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  • Begun As A War Between South Korea Republic Of Korea And North Korea Democratic Peoples Republic Of Korea, After The Norths I - 1,625 words
    Begun as a war between South Korea (Republic of Korea) and North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), after the North's invasion of the South, the conflict swiftly developed into a limited international war involving the U.S. and 19 other nations. From a general viewpoint, the Korean War was one of the by-products of the cold war, the global political and diplomatic struggle between the Communist and non-Communist systems following World War II. The motives behind North Korea's decision to attack South Korea, however, had as much to do with internal Korean politics north and south of the 38th parallel (the boundary between the two republics) as with the cold war. Contrary to the pr ...
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  • Collapse Of The Weimar Republic - 1,441 words
    Collapse Of The Weimar Republic "On 2 August 1934, President Hindenburg died. Within an hour of his death Hitler announced that the offices of chancellor and president were to be combined and that he was the new head of state. Hitler's adolescent dream of becoming Fuhrer of the German people had been realized" President Hindenburg's death marked the official end of the Weimar Republic, a democratic 'experiment' that had lasted since 1918. The causes of the dissolution of the Republic are wide ranging and numerous, as was explained in the articles of both Richard Bessel, and John McKenzie. The two author's agree on the sequence of events which led to the dissolution of the Republic, however, ...
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  • Constitutional Republic - 1,058 words
    Constitutional Republic Between 1787 and 1791 the Framers of the US Constitution established a system of government upon principles that had been discussed and partially implemented in many countries over the course of several centuries, but never before in such a pure and complete design, which we call a constitutional republic. Since then, the design has often been imitated, but important principles have often been ignored in those imitations, with the result that their governments fall short of being true republics or truly constitutional. The Framers of the Constitution tried very hard to design a system that would not allow any one person or group within the government to gain too much ...
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  • Corbeill Political Humor In The Late Roman Republic - 1,232 words
    Corbeill - Political Humor In The Late Roman Republic Anthony Corbeill. Controlling Laughter: Political Humor in the Late Roman Republic. Anthony Corbeill is an Associate Professor of Classics, and holds a degree in Classical Languages and Literature from the University of Michigan and the University of California, Berkeley. Professor Corbeill teaches Greek and Latin at all levels, Roman Civlilization, and Greek and Roman Mythology. He is a member of the American Philological Association, the American Classical League, and the Society of Fellows of the American Academy in Rome. Controlling Laughter is a well-organized study which utilizes an original approach to a significant topic. Corbeill ...
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  • Czech Republic - 1,832 words
    Czech Republic Senator Joseph McCarthys political career was in danger when he walked into the Colony Restaurant in Washington, DC for dinner with three of his friends. The date was January 7, 1950. A month earlier, he had been voted worst U.S. Senator in a poll of Senate correspondents. In his earlier years as Senator, he had been known for taking loans and funds from businesses totaling $30,000. This included the Pepsi-Cola company, which earned him the nickname Pepsi-Cola Joe1, and the Lustron Corporation, which dealt in prefabricated houses. About this time McCarthy was also deemed responsible for the resignation of Senate subcommittee chairman Raymond E. Baldwin, who left politics citin ...
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  • Doing Business With The Former Soviet Republic - 506 words
    Doing Business With The Former Soviet Republic CASE 1.2 Doing Business with the Former Soviet Republic 1.FACTS - as managers become aware of all the different people with old U.S.S.R., U.S. businesses are realizing that they face not just one but fifteen or more new markets opening themselves to western trade. - The former Soviet Republics are eager to do business in part because they are all suffering from severe economic woes. - Their gross national products are falling, their budget deficits are rising, and inflation is dissolving citizens buying power. - So all the republics need to sell products to bring in stable western currencies and most are negotiating to sell their natural resourc ...
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  • Justice In Platos Republic - 503 words
    Justice In Plato's Republic Justice in Plato's Republic Paper 2 In the Republic, Plato attempts to answer one of philosophy's most central questions: What is justice or right conduct? Thrasymachus, who is upset at Socrates' rhetoric interrupts, suggests that justice is what is in the interest of the stronger. Thrasymachus's view of justice is that justice is the advantage of the stronger. Thrasymachus explains this by expressing that the government makes rules to its own advantage and so it is declared just for their people. Socrates argues Thrasymachus's view by insisting that rulers command certain acts on their subjects which sometimes mistake their own best interest causing themselves ha ...
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  • Moral Decline Of The Roman Republic - 1,951 words
    Moral Decline of the Roman Republic An Exploration of Sallust's and Plutarch's View of the Jamie Neufeld ST# 864583 For: L. Foley Class. 111.3 (08) Though there are varied dates as to the time that the Roman Republic stood, it is agreed upon as lasting approximately 500 years. During the last century of its existence (133 BC -27 BC) there were the many violent years of The Civil Wars and much social strife. Though the end result of these final years of the res publica was the adoption of an Emperor and the birth of the Roman Empire, the focus of this paper will be the presentation of the nature of tensions at the end of the res publica using selections from Sallust and Plutarch as a basis. S ...
    Related: decline, moral life, republic, roman, roman army, roman civilization, roman empire
  • Philosophy Platos Republic - 268 words
    Philosophy - Plato's Republic Plato makes a great point in the Republic about the road to true truth and true beauty being hard and only few may make it, but his ideas are not completely correct. He imposed the idea that the philosopher/king would come back to rule by a sense of duty. However duty may not be the right word. It seems to me that the most fitting word is more like stupidity. Keep in mind that this philosopher/king has found true truth and true beauty, and yet he stills go back to a primitive way of living because of an understood obligation. Obviously this man is more misunderstood than we may think and realistically would not return to such an antediluvian civilization. Suppos ...
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  • Platos Poesis In Republic - 1,056 words
    Plato's Poesis In Republic Plato's three main objections to poetry are that poetry is not ethical, philosophical or pragmatic. It is not ethical because it promotes undesirable passions, it is not philosophical because it does not provide true knowledge, and it is not pragmatic because it is inferior to the practical arts and therefore has no educational value. Plato then makes a challenge to poets to defend themselves against his criticisms. Ironically it was Plato's most famous student, Aristotle, who was the first theorist to defend literature and poetry in his writing Poetics. Throughout the Republic Plato condemns art in all forms including literature or poetry. Despite the fact that he ...
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  • Platos Republic - 1,138 words
    Plato's Republic Virtues contribute to peoples actions in todays society. Society as a whole has a common set of virtues that many people agree on. In todays society, these are known as laws. Virtues also mold the individual outlook on life, and give them the morals to do what is right. In The Republic, Plato divides the city into three classes: gold, silver, as well as bronze and iron souls. Each class is designated to posses a specific virtue. He believes that wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice combine together to form The Republic. However, Platos four virtues individually do not necessarily produce a utopian society. A combination of the four in each citizen is imperative in produc ...
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  • Platos Republic - 1,211 words
    Plato's Republic the having and doing of ones own and what belongs to one would be agreed to be justice. (The Republic 434a) In other words the above statement means that justice, according to Plato, is doing only the tasks assigned to them by nature. This is the fundamental notion for his creation of an ideal city. It is both knowing what true justice is and where one belongs in the city that the ideal can be achieved. What this means to politics in the ideal city is that only a certain class of person has the ability to engage in politics, just as only a certain person has the ability to engage in carpentry. Those who engage in politics would be the philosophers because just as the ideal i ...
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  • Platos Republic Justified - 1,476 words
    Plato's Republic Justified PLATOS Republic In Plato's Republic, Socrates leads a discussion with his fellow philosophers attempting to isolate the concept of justice in the soul. In order to accomplish this task, they hypothesize that justice can occur both in the city as well as and the soul. Because the philosophers are more familiar with the workings of a city than the soul, they try to find justice by creating the ideal city, or Kallipolis. When they find justice in the ideal city, they are able to apply as well as justify the use of that same concept in the soul. From their discussion, they conclude that the components of the soul and the components of the city are related, and that the ...
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  • Platos The Republic - 1,589 words
    Plato`S The Republic Socrates' ideal city is described through Plato in his work The Republic, some questions pondered through the text could be; How is this an ideal city formed, and is justice in the city relative to that of the human soul? I believe Socrates found the true meaning of justice in the larger atmosphere of the city and applied that concept to the human soul. Socrates describes his idea of an ideal city as one that has all the necessary parts to function and to show that justice is truly the harmony between the three stages of the city and soul in the human body. Plato introduces the idea of the happiness. Socrates says, ... in establishing our city, we aren't aiming to make a ...
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  • Republic Of China - 1,468 words
    Republic of China The republic that Sun Yat-sen and his associates imagined slowly came about. The revolutionists lacked an army, and the power of Yuan Shikai began to outdo that of parliament. Yuan revised the constitution at will and became dictatorship. In August 1912 a new political party was founded by Song Jiaoren ( 1882-1913), one of Sun's associates. The party, the Guomindang was an blend of small political groups, including Sun's Tongmeng Hui . In the national elections held in February 1913 for the new bicameral parliament, Song campaigned against the Yuan administration, and his party won a majority of seats. Yuan had Song assassinated in March; he had already arranged the assassi ...
    Related: china, people's republic of china, republic, soviet union, mao zedong
  • Republic Of Panama - 955 words
    Republic of Panama An emerging nation is a group of people linked together through nationalism in the hopes to rise from obscurity with the common goal to become a more productive and cohesive country. Panama is indeed known as one of the worlds emergent nations. There are many plans under way to ensure a better, more productive future for Panama. The current president, Ernesto Perezs main platform was to modernize Panama. He hopes to achieve this by reforming labor codes, investment laws, decreasing import barriers, privatizing the public sector companies, passing anti-monopoly laws and improve Panama-US relations, just to name a few. President Perez is planning redevelopment of the Panama ...
    Related: panama, panama canal, republic, domestic product, free movement
  • Revolutionary War And The Beggining Of The New Republic - 1,564 words
    Revolutionary War And The Beggining Of The New Republic My Understanding of the American Revolutionary War and The Beginnings of the New Republic The American Revolution was inevitably going to occur, but was how the American Indians treated really inevitable or just another sign of the colonists greed? Throughout the American colonists stay in America they consistently had a hunger for land that was not theirs and always wanted more land than they agreed to take in various agreements, contracts and treaties. It seemed that there was no way that American Indians would be able to appease the colonists. The colonists in general were greedy. Regardless of what the subject matter, if the colonis ...
    Related: american revolutionary, american revolutionary war, republic, revolutionary, revolutionary war
  • Revolutionary War And The Beggining Of The New Republic - 1,593 words
    ... any point in history if the Indians had been treated differently by any of America's initial visitors that I could have been speaking a dialect of one of the American Indian Nations. There are many things, which could have happened. I choose only to think about that which did occur and has helped to mold the way in which I am part of life and see life everyday. Although I didn't really hold any biases this question made me think. In my family tree it is traceable that I had some members of my family come to America on the Mayflower thirteen generations before, and they weren't from any of the major nations involved in the Revolution. I guess what hit me is that at this point in time the ...
    Related: republic, revolutionary, revolutionary war, american history, american revolution
  • Socrates In Platos The Republic - 1,835 words
    Socrates In Plato`S The Republic At the end of Book II in Benjamin Jowett's translation of The Republic, Socrates began a detailed description of the construction of a good city. The good city is Plato's view of the perfect state and its relation to the human soul, and its four virtues. In the following paper I will discuss Plato's views about the various parts, or aspect, of the soul and their proper relation to one another. I will also discuss how Plato would apply his theory of the individual soul to his theory of the proper political order of the state. I will also discuss whether I would find Plato's application successful. The first concept we must discuss if we are gong to talk about ...
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  • Socrates The Republic - 1,036 words
    Socrates - The Republic The theme of The Republic is very complicated in some ways; it is a manual of sorts, which demonstrates how society can achieve virtue. In the beginning of the Republic, we are introduced to the fundamental question of the rest of the text, whether it is more beneficial to live justly (moral) or unjustly (immoral). It is also important to note that The Republic is not arguing which is better, but rather which is more beneficial, whether the just or unjust life will make one happier. I believe that morality is both instrumentally and intrinsically valuable and when morality is compared to immorality. First, lets take a closer look at morality. Morality is simply the po ...
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