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  • Coleridge And The Explosion Of Voice - 1,781 words
    ... than French and English."[15] During the Lyrical Ballads months, he composed many experimental ballad poems: between September 1797 and April 1798 he began The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Christabel, "The Three Graves," and "The Ballad of the Dark Ladie." Soon after, he traveled to Germany with the Wordsworths; he spent virtually a year there, reading German philosophy and aesthetics voraciously, particularly Kant, Schelling, and the Schlegels. It was during this visit that he bought Herder's Volkslieder. He returned to England in July, 1799. And in the autumn of that year, amid his failing marriage, he traveled to Durham and met Sara Hutchinson whilst with the Wordsworths. He fell in ...
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  • Mary Shelley And Frankenstein - 1,744 words
    Mary Shelley And Frankenstein Godwin Shelley was the only daughter of William Godwin and Mary Wollenstonecraft, a quite dynamic pair during their time. Mary Shelley is best known for her novel Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus, which has transcended the Gothic and horror genres that now has been adapted to plays, movies, and sequels. Her life though scattered with tragedies and disgrace, was one of great passion and poetry, which I find quite fascinating, but not desirable. Shelleys other literary works were mildly successful their time, but are little known today. Her reputation rests, however, on what she once called her "Hideous Progeny," Frankenstein. To understand her writing you m ...
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  • Thomas Hardy Was An English Writer Who Was Born On June 2, 1840 In Higher Brockhampton Doretshire, England Something About Th - 1,000 words
    Thomas Hardy was an English Writer who was born on June 2, 1840 in Higher Brockhampton Doretshire, England (Something About the Author 129). Hardy wrote form personal knowledge and experiences, his characters were real people of the time and settings consisted of places he had been. Many Things influenced Hardys writings throughout his life including his early life, work experiences and his first wife Emma Gifford Thomas Hardy did not begin his education until late in his childhood. He started to go to school at the age of eight years old and continued on through public school for eight more years. Following these eight years of general schooling Thomas went off to London to study at Kings C ...
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  • Thomas Stearns Eliot - 207 words
    Thomas Stearns Eliot T.S. Eliot was born in 1888 in St. Louis, MO. He is described as one of the most distinguished literary figures of the 20th centurey. Eliot studied at Harvard, the Sorbonne, and Oxford. In 1914 he established residence in London. After working as a teacher and a bank clerk, he began a publishing career; he was assistant editor of the Egoist (1917-1919) and edited his own quarterly, the Criterion (1922-1939). In 1925 he was employed by the publishing house of Faber and Faber, eventually becoming one of its directors. His first marriage, to Vivien Haigh-Wood was troubled and ended with their separation. His early poetical works-Prufrock and Other Observations (1917), Poems ...
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