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  • William Jefferson Clinton - 1,128 words
    ... sychological attachments with anyone, after he was taken from his grandparents. This might have lead to a distrust for people in general. Freud believed that the super ego was important to our goals in life because it embodied everything that we had grown to desire for ourselves. The super ego is in essence who we think we should be, growing up without a father Clinton may have looked to other sources for interjection. Interjection is how we come to understand what we should be and act like and it is usually gained from our parents and others we look up to. Clinton may have had to look up to public figures and as such might have set in his mind the belief that he should be a politician. ...
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  • Women In Educational Administration: The Glass Ceiling Is Still There - 1,491 words
    ... line and moral within the schools result in the failure of the process of education itself. It is no surprise, therefore, that the South Bend students are among the lowest achievers on the ISTEP. The sad story of South Bend schools is a classic example of how damaging to the public good discrimination against women and minorities can be. It is also important for us to look beyond the local scene to the national picture to see what role is given to women and minorities in the administration of educational institutions. Several recent studies were able to unveil some hidden truths about women and minorities in the educational administration. The 1990 study by Patricia T. Whitfield entitled ...
    Related: ceiling, educational, glass, glass ceiling, men and women, working women
  • Wordsworth Practices What He Preaches - 854 words
    Wordsworth Practices What He Preaches Elizabeth Braker Mr. Caudron A. P. English-Hr. 1 22 November 1999 Tintern Abbey Wordsworth Practices What He Preaches Though written after Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, Wordsworths Preface to Lyrical Ballads, clearly details his writing objectives. In Tintern Abbey, William Wordsworth sought to make poetry understandable to the common reader by simplifying the meanings, organizing his pattern of thoughts in a coherent manner, and using poetical devices sparingly. In the poem, Wordsworth reminisces under a dark sycamore about his experiences and realities, while looking down on the ruins of a temple of God. He expresses his philosophy on ...
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  • Working As American Necessity - 385 words
    Working As American Necessity During the birth of this country, Puritans had to work hard to ensure the success of the new state. In order to make work more appealing, the Puritans emphasized the fruits of labor. This attitude, reflected in modern day by the act of "working for a living," is considered as a "badge of pride." Puritan attitudes toward work and the attitudes of two modern day writers toward work all agree that the act of working has virtuous effects, an attitude that I share because of my working experience (Clee and Clee 233-234). Three different attitudes toward work, expressed by several writers whom I have recently studied agree that hard work yields positive rewards. Henry ...
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  • World Civilizations 1500 - 1,376 words
    World civilizations 1500 March 17, 1999 1. Essay form (7%) 2. Tenochtitlan case study (10%) 3. Mozambique case study (13%) 4. Comparison of Tenochtitlan and Mozambique cases (15%) 5. Summary of the gun powder arguments in Stearns (35%) 6. Discussion and critique of gun powder arguments in the light of the Tenochtitlan and Mozambique case studies (20%) In the past wars were fought to gain land, wealth, and fame. Two such examples of this are the battle of Tenochtitlan and Mozambique. These are two battles that disprove the gun powder superiority theory. Certain countries look to get an advantage, by incorporating such things as guns, canons, and steel armor. Some countries look to gain an adv ...
    Related: world civilizations, case study, primitive culture, military technology, invasion
  • Worn Path By Eudora Welty - 1,910 words
    Worn Path By Eudora Welty In A Worn Path Eudora Weltys plot is not all that clear in the beginning of her short story, but progresses as her character carries on against all of the overwhelming forces against her. In this short story a black elderly woman, Phoenix Jackson, must overcome the odds against her as she valiantly travels through many obstacles in order to contribute to the wellness of her grandson, for whom she is making this trip down a worn path. It is at this point that all of Weltys readers hearts open up to this poor, elderly woman as she makes an attempt to carry on her love for her grandson by taking a long journey down a familiar path in order to get medication that seems ...
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  • Wuthering Heights Themes - 1,405 words
    Wuthering Heights Themes The novel Wuthering Heights has a very complex storyline and the characters involved are also quite intricate. The story takes place in northern England in an isolated, rural area. The main characters involved are residents of two opposing households: Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. It is a tale of a powerful love between two people, which transcends all boundaries, including that between life and death. The author, Emily Bronte, used parallelism in this novel. Much of what happens in the first half of the story corresponds to events in the second half. This parallelism extends also to the characters; the first generation of characters is comparable to the ...
    Related: wuthering, wuthering heights, important role, love affair, adult
  • Wwwnationalbankconz Web Site Analysis - 1,306 words
    Www.Nationalbank.Co.Nz - Web Site Analysis Terms of Reference Date of Request 16 February 2001 Request To produce a design methodology and technical report containing a factual based assessment of a chosen Internet site, CD-ROM and my personal group project. Requested By Michael Vehaart Deliverables Report style format, paper based presentation enclosed in a folder. Due Date 15 March 2001 Introduction Below are the results of research taken out to access different multimedia designs and their internal components that enable them to compete in an aggressive environment Question One Internet Site - The National Bank ( Methodology When creating a website for a large compa ...
    Related: site analysis, development strategies, based assessment, national bank, contrast
  • Year 2000 Problem - 1,464 words
    Year 2000 Problem Why is the Y2K problem being overlooked? The Year 2000 is rapidly approaching! Will we be ready in time? Y2K stands for Year 2000 Catastrophe. Y2K seems to be overlooked for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is because people are not aware that there is a Y2K problem because so few are computer literate. Most of the general public, while being exposed to computers, just does not realize how computers have taken over the grueling task of keeping our country running. From writing social security checks to timing traffic signals, keeping banking account records to controlling food stocks at the local supermarket, computers are involved. Some other reasons includ ...
    Related: current year, global problem, business community, american people, bank
  • You Are Mad, And Gone The Wrong Way You Take - 1,416 words
    You are mad, and gone the wrong way. You take falsehood for truth and ugliness for beauty. - lawyer from A.C.s The Bet Through analyzing this excerpt from the story of The Bet by Anton Chekhov, one can sense the imprisoned lawyer criticizing the banker of being ignorant and insane. What exactly does it mean to be insane or ignorant? By definition, for one to be classified as insane, they would have the inability to mediate with reality at will. The definition of ignorance can be grasped by analyzing Platos concept of Simile of the Cave. Ignorance is depicted as the lowest level or form of knowledge one can obtain. If one would want to deepen their understanding of The Bet, Simile of the Cave ...
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