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  • Federal Reserve Monetary Policy - 3,287 words
    Federal Reserve Monetary Policy If taxation without representation could rally the colonists against the British Crown in 1776, tight money and ruinous interest rates might be cause for populist revolt in our own day. Federal Reserve monetary policy also has severe social burdens, measured by huge changes in aggregate output, income, and employment. The imperious Fed, much like the English Crown two centuries ago, formulates and carries out its policy directives without democratic input, accountability, or redress. Not only has the Fed's monetary restraint at times deliberately pushed the economy into deep recession, with the attendant loss of millions of jobs, but also its impact on the str ...
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  • John Keats - 1,172 words
    John Keats While reading a poem the skills applied in its creation are often easily overlooked. However, it is the unsurpassed mastership of these skills what makes this particular poet the most deserving recipient of this year's prestigious POTY award. John Keats possesses unparallel poetic craftsmanship. Three of his poems: "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer," "When I have fears...," and "Ode to Autumn" reveal his genius ness at the art of poetry. The first poem: "On First Looking..." displays Keats's mastership at one of the most difficult forms of poetry: the sonnet. What makes a sonnet such a difficult form of poetry is the fact that in each line there are five accented and five una ...
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  • La Dulzura Engaosa Del Amor - 977 words
    La dulzura engaosa del Amor Luis de Gngora, uno de los ms bien conocidos poetas del siglo Barroco en Espaa, es poeta cuyo poesa es lleno de color en la forma de figuras retricas y tropos. La dulce boca es una tal obra. Gngora escribe este poema en el gnero del soneto, en su forma de catorce versos (dos cuartetos y dos tercetos) de once slabas (a veces usando las sinalefas para obtenerlo). Su rima es consonancia, escrita ABBA ABBA CDE DCE: las A siendo convida, Ida, vida, y escondida; las B destilado, sagrado, colorado, armado; las C Aurora y ahora; las D olorosas y rosas; y porfin, las E seno y veneno. Pero debajo estes tcnicos, hay la mensaje que el Amor no es algo que satisfecha, sino que ...
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  • Life Of Jesus - 1,150 words
    Life Of Jesus Great Men of God Throughout history our society has chose to recognize and remember certain individuals that have had a dramatic influence on our lives. Some of these individuals were of an evil nature, such as Hitler, but I would like to believe that the majority of the people we remember were the ones that had a positive influence on history, such as Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King Jr. I would like to reflect on the men who served a higher power that they called abba, father, or as we would recognize today, God. Jesus Christ is worshiped around the world as being the savior of all mankind. His birth was a miracle because he was born from a virgin. Taken from the Holy Bibl ...
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  • Lyndon Johnsons Effect Of American Foriegn Policy Towards Isreal - 2,174 words
    ... hanged form being a respected and helpful nation, to becoming distrusted and hated. I have always had a deep feeling of sympathy for Israel and his people, gallantly building and defending a modern nation against great odds and against the tragic back round of the Jewish experience-Lyndon Johnson. (Lenczowski, page 105) This passage taken from his memories, stands as a backdrop, and shows that he was sympathetic to the Jewish people. But does not excuse the moves he made in dealing with the Israelis. The Johnson years marked a major change in the American position in the Middle East. His policies were geared towards keeping his and his partys domestic opinion in good standing. While in o ...
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  • Maya Angelou: Tragedy To Triumph - 979 words
    Maya Angelou: Tragedy To Triumph Maya Angelou is a very triumphant woman. She has written many books and poems that have given her great success. If one would talk to her, he or she would think she has lead a normal, happy life. Her life is blissful now, but it wasnt always perfect. Maya Angelous sorrowful life experiences inspired her to write autobiographical works of poetry. Maya Angelou was born April 4, 1928 as Marguerite Johnson in St. Louis. She was raised in segregated rural Arkansas. She came from a broken home. Angelou was raped at eight, and was an unwed mother at 16 years old (Williams 1). In spite of her tragic childhood, she still managed to become one of the greatest black poe ...
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  • Pierre Ronsard - 735 words
    Pierre Ronsard "Il Faut Laisser Maisons..." is a poem written by Pierre Ronsard and published in the book Derniers vers de Pierre de Ronsard in 1586. This poems central idea is that the spirit is more important than the body, because the spirit has far fewer limits than the body. As soon as one dies, the spirit is free from the bonds of the body. These lines: "Laissant pourir a-bas sa dpouille de boue" and "Franc des liens du corps, pour ntre quun esprit." show that Ronsard succeeds in establishing the theme by making it clear that it is necessary to leave the possessions of this world and material things to become a spirit. Ronsard is the speaker of the poem which takes place late in his li ...
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  • Reaching Humility Will Bring You To Heaven - 1,110 words
    Reaching Humility Will Bring You To Heaven St Benedict lived from 480 A.D. to 547 A.D. He founded the first monestary in Monte Casino. He developed a detailed plan for monastic communities, called The Rule of St. Benedict. The rules for the monestary were completely derived from the bible. For what page or word of the Bible is not a perfect rule for temperal life? What book of the Fathers does not proclaim that be a straight path we shall find God? (The Rule of St. Benedict, 56) He believed that the people that follow God and wish to enter into His kingdom after death must be humble in order to be raised in honor and allowed into heaven. Everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled, and he w ...
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  • Sor Juana De La Cruz: Hombres Necios Que Acuasis - 670 words
    Sor Juana De La Cruz: Hombres Necios Que Acuasis Sor Juana De La Cruz Hombres necios que acusis Sor Juana De La Cruz naci alredador 1648 en San Miguel Nepantla, una puebla cerca de la Ciudad de Mxico. Sor Juana era hija natural de Pedro Manuel de Asbaje y Isabel Ramirez. Su padre no est muy conocido porque se abandan a Sor Juana y Isabel cuando Juana tenia solo tres aos. El abuelo de Sor Juana, Pedro Ramirez, era muy educado y desde su niez Sor Juana tenia un pasin para leyendo y aprendiendo(writepage). Sor Juana empez leer y escribir a la edad de tres aos y nunca parr de aprender. En 1669 Sor Juana entr el Convento del Orden de St. Jerome ser munja, porque en su vida ella decido que ser una ...
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  • The Absent Male In Little Women - 1,800 words
    The Absent Male in Little Women "No gentlemen were admitted" writes Louisa May Alcott in Little Women to describe the all-female private revue the March sisters perform. And as the novel progresses, one cannot help but wonder if this same sentiment does indeed echo throughout the novel, as male characters are conspicuously absent while all the pivotal parts are played by the women characters. This gender imbalance -- in that there are more female characters than male in Little Women -- is especially obvious when male authority figures such as Mr March and Mr Lawrence are markedly absent for most of the novel. When they do appear, they are in need of love and care from the women. Mr Lawrence, ...
    Related: absent, male characters, female characters, suffrage movement, abundant
  • The Chosen - 1,705 words
    The Chosen Reading Journal Chapter One 1. "Remember why and for whom we play." (p. 16) This passage shows the rabbi of Reuvens rival team telling his players to focus and concentrate on the importance of the baseball game they are about to play. They are playing for the glory of their God and not to just have fun. To these young teenage boys their religion has importance in all aspects of their life even their after school recreational activities. 2. The first pitch was low, and Danny Saunders ignored it. The second one started to come in shoulder-high, and before it was two thirds of the way to the plate, I was standing on second base. (p. 30) This seemingly irrelevant scene in the book is ...
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