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  • Assisted Suicide - 1,054 words
    Assisted Suicide It is upsetting and depressing living life in the shadow of death. Many questions appear on this debatable topic, such as should we legalize euthanasia? What is euthanasia? What is assisted suicide? What is the difference between Passive and Active Euthanasia? What is Voluntary, Non-voluntary and Involuntary Euthanasia? What is Mercy Killing? What is Death with dignity? But if euthanasia was legalized, wouldn't patients then die peacefully rather than using plastic bags or other methods? And unfortunately the list continues. No one denies that there are many vulnerable persons who require the protection of the law. Take, for example, those in a temporary state of clinical de ...
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  • Cannabis Hemp Marijuana - 2,262 words
    Cannabis Hemp. . .Marijuana! Article copied work for work from April 1990 Issue of High Times Magazine pages 37-41 and page 57. "OUR CHALLENGE TO THE WORLD: TRY TO PROVE US WRONG-- If all fossil fuels and their derivatives (coal, oil, natural gas, synthetic fibers and petrochemicals) as well as the deforestation of trees for paper and agriculture (e.g., Brazilian & Indonesian rainforests), are banned from use in order to save the planet, preserve the ozone layer and reverse the greenhouse effect with its global warming trend: Then there is only one known renewable natural resource able to provide all(underlined) of the following goods and essentials such as paper and textiles; meet all of th ...
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  • Cosmetic Animal Testing - 2,180 words
    ... l save money as well as lives of animals.(abstract) Another popular alternative is the use of corneas from eye banks. This, of course, replaces the Draize test. (Shah, abstract) The following are some more effective alternatives given in issue 2 of the All for Animals Newsletter: Eyetex: A test-tube procedure that measures eye irritancy via a protein alteration system. This replaces the Draize test. Skintex: A test-tube method to access skin irritancy that uses pumpkin rind to mimic the reaction of a foreign substance on human skin. Epi pack: Uses cloned human tissue to test potentially harmful substances. Neutral Red Bioassey: Cultured human cells that are used to compute the absorption ...
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  • Cults - 1,831 words
    Cults On November 18, 1978, in a cleared-out patch of the Guyanese jungle, Reverend Jim Jones ordered the 911 members of his flock to kill themselves by drinking a cyanide potion, and they did. It seems cultists were brainwashed by this megalomaniac Jones, who had named their jungle village after himself and held them as virtual slaves, if not living zombies. Jones himself was found dead. He'd shot himself in the head, or someone else had shot him. Is it plausible that more than nine hundred people took their own lives willingly, simply because he told them to? This paper will examine aspects of certain religious groups around the world that have shocked us with similar types of behavior. Mo ...
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  • Edmund Kemper - 1,169 words
    ... ing the police to his location. II. Biohistorical Information Edmund Kempers childhood parallels that of many serial killers. His parents, Clarnell and E. E. Kemper Jr. had a stormy marriage, and they were separated by the time Kemper was nine. They divorced four years later, and Kemper longed for a father through a succession of stepfathers. In their new home in Helena, Montana his dominant mother and sisters belittled him, as they grew older Kemper was banished to the basement, because they felt that sharing a room with his sisters was inappropriate. Not that his parents did not try, both of them were much more engaged in his upbringing and wellbeing than many parents were. But Edmund ...
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  • Euthanasia - 976 words
    Euthanasia I am coming from a Christian standpoint on the subject of Euthanasia. Throughout this paper I will be playing little bit of the Devils advocate, so dont get worried. I am totally against Euthanasia or assisted suicide, whatever you may call it. I have done much research on this subject and feel it is not the answer to anything! I will give you the Christian beliefs on it as well as the any other beliefs on it. But when it comes down to it Euthanasia is wrong and illegal both in the law and in the eyes of God. There are two forms of suicide, first there is emotional suicide or irrational self-murder in all of it complexities nd sadness. This is where the person feels his or hers li ...
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  • Green Turtle - 1,925 words
    Green Turtle Introduction The Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) is one of the many species of turtles that inhabits the vast oceans. The green turtle is named for the greenish color of its fat found under its shell. It is a large, heavy reptile, usually about 0.7-1.0 m in shell length and about 90-140 kg in weight. The maximum length and weight are about 1.2 m and 375 kg respectively. (1) The green turtles upper shell is smooth and wide, the animal is brown, but when the light from the sun hits it, the green color from the fat is visible. The green turtle is found in warm, coastal waters around the world. (2) Sea turtles, in adaptation to an aquatic life, have limbs modified into flippers for ef ...
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  • Kudzu Is A Major Threat To Michigan In This Report I Will Discuss Many Factors As To Why Kudzu Is A Threat, And What We As A - 1,922 words
    Kudzu is a major threat to Michigan. In this report I will discuss many factors as to why kudzu is a threat, and what we as a state can do about it. The reason I chose this topic was that I have lived in the south for most of my life, and have seen the effects of Kudzu. This plant is very threatening to us agriculturally as well as economically, and we need to deal with this problem now, before it spreads up into the beautiful landscape of Michigan. Kudzu is a climbing, semi-woody, perennial vine in the legume family. It has deciduous leaves, with three broad leaflets that measure up to four inches across. Its individual flowers are a half inch long, purple, highly fragrant, and are born in ...
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  • New Jersey Vs Tlo - 382 words
    New Jersey Vs. T.L.O. Christopher D. Monroe II New Jersey Vs. T.L.O. Facts of the Case On March 7, 1985 T.L.O. and another student were found smoking in the womans bathroom. They were then taken to see the Assistant Principal, Mr. Choplick, and were questioned about smoking in the bathroom. Upon further questioning the second student told Mr. Choplick she was smoking T.L.O. denied she was smoking and also claimed I dont smoke at all. Mr. Choplick then asked if he could search the purse and T.L.O. complied. Upon first opening the purse a pack of cigarettes was found and under it was a pack of rolling papers. In Mr. Choplicks experience rolling papers are a prerequisite of marijuana use. Upon ...
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  • Organized Crime Has For Nearly One Hundred Years Held An Unseen Control Over The United States Running Both Illegal And Legal - 1,454 words
    ... o get the investigator off Luciano's back for the votes but the deal turned bad (Jacobs, p. 72). As soon as Roosevelt had secured his winning of New York, he immediately turned against the mobsters to win a public appeal. Luciano soon afterwards became public enemy number one. Now he was in the public eye which was against his own wishes. Luciano then redirected his criminal activities to less violent measures. The mob was soon highly involved with gambling, both legal and illegal. Luciano saw an untapped market in the Caribbean and Cuba where he set up casinos. Until he was ran out of Cuba by a new head of power, Fidel Castro, Luciano was without many troubles (Jacobs, p. 74). All the w ...
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  • Polyetheneaint Is Choice - 1,170 words
    Polyethene-Ain't Is Choice! Year 11 Chemistry Unit 1 POLYETHENE-ain't it choice! word count : 1131 Polyethene also known as polyethylene or polythene, was the first of the polymers to be discovered. Polyethene is a polymer produced by reacting oxygen and ethene, in this reaction the small ethene molecules attach together to form long chain polymer molecules. This process is known as addition polymerisation. Polyethene in our world today has many uses, some of these are: mouldings-plastic bottles, lids and caps, different types of containers. films-glad wrap and various plastic bags. cable coverings-various pipes and insulating wire and cables As you can see polyethene has a huge variety o ...
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  • Sadomasochism: A Form Of Deviance - 1,933 words
    Sadomasochism: A Form Of Deviance SADOMASOCHISM: A Form Of Deviance Sadomasochism is a sexually deviant behavior that is practiced by many people within today's society. It is the combination of two paraphilias, sadism and masochism, which are usually always linked together. An occasional mild or light form of sadomasochism (or S& M for short), is considerably common among the general population. Many people often enjoy being mildly dominant or submissive during lovemaking. They believe that it makes the experience more enjoyable. But when S&M becomes the dominating feature of a person's sexuality, that is when he or she is considered deviant. Unlike other paraphilias, sadomasochism includes ...
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  • Survival - 1,484 words
    ... 13. If no ill effects occur, eat .25 cup of the same plant prepared the same way. Wait another 8 hours. If no ill effects occur, the plant part as prepared is safe for eating. WARNING Test all parts of the plant for edibility, as some plants have both edible and inedible parts. Do not assume that a part that proved edible when cooked is also edible when raw. Test the part raw to ensure edibility before eating raw. The same part or plant may produce varying reactions in different individuals. WATER The human body is made of more than 70% water. It takes less than a 1% reduction in body water to make you thirsty. A 5% loss or reduction causes a slight fever. An 8% loss causes the glands t ...
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  • The Heavens Gate Suicides - 566 words
    The Heaven's Gate Suicides The Heaven's Gate Suicides RED ALERT! Hale-Bopp brings closure to: Heaven's Gate. This is the greeting one receives upon visiting the Heaven's Gate web page. It is a haunting message that was left behind when 21 women and 18 men took their own lives on March 23, 24, and 25, 1997. This mass suicide was under the supervision of Marshall Herff Applewhite, the cult's charismatic leader. Heaven's Gate was not Applewhite's first cult. It was the latest of three organizations that he and his partner, Bonnie Lu Trusdale Nettles had founded. The first of which was "Human Individual Metamorphosis" which was founded in 1975. This group disbanded with the death of Nettles from ...
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