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  • A Wrinkle In Time - 807 words
    A Wrinkle In Time A Wrinkle in Time By Madeline LEngle In Willstead town, in North Carolina strange things are happening. Do you want to know more? Well in A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine LEngle, a wonderful writer tells all the weird things that are happening. The setting of this story is on North Carolina, at the town of Willstead in the year of 2005. One day Margaret was left by the Aliens when she was two- months old at planet Earth, and was found by the Murries, a nice couple, that had one year of marriage. Several years had passed and Margaret grew up like a normal girl. Now she has twin brothers and a Collie dog. At school everybody thinks that she is a freak, but she is a ten-year-old ...
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  • Apollo 11 - 435 words
    Apollo 11 Apollo 11 The Apollo 11 mission is accomplished. The Eagle has landed safely on the moon. This is a big day for all mankind. The Apollo 11 team com-pleted the mission and returned home to Earth. Here you can see Niel A. Armstrong`s footstep. It will stay like this forever on the moon. Text: The Viruz Like Niel Armstrong said when he stepped out of the Eagle; One small step for man one giant leap for mankind. This is a big day for everybody. Now scientists can study the moon closer. The Apollo 11 team took the first step on the moon, and which planet will be the next? The mission Niel A. Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. finished the mission by Here you can see th ...
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  • Asteroids - 1,203 words
    Asteroids In our solar system today there are over 30 000 asteroids flying around in all directions colliding with other asteroids and planets not caring about the destruction they might convey. Our planet Earth is caught right in the middle of all of this action and is liable to entire extinction of any life forms on the planet if a large enough asteroid crosses its path. Any one single asteroid has the possibility to erase thousands of years of history and wipeout the human race as we know it. Asteroids are large or small chunks of rock and metal flying around space up to speeds of 80 000 km/h. These chunks were believed to have formed millions of years ago during the big bang. These rocks ...
    Related: asteroids, human race, solar system, planet earth, mankind
  • Attention Getter: - 691 words
    Attention Getter: The date: October 1969 The time: 7:15 PM, EST The place: Leary, Georgia The setting: A dark, starlit sky but not for long lasting ten to twelve min., at times as bright as the moon, an unidentified flying object hurtled across the sky A UFO piloted by aliens? Or just the ravings of an over-imaginative human mind? This was an actual report filed with NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon)by former President Jimmy Carter! Pointer: I wanted to talk to you about Aliens, the power behind the UFOs, because I find it to be an interesting topic. The report I just read shows that close encounters with aliens can happen to anyone Listen to what I have to say, ...
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  • Butterfly Transformations - 848 words
    Butterfly Transformations Butterfly Transformations (A future myth told in past tense) Before the existence of Earth, there were four winged elemental gods, and one superior god. These gods and goddesses were: the sky goddess, Gemalia; the water goddess, Saraces; the earth god, Chago; the fire goddess, Argon; and the Superior Goddess, DawnDo. These five kept constant watch over the universe, adamantly flying over and throughout the wide abyss. During one of their days off, they were playing kick the can among the stars. They all came flying down towards the can and collided, creating planet earth. Because of the great collision, their wings fell off and mystically transformed into millions o ...
    Related: butterfly, planet earth, human population, bermuda triangle, abyss
  • Christian Antisemitism - 1,362 words
    Christian Anti-Semitism For sixteen hundred years, the Jewish people have been persecuted and murdered by people who worship a Jewish man as their savior: the Christians. Why did Christian anti-Semitism, a seemingly illogical belief given that Jesus himself was a Jew, develop? How did it evolve, and why has it persisted for centuries? In the Biblical gospels, despite three of the four being ostensibly written by Jews, enemies of Jesus are referred to as "the Jews." Early Christians found themselves in a quandary. The savior they worship, himself a Jew, purportedly was killed by Jews. Since at least the fourth century, some groups of Christians have actively practiced anti-Semitism, taking re ...
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  • Cosmology - 1,152 words
    Cosmology Cosmology has always been an interesting area of study for me. For as long as I can remember, every time I look up at the night sky, a million questions pop into my head. Questions such as "Is there an intelligent life out there?" "How large is space, does it expand infinitely, if it does, what does it expand into?" These and many other questions still plague my mind. We can define Cosmology as the study of the heavens as a whole, including theories about its origin, evolution, large-scale structure, and future. I would definitely agree to this description, and would like to explain my point of view of the topics that Cosmology covers. Personally, I tend to believe that the big ban ...
    Related: cosmology, free will, point of view, current state, notion
  • Do We Need More Space - 959 words
    Do We Need More Space? Do we need more space? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA for short, plays a necessary and vital role in human life. It provides economic stability for the country, the common-day luxuries we have all come to expect, medical discoveries and advances, an insurance policy for the planet, and fulfills mankind's eternal desire for exploration. Though there are many critics of the federally-funded space program, it indeed plays a central role in both the history and the future of the country. The space program is a major component in our country's economic stability. The industry generates more than $40 billion in annual exports, and almost $30 billi ...
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  • Does God Exist - 1,414 words
    Does God Exist? Sean Johnson MWF8-8:50 Who is God? A startling question that most people will answer yes to is: Does God exist? Websters Dictionary (Webster's p. 412) defines God as the supreme being, seen as the omnipotent creator and ruler of the universe. Whereas a theologist describes him as God is the infinite and perfect spirit in whom all things have their source, support, and end. (Thiessen p. 55) Whatever the case the statistics from Multipoll CGI on the internet show that 86 percent believe that God exists. Probably half or more of that actually attend a church or seek after God. Upon further investigation there are actually many reasons to believe in God. From the beginning man ha ...
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  • Earth Planet - 2,128 words
    ... salt dissolved in the oceans is, on the average, 34.5 percent by weight. About the same percentage can be obtained if three quarters of a teaspoon of salt is dissolved in eight ounces of water. Water Supply for the Earth Water that evaporates from the surface of the oceans into the atmosphere provides most of the rain that falls on the continents. Steadily moving air currents in the Earth's atmosphere carry the moist air inland. When the air cools, the vapour condenses to form water droplets. These are seen most commonly as clouds. Often the droplets come together to form raindrops. If the atmosphere is cold enough, snowflakes form instead of raindrops. In either case, water that has tr ...
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  • Effects Of Genetic Engineering On Agriculture - 1,696 words
    Effects Of Genetic Engineering On Agriculture The Effects of Genetic Engineering on Agriculture Agribiotechnology is the study of making altered agricultural products. Agribusiness is trying to alter the genes of already existing products to try to enhance the biocompetitiveness and adaptability of crops by enhancing plant resistance to drought, salinity, disease, pests and herbicides. They are going to try to enhance their growth, productivity, nutrient value, and chemical composition. The old way of doing this was through selective breeding, special fertilizer, and hormones. This seems now somewhat outdated with todays technology. Genetic engineering comes with many downfalls. Increased pr ...
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  • Extraterrestrials - 1,262 words
    Extraterrestrials Can the Earth be the only place in the Universe that harbors life? Most astronomers don't believe this is true. Certain statistics in the Universe provide evidence that living beings may be common place through out the universe, on planets of other stars besides the sun. In this paper I plan to discuss the various viewpoints of those that believe that extraterrestrials exist and have even been visiting Earth, and the viewpoints of skpetics that believe that aliens don't exist and have not been visiting Earth. To get into the topic we must first start at the base of the subject. First the question must be dealt with of life being only indigenous to planet Earth. One of the m ...
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  • Foreign Policy - 1,082 words
    Foreign Policy With the world balancing on the edge of destruction, foreign relationships are extremely important to the United States of America. The United States is fully recognized as the most powerful nation on the planet earth, and with that power comes a definitive sense of responsibility. The U.S. needs to pay close attention to this responsibility if it hopes to keep its place on the throne as king of the nations. This is where the United States foreign policy comes into play. Foreign policy is essentially positive or negative interaction with other nations as well as the goals and principles that are included (Morrison #1 607). The United States have a couple of choices concerning ...
    Related: foreign aid, foreign policy, states foreign, united states foreign, united states foreign policy
  • Friendly Persuation - 759 words
    Friendly Persuation Friendly Persuasion This movie not only deals with internal and external conflict but also deals with the thing that makes a man a man forgiveness and acceptance.It shows that Although there are differences between you and someone else you don't have to let that define you relationship with that person. In the story we are shown the every day life of a Quaker family where they have all taken up an oath not to raise a hand against another man.The family is presented with several tests of faith if you will.When the family goes to the fair all of the family members are confronted with some temptation the question is whether or not they will cave in and do as there id command ...
    Related: friendly, real world, planet earth, main point, tests
  • From The Big Bang To Life On Earth - 1,267 words
    From The Big Bang To Life On Earth From the Big Bang to Life on Earth Should we as humans expect to find intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe? There are many reasons for and against this concept, but first we should trace just how our terrestrial life started. The beginning of time and the universe began with the Big Bang. This was an explosion that started the expansion of the universe. In the most basic sense, the standard model is simply the idea that every bit of the matter and energy in the universe was once compressed to an unimaginable density. In the big bang, the material exploded outward into the formation of matter that we see today. Shortly after this event everything in th ...
    Related: bang, planet earth, carbon dioxide, amino acids, spin
  • Helium And Janssen - 268 words
    Helium And Janssen A French astronomer, Pierre-Jules-Csar Janssen (1824-1907), first obtained evidence for the existence of helium during the solar eclipse of 1868 in India when he detected a new yellow line (587.49 nm) in the solar spectrum very close to the yellow sodium D-line. It was not possible to produce this line in the laboratory. Sir Norman Lockyer (1836-1920), an English astronomer, recognised that no known element at that time gave this line and named the element helium for the sun. For many years helium was regarded as an element that might exist on the sun although it was unknown on the Earth. Spectroscopists at the time doubted the results concerning helium. However the claims ...
    Related: helium, solar eclipse, nuclear reactors, planet earth, oxygen
  • If Martians Paid A Little Visit - 378 words
    If Martians Paid A Little Visit IF MARTIANS PAID A LITTLE VISIT People believe that Martians have come to planet earth. And indeed many people have video taped many sights of little objects flying in the air, ones with different types of ordered movements, and others with no movements at all. But what would happen if one day these little unknown creatures decide they are going to actually park their little flying mobiles and show their faces? What would they say to us? What would they want from us? Why are they here in the first place? Many circumstances would occur not only for the Martians, but also for many people here on earth. Many families would probably want to move from their home to ...
    Related: martians, another country, social issues, different types, park
  • Ipv Vs Ipv - 229 words
    Ipv4 Vs. Ipv6 Evan Gilden 2/12/01 CIT/TCT 120 Ipv4 vs. Ipv6 Ipv4 is short Internet Protocol Version 4, the same goes for Ipv6. Most of todays internet uses Ipv4 witch is almost 20 years old. There has been one magor problem with Ipv4, it is running out of IP addresses (IP addresses are a unique identifirer for a computer on the internet). Ipv6 fixes this problem along with many other more insugnificant problems. Ipv6 also adds many iprovments to Ipv4 in ares such as routing and network autoconfiguration. Ipv6 is supposed to replace Ipv4 in a gradually time frame, with the two coexisting for many years. A Ipv4 address looks like this and a Ipv6 address looks like this FEDC:BA98:7654: ...
    Related: planet earth, internet protocol, bits, version
  • Kant And Utilitarianism - 1,360 words
    Kant And Utilitarianism In the story, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas, two points of view are introduced. The Kantian point of view is contrasted with the Utilitarian point of view. In the story there is a city named Omelas, in which a single child suffers so that the community may live with great happiness. Most of the community accepts the fact that one child must suffer for happiness to exist. However, the odd citizen becomes so disgusted with the fact the child is allowed to suffer that they leave Omelas for good. In this essay, one character will be a Utilitarian and another character will be Kantian. The two characters will debate the issue of sacrificing one person for the good of ...
    Related: kant, utilitarianism, happy life, planet earth, shouldnt
  • Life In The Universe - 1,127 words
    Life In The Universe In the selection I have chosen Chapter 6 of Life in the Universe; The Evolution of Life on Earth begins with the theories of Darwin and natural selection and how survival of the fittest was one of the main theories of evolution of life of an organism. Although it is a good theory, and has been tested through years it is not one of the main priorities of evolution. There was a reason of an outside force that forced the funas to extinction, not because it was unable to adapt to an environment. Also the past of origin goes too far back and is so complicated that there is no sure way to point a certain time or place in the history of our origin, unlike the work of nature. Fo ...
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