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  • Cardiac Rehabilitation - 272 words
    Cardiac Rehabilitation Despite major advances in cardiopulmonary bypass technology, surgical techniques, and anesthesia management, central nervous system complications remain a common problem after cardiopulmonary bypass. There are several potential causes of brain damage during open-heart surgery, including prolonged or severe arterial hypotension, as well as emboli emanating from the cardiopulmonary bypass circuit or the operative field(Benedict RH, 1994, Newman 1995). In the coronary artery bypass population, advanced age (* or = 75 years) is associated with an 8.9% neurologic deficit rate. Mortality is increased ninefold in the elderly patient with a neurologic deficit. Cerebral complic ...
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  • Hypertension - 722 words
    Hypertension Hypertension is a common disorder characterized by a sustained elevation of systolic arterial pressure (top number) of 140 mm Hg or higher, or a diastolic arterial pressure (bottom number) of 90 mm Hg or greater, or both. Hypertension is divided into two categories: essential (or primary) hypertension and secondary hypertension. Etiology: Research has shown that hypernatremia (elevated serum sodium) increases the volume of blood, which raises blood pressure. Primary hypertension may also develop from alterations in other bosy chemicals. For some clients who respond to stress at a higher degree, hypertension may be related to a higher degree, hypertension may be related to a high ...
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  • Palliative Care - 1,412 words
    ... rpretation by using such other words. The Nurse needs to explore the issue of pain and help to identify the source. Location. Intensity, and Quality of the pain help to identify the source. Eg. Bone, visceral or nerve pain. Identifying the source aids in determining the appropriate treatment method. The expert Nurse will be aware that nerve pain will not respond as well to opiates and that neuroleptic agents need to employed. As suggested earlier, as Nurses spend the most time with the patients they are able to obtain the most information on the patients response to pain management plans, they are able to educate patients on the need to take regular analgaesia; and they can be the most i ...
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  • Physical - 928 words
    Physical Therapy What is there to debate? Several sources repeatedly convey similar information on the care that a physical therapist provides. The Handbook of Physical Therapy, written by Robert Shestack, Current Physical Therapy, a book by Malcolm Peat, and "A Future in Physical Therapy," an internet publication by The American Physical Therapy Association, have notably parallel information within them. However, small variations can be found in their writings. Physical therapy is defined as the treatment of patients disabilities from disease and injury to the loss of a body part with therapeutic exercise, heat, cold, water, light, electricity, ultrasound, or massage (Shestack 3). Through e ...
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  • Safe Sex - 3,349 words
    ... y more ⌠Takes Charge■ when they proposed a condom (M = 5.29) than when they did not (M = 4.52), F(1, 60) = 10.12, p = .002 (see Table 2). However, The context sentence used did not seem to alter observers responses, because a main effect was not statistically evident (as seen in Table 2). Similarly, no interactions were found between the two independent variables for this scale. Table 2: Mean Ratings of ⌠Takes Charge■ as a Function of Condom Proposal and Context Sentence Context Sentence NOTHING CONCERN Condom NOTHING 4.63 4.4 4.52 Proposal "WITH ME" 5.27 5.31 5.29 4.94 4.87 A significant main effect for context sentence was found for the ⌠Sexual Attractiven ...
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