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  • How Ethernet Works - 2,076 words
    ... well, errors can still occur. A burst of electrical noise may occur somewhere in a cabling system, for example, corrupting the data in a frame and causing it to be dropped. Or a LAN channel may become overloaded for some period of time, which in the case of Ethernet can cause 16 collisions to occur on a transmission attempt, leading to a dropped frame. No matter what technology is used, no LAN system is perfect, which is why higher protocol layers of network software are designed to recover from errors. It is up to the high-level protocol that is sending data over the network to make sure that the data is correctly received at the destination computer. High-level network protocols can do ...
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  • Internet History - 1,118 words
    Internet History In 1973, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) initiated a research program to investigate techniques and technologies for interlinking packet networks of various kinds. The objective was to develop communication protocols which would allow networked computers to communicate transparently across multiple, linked packet networks. This was called the Internetting project and the system of networks which emerged from the research was known as the "Internet." The system of protocols which was developed over the course of this research effort became known as the TCP/IP Protocol Suite, after the two initial protocols developed: Transmission Control Protocol (T ...
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  • Internet In Business - 545 words
    Internet In Business Access to the Internet is rapidly becoming a necessity in todays business environment. Internet access at my business enables workers to perform a wide variety of tasks, from seeing what the competition is doing to formalizing procedures and finding solutions from others who have experienced the same technical problems. The benefits of Internet access is limitless. Employees can be actively involved in their tasks at hand while waiting for an e-mail response to an important question or section of an important joint task. E-mail is used extensively and has become such an important tool that it is in many cases replacing the Postal System. Why pay such high prices, and the ...
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  • Tcpip Security - 5,299 words
    TCP/IP Security The TCP/IP protocols, the basis for today's Internet, lack even the most basic mechanisms for security, such as authentication or encryption. As usage of the Internet and TCP/IP protocols increases, their lack of built-in security has become more and more problematic. This paper describes a variety of basic flaws in TCP/IP protocols and their implementations, and discusses solutions and work-arounds to these problems. Also covered is the new IPv6, the next-generation Internet protocol that, among other goals, seeks to fix many of the current flaws in the current Internet IPv4 protocol. Security in protocols and applications not essential to TCP/IP (such as HTTP, FTP, and SMTP ...
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  • Tcpip Security - 5,160 words
    ... s in DNS [RFC2065] 2.7. The lack of unique identifiers When the Internet was still young, back in the 1980's, one could use an IP address to safely identify and locate a host. Addresses were both spatially unique (no one else had an identical address) and temporally unique (addresses didn't change). However, this is no longer the case [RFC2101]. Today, IP addresses may exhibit seemly strange behavior that makes identifying and locating hosts much harder. The widespread use of protocols such as PPP/SLIP [RFC1990] and DHCP [RFC1541] allow a specific host's address to change over time: per-connection in the case of PPP/SLIP, while DHCP allows hosts to lease IP addresses for arbitrary length ...
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  • This Lesson Describes The Usenet Culture And Customs That Have - 2,395 words
    This lesson describes the Usenet culture and customs that have developed over time. It is the people participating in Usenet that make it worth the effort to read and maintain; for Usenet to function properly those people must be able to interact in productive ways. This document is intended as a guide to using the net in ways that will be pleasant and productive for everyone. This lesson is not intended to teach you how to use Usenet. It is a guide on how to use Usenet politely, effectively and efficiently. Communication by computer is new to almost everybody, and there are certain aspects that can make it a frustrating experience until you get used to them. This lesson should help you avoi ...
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