become one of the most powerful countries in the world. The first sign of problems between the two countries began when the United States bordered Mexico after the Louisiana Purchase. "With these areas now available, American settlers began to move into them, and from there, they ...
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  • I Am America Hear Me Roar - 1,088 words
    I Am America. Hear Me Roar. Flexing our muscles at Mexico! With the annexation of Texas by the government of the United States of America, war with Mexico seemed to be inevitable. Yet was it really? Historians then and today question Polks motives on declaring war, and whether or not blood had to be shed at all for us to get what we wanted. True, the war was one of aggression and territorial glorification between two relatively new nations who had fought and won their freedom from respective foreign nations and were perhaps equaled in pride and determination. However, I do not believe that the U.S. entered into the ordeal entirely unprovoked, and anything provoked is likewise justifiable. Ri ...
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  • Samuel Houston - 1,085 words
    ... s imprisoned. Houston returned to law and set up his practice in Nacogdoches where he joined the Roman Catholic Church as required by Mexican law. Houston returned east, to Washington, D.C. and then New York City, to meet with his legal client, The Galveston Bay and Texas Land Company. Houston was soon named Commander-in-Chief by the Nacogdoches Committee of Vigilance. The Texas Provisional Government, on the motion of Merriweather W. Smith, named Sam Houston a Major General in the Texas Army. On January 14, 1836, Houston addresses his troops at Goliad and orders Jim Bowie to return to San Antonio and blow up the Alamo. Houston was granted a furlough from the army to travel to an Indian ...
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  • The Alamo - 1,284 words
    The Alamo The Alamo, one of America's most famous landmarks, was actually a mission to convert foreigners into Christians. The Spaniards built it and called it San Antonio de Valero. It was constructed in the northeast part of Mexico called Texas. The mission began to be called the Alamo mission because in Spanish, Alamo means popular. After about seventy-five years, the mission was abandoned and parts of it crumbled into ruins. In 1821 Mexico won its freedom from Spain and they were now able to vote for leaders as the Americans could. Also, in 1821 an American lawyer named Stephen Austin moved to Texas. Mr. Austin believed that if enough farmers settled the land it could become very prosper ...
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  • Tigua Indians - 2,448 words
    Tigua Indians The Saga of the Tigua Indians is an amazing one. By all reasoning they should have been wiped out long ago. There quiet defiance to change, however, has carried them through. From the height of civilization to near extinction the Tigua have remained. They endure imprisonment by the Spanish, oppression and manipulation by everyone that followed. This is the story of a people thought to extinct, that are once again learning to survive. Early histories of the Tigua Indians are conflicting and largely untrue. Since 1680 it had been believed that the Tiguas were traitors to the Pueblo Nation, and had chose sides with the Spanish during the Pueblo Revolt. Upon the Spanish retreat sou ...
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