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  • Walking Around By Pablo Neruda - 335 words
    Walking Around By Pablo Neruda Pablo Neruda gives us a good example of Vanguard Literature in his poem Walking Around. We can see the influence of surrealism in the poem because it does not rhyme at all, instead is an effort to express feelings and emotions in a free style. We can also see the existentialism idea as Neruda is bold and tells us everything that is in his mind. Neruda tells us what he thinks about society in general. In this poem we can see that Neruda is tired of technology, he says that he no longer desires to see elevators, or merchandise, or movie theaters. He is tired of all the new inventions humans have made. He is tired of seeing the same things over and over again wher ...
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  • Chile - 350 words
    Chile The first European to visit what is now Chile was the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who landed at Chilo Island following his voyage, in 1520, through the strait that now bears his name. The region was then known to its native population as Tchili, a Native American word meaning "snow." At the same time of Magellan's visit, most of Chile south of the Rapel River was dominated by the Araucanians, a Native American tribe remarkable for its fighting ability. The tribes occupying the northern portions of Chile had been subjugated during the 15th century by the Incas of Peru. In 1535, after the Spanish under Francisco Pizarro had completed their conquest of Peru, Diego de Almagro, ...
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  • Malthus And Africa - 1,378 words
    Malthus and Africa Africa, being a third world country with much economic oppression, is currently being debated in the General Assembly about whether or not it should have population control. Many experts believe that, if not controlled, the rate of the increasing population of Africa will have disastrous effects. Over two hundred years ago, a man by the name of Thomas Robert Malthus wrote an essay on the effects of population and the food supply titled "An Essay on the Principle of Population." This essay dealt with the growth of population and if not restrained, how it would destroy man's subsistence here on Earth (Geyer 1). Much of what he wrote applies to not only Africa, but also the e ...
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  • Movimientos Vanguardistas Espaloes - 1,162 words
    ... ra V. Ultrasmo A. poca 1918-1923 Surge en Espaa por influjo de los movimientos europeos de vanguardia. B. Caractersticas 1. Reduccin de la lrica a su elemento primordial: la metfora. La imagen se identifica con el objeto y lo anula. 2. Omisin de frases de enlace, nexos y adjetivos intiles. 3. Desaparicin de la rima. Se utiliza el ritmo unipersonal, mudable, no sujeto a pauta. Se suprime la puntuacin sustituyndose por el sistema tipogrfico C. Autores importantes 1. Ramn Gmez de Serna (periodista y escritor espaol) 2. Rafael Cansinos Assens (poeta, novelista, ensayista, crtico) 3. Guillermo de Torre 4. Jorge Luis Borges (escritor argentino) 5. Ricardo Guiraldes (escritor argentino) 6. Juan ...
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