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  • Humans And Fauna In Australia - 1,501 words
    Humans And Fauna In Australia In 1830 Mr. Rankin tied a rope around a projection out of a rock face in order to lower himself into Wellington Cave (Horton, 1980). The projection turned out to be the bone of a giant extinct marsupial. It was to be the first discovery of a great range of giant marsupials. Were these animals extinct?? Horton (1980), describes how Leichhart believed that on his journeys to northern Australia he would find Diprotodon still roaming over the land. We now know that he was probably only about 20,000 years to late (Flood, 1995). In general, all the animals greater than 40 kg in body weight became extinct at the end of the last Ice Age. By the mid 19th century scientis ...
    Related: australia, fauna, human evolution, northern australia, northern territory
  • Introduction - 1,565 words
    Introduction The discipline of archaeology can open up the past to us in a way in which we can enter into a dialogue with our ancestors. There are many ways it can do this: stratigraphic excavation, pottery typology, socio-historic interpretation, etc. However, one thread running through this increasingly focused pursuit is that of dating the physical findings to a particular cultural timeline. This is crucial if we are to know, with as much certainty as is allowed, who we are speaking with. Indeed, dating may be the proverbial thread that holds entire pursuit together, without which the individual pieces of the puzzle might be compared to the children of Israel, who the author of Judges des ...
    Related: middle east, magnetic field, nobel prize, oldest, establishing
  • Introduction - 1,510 words
    ... is no longer used to three drawbacks associated with it. First is self- absorption. When its beta particle disintegrates, the energy level produced by the breakdown is very low, and difficult to detect. Thus it required a large sample to detect something more than a fraction of the disintegration. Secondly, carbon absorbs rather well. Many samples were contaminated due to the fallout in the air from atomic tests in the 50s. The samples could be cleaned, but not with the certainty needed for accurate readings. Last, the reaction rate of carbon dioxide varied when exposed to magnesium during the procedure, perhaps giving way to a few dates that were clearly too old for the control sample. ...
    Related: atomic bomb, university press, magnetic field, gram, manpower
  • Lithosphere - 1,214 words
    ... aturate. Loam= sand+clay. Porosity- The percentage of space betwen the particles. The larger the particles, the greater the porosity. Permeability- the time necessary for all the water to drain through particles. The larger the particles, the greater the porosity. Retention- is a particles ability to keep water within its! elf. the greater the size of the particle, the less the retention. (due to increased surface area). Runoff- Water that flows on the surface or through the ground into streams and lakes. Excess runoff usually causes floods. It is caused when pore spaces are filled up and there is no other place for the downfall to fall. Spring- where water is forced by gravity off the s ...
    Related: lithosphere, radioactive decay, water balance, aging process, swamp
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