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  • 2001 Graduation Speech - 634 words
    2001 Graduation Speech Jessica McCoy When I think about the class of 2001 I'm reminded of a story that I'm sure we were all told when we were younger; The Little Engine that Could. The little engine struggles and struggles to get over that one hill, and after working hard enough and never giving up he finally makes it. That's how we are, we've struggled for 13 years to get over this one hill. We've worked long years starting with broken crayons in kindergarten to inside-out sweatshirts in middle school. 13 years of learning from the simplest 2+2 to complicated algebra and calculus, from reciting our ABC's to reading Shakespeare. But now we've finally made it, and our real journey is beginnin ...
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  • About Me - 781 words
    About Me My culture, Hinduism, and race, Indian, have been the most influential characteristics in my life. These two characteristics combined also influence my other characteristics such as my age and sex. In America, my age restricts me from doing many things; but coming from a Hindu background brings me many more responsibilities along with my age. My sex prohibits me from achieving many life goals that other people would have no problem achieving. My ethnicity and culture have had a very big impact on my social life. Learning that I was different from others was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I learned about one of my dominant characteristics in the second gr ...
    Related: indian american, second grade, world history, privileges, border
  • Agression - 2,144 words
    Agression Aggression Aggression is a critical part of animal existence, which is an inherent driving force to humans, as we, too, are animals. The source of aggression within humans is a long summative list, but before trying to understand its source one must apply a working definition of aggression. Aggressive behavior is defined by Encyclopedia Britannica as any action of an animal that serves to injure an opponent or prey animal or to cause an opponent to retreat. (7) David G. Myers states that aggression is any physical or verbal behavior intended to hurt or destroy.(9) There are many types of aggressive behaviors, which can be differentiated from the factual act to the hidden motives. F ...
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  • Attention Deficit Disorder - 1,474 words
    ... clude the symptoms and causes of ADD, and the criteria for it's diagnosis. The criteria for the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder can be found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Fourth Edition), nicknamed DSM-IV. The DSM-IV was developed in coordination with the tenth edition of the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases, and groups some 230 psychological disorders and conditions into 17 categories of mental disorders. It is ...the current authoritative scheme for classifying psychological disorders... (Myers 458a) In fact, most North American health insurance companies require a DSM-IV diagnosis before they will pay for ther ...
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  • Bring On The Cheesecake - 1,408 words
    Bring On The Cheesecake I AM ... beautiful. As you are beautiful, as he is beautiful, as all of us, even our enemies, are beautiful. And yet, most of us spend a good portion of our everyday lives looking in the mirror, critiquing ourselves, pointing out problem areas, and generally going ugh. We compare ourselves to Kate Moss, Ricky Martin, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, and Brittney Spears, all of whom in our eyes exemplify the ultimate in beauty, sensuality, and ... airbrushing. Yes, airbrushing, that oh-so-handy technique employed by magazines worldwide to make the attractive look perfect. Perfect? You call Kate Moss perfect? Every time I see her picture, I just want to force-feed her a huge p ...
    Related: plastic surgery, health risks, media images, entitled, michael
  • Capital Punishment - 1,231 words
    Capital Punishment There are five basic reasons that society uses when imposing punishment that I've been able to conclude from my readings. I will discuss these societal concepts and show that the death penalty does not serve to further them. As a result William Smith should not be subject to the death penalty and in fact the same should be abolished from our system of punishment. Deterrence Deterrence is basically defined as the punishment should fit the crime. Under this concept, the individual committing the crime and society are prevented from committing this action again. In the case of the death penalty, an individual kills another human and he is punished for it by death. Punishment ...
    Related: capital punishment, punishment, ultimate punishment, social issues, death row
  • Computer Architecture - 1,739 words
    Computer Architecture Computer Architecture 1. There have been a lot of developments in microprocessors since the 286 chip. The 286 CPU are no longer sold and are very rarely found in commercial use today because of its running speed, which is between 10MHz to 20MHz. This processor has a 24-bit address bus, and is able to address up to 16 million different address locations. It also has two operating modes, which are real mode and protected mode. The real mode is basically for normal DOS operations and it uses only 8086 code (8086 was the previous CPU). When it was in protected mode the CPU is able to access beyond the 1mb address limit and employed its added features, which were intended fo ...
    Related: architecture, computer architecture, random access memory, control programs, width
  • Describe A Person Who Has Influenced You Shit - 876 words
    Describe A Person Who Has Influenced You Shit Everyone is affected by certain events or individuals that greatly change their life. Many people have influenced me during my life. Three wonderful friends that have had a special effect on me are Robert, Tiffany and Ashley. In the four years that I have known them well, they have been my best friends, and have helped to transform me from a lonely middle school scholar into a happy senior with a decent social life. Popular wisdom has it that, You judge a man by his friends. Earlier in my life, that would have been difficult, because I had few friends other than my cousins. I concentrated mostly on school and sports, paying little attention to li ...
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  • Dont Mess With Nature - 728 words
    "Dont mess with Nature" Of all the things a student needs to make it through a typical day, probably the most important, yet least appreciated, is paper. Paper is used for academic, social, and personal purposes by nearly all students every day. The most obvious use is for the academic or classroom assignment, whether it comes in the form of a test, an essay, or a summary of plant life on Easter Island. The social uses of paper center around the "note," which any student can tell you is s important a part of a students social life as Friday night ball games or the Junior Prom. As for the personal applications, there is doodling for the nervous mind, and there is scrunching for the nervous ha ...
    Related: mess, doing good, mother earth, last year, diary
  • Drug Testing - 1,601 words
    Drug Testing Drug testing is a laboratory procedure that looks for evidence of drug consumption by analyzing urine, blood, and hair samples. If tested, you must provide a sample in front of an observer to make sure that it is not tampered with. Samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis, after which the employer is notified of the results (Wodell 1). Exactly who should be subject to the new trend of mandatory drug tests, is the big question being raised among businesses, schools, athletes and federal government employees. Businesses feel that random drug testing of their employees will create higher productivity, save on health care costs, improve employee turnover, prevent less acci ...
    Related: drug and alcohol abuse, drug testing, illicit drug, testing, pope john paul
  • Enterprises Selective Segmentation - 661 words
    Enterprise's Selective Segmentation Enterprises Selective Segmentation The rental car market was once only focused on national travelers. Enterprise brought in the segment of neighborhood, setting up branches in for people who needed rental cars as replacements when their cars were wrecked, stolen, or in the shop. With Enterprises look at a new segment of the car rental market, other competing companies have now dabbed into new bases for segmenting the rental car market. The bases for segmenting the rental car market can be broken down from the four categories of geographical, demographic, behavioral, and psychographic segmentation. From a geographic segmentation aspect, staying in the Unite ...
    Related: segmentation, selective, upper class, college students, airport
  • Great Gatsby And American Dream - 987 words
    ... distribution increased their share of the national income. Labors share of the national income did not rise at all, and workers suffered from unemployment. By implication, then, the decade differed little from earlier ones (431). This shows why George Wilson and others like him remain in a slump and do not prosper in business, whereas people like Tom Buchanan, have an increase in their yearly earnings. It almost seems that the statement; "hard work does not always equal success" was a false statement in the 20s. If a person only looks at the top five percent of the income bracket, they may be right. However, if a person were to look at the other ninety-five percent, this person would se ...
    Related: american, american dream, dream, gatsby, great gatsby, the great gatsby
  • Life In A Highschool - 1,107 words
    Life In A Highschool Life in a High School Bart Hayes Eng102sec.065 4/27/00 Cliques are small groups of between two and twelve individuals. Cliques are small enough that the members feel that they know each other better than do people outside the clique. Members of a clique share common activities and friendships. They are social settings in which adolescents hang out, talk to each other, and form closer friendships. Groups of friends, called cliques can be important for social upgrading, but in most cases the enormous power and effects of these cliques can create alienation, exclusion , and destructive results. In my high school , as well as every other high school in America there are soci ...
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  • Norm Violation - 1,139 words
    Norm Violation The Norm Violation that I performed took place in six different places, but mostly in the same environment. The Violations took place in Sayreville, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Hazlet, Marlboro, and Matawan. You may now be asking yourself, what is in these towns that perform the same function? It could be a Police Department, Fire Department, a Food Market, a Burger King or even a Car Dealership. Well let me tell you that if you guessed any of these you were close but you didn't pin the tail on the donkey. The setting for my Norm Violation took place at several Movie Theaters in Middlesex and Monmouth Counties. The Normative Assumption in any Movie Theater is that you go i ...
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  • Racism In Our Colleges - 1,379 words
    ... s. Many high schools are either all black or all white and influence the way that teens think. The all black schools even resemble the schools of old. They have minimal funding and substandard equipment. They are always in the worst neighborhoods and are filled with drugs and violence. In all white high schools, on the other hand, students are not accustomed to being around blacks. This might be one of the reasons that blacks and whites do not mix well in colleges. In 1994, a principal from an Alabama high school opposed interracial couples' attending his school's prom. The students and parents protested, saying that the kids had the right to take whoever they wanted to prom. Although he ...
    Related: college campus, college campuses, racism, more work, social issues
  • Romeojuliet : Parody - 1,144 words
    Romeo&Juliet : Parody ROMY AND JULIUS ACT III SCENE I  MARCY (mercutio)  BONNY (benvolio)  TAI (tybalt)  ROMY (romeo) IN THE THEATER ARCADE MARCY: Like oh my God, wouldnt this make the coolest accessory. It like totally complements my outfit! Bonny: Just play the game MARCY: (mumbles) Like fine, miss thing, you dont have to be so rude. Like, okay, I have to tell you something else. Guess who I saw yesterday at the mall getting a fro-yo, like, it was so totally cool amiga. Bonny: (false enthusiasm) Who? OH wait, I dont care. So anyways, what time is it? MARCY: Okay, I can get this one, like Jeff has been teaching me how to tell timegotta prepare myself, its uh, ...
    Related: parody, the manager, good idea, nobel prize, shut
  • Spy Games Creative Essay - 4,289 words
    Spy Games - Creative Essay Being an international spy is no walk in the park. Death can be waiting for you around the corner or around the world. However when you're only 17 years old, death is the furthest thing from your mind. So here we were on a hot summers day playing international espionage. Of course to six of us playing, it was just another Saturday of playing spy. Myself, Tim Wolfe, David Sullivan, Peter Shore, Jennifer Strong (who was the only female to be amongst us) and Frank Robb made up the group. At this age it was suppose to be above us to play in these spy games. We were going to be graduating in a year or so after all. Thus keeping the game secret was good practice for all ...
    Related: creative, real life, financial position, school work, california
  • Sylvia Plath And The Bell Jar - 741 words
    Sylvia Plath And The Bell Jar In The Bell Jar, originally published under the pseudonym of Victoria Lucas, Sylvia Plath was recording much of her personal experience. Plath was born on October 27, 1932. Her brother, Warren Joseph Plath, was born in 1935. When Plath was five years old, her family moved to Winthrop, Massachusetts, where she was a model student. However, in 1940, her father Otto Plath died of pneumonia and complications from diabetes. Plath won many awards, both local and national, for her writing in the years after her father's death. During her teens, she met a classmate named Richard Willard. Later, she dated his older brother, Buddy. In 1950, Sylvia Plath entered Smith Coll ...
    Related: bell, bell jar, plath, sylvia, sylvia plath, the bell jar
  • The Comparison Of Satan In The Bible To Media - 1,796 words
    ... in his human guise. He throws lavish parties, attends shows such as boxing fights, and wears very nice clothing. He's a ladies man through no visible effort, leaving everyone to wonder just what he's doing right, not knowing he's, well, Satan. He also pretends to be very concerned with what other people's problems, but he has a way of saying the right things so he sounds like he has their best interest in order, but he's really manipulating them to do the opposite. He's a smart man, able to think and talk his way out of just about any situation; again he's a smooth talker. He's also not afraid to make religious references to God should he have too in order to convince someone to do some ...
    Related: bible, bible says, comparison, media, satan, the bible
  • The Next Thing I Know She Handed Me The File - 1,756 words
    the next thing I know she handed me the file. "So far, its all we've got. Do you have any idea of the number of abductions we get on a daily basis. Then their man power cuts, and what have you. It all makes for an increasing pile of work." I mumbled my "yeah, I can relate" reply, and poured myself over the file. It contained the usually information such as age, hair colour, address, etc. nothing out of the ordinary really. I was just about to hand back and thank her when something caught my eye. It seemed that the last reported citing of Tammy the police had was one of in a red pick-up parked outside the local 7-eleven. To our knowledge the last time anyone had seen Tammy was when she was at ...
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