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  • Descriptive Essay On Mothers Peonys - 703 words
    Descriptive Essay - On Mother's Peonys When I was a child,my mother had the most beautiful peony bushes in the county. The huge, superb, pompoms of white, pink, and burgundy, spectacularly embraced an entire corner of our yard. When the breeze came to dance among the blooms their intoxicating aroma beckoned with a long finger that reached all the way into the house. In May when the honey scented peonies bloomed in concert with the fragrant lilacs, dozens were gathered and brought into the house. For weeks, every room of our house brimmed with blooms. Any container that could hold water was temporarily transformed into a vase. After the flowers gave up their velvety petals they were made to l ...
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  • Internet Rating Systems: Censors By Default - 1,203 words
    Internet Systems: Censors by Default The Internet, first designed for the military and the scientific community, has grown larger and faster than anyone could have ever expected. Now being a potpourri of information, from business to entertainment, the Internet is quickly gaining respect as a useful and important tool in thousands of applications, both globally and domestically. But, the growth that the Internet has seen in the last few years has come with some growing pains. Reports of harmful information reaching children are always painful to hear; who wouldn't feel for a mother who lost a child to a pipe bomb that was built from instructions on the Internet? But the greatest pain thus fa ...
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  • Mark Cuban - 1,558 words
    Mark Cuban I. Situation Analysis 1. Background The Faith Mountain Company has experienced a great deal of success since opening in 1977. What Cheri and Martin Woodard began as a local store that sold herbs, related products, and antiques has slowly evolved into a major mail-order catalog company and retail store that develops, manufactures, and markets high-quality gifts, apparel, and home accessories. In 1991, Faith Mountain was still a relatively small company with less than 50 employees. However, sales have been steadily increasing for Faith Mountain, as they went from about $1.2 million in sales in 1987 to just over $5 million in 1991. In 1991 The Faith Mountain Company set for itself th ...
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  • Preserving Flowers - 1,127 words
    Preserving Flowers As evidenced by the discovery of preserved flowers in ancient Egyptian tombs, people have for centuries engaged in the art of preserving flowers. Today, a large variety of annuals, biennials and perennials are successfully preserved. Because properly dried flowers can persist for years after harvesting, they are often referred to as everlastings or immortelles. To ascertain the optimum growing conditions and harvesting time for a particular species, one should not rely solely on books or articles. Experienced growers will frequently be the best sources of information. In general, flowering plants require ample sunlight, good drainage and a growing season with a minimum of ...
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  • Psycho - 393 words
    Psycho Ryan McLeod Comp Lit 271 Psycho Response Section AD Being the props/set designer for the parlor scene in Psycho was a very intriguing task. Originally, boring old Hitchcock wanted to put some stuffed birds in the Normans parlor, but lucky for me, and the film, he was sick that day. I liked the idea of Bates being a taxidermist in his spare time, but I wanted to elaborate on that idea a bit more. Instead of putting just birds in the parlor, I decided to put pictures of embalmed bodies on the wall, stuffed ape heads, along with some feministic interior decorations. The reason for the photos of embalmed bodies is to give not only Marion a creepy feeling of what Norman is all about, but a ...
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