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  • Asian Financial Crisis - 1,036 words
    Asian Financial Crisis Have you ever been in a situation where you were low cash and in debt? Well, I know I have. I remember one time when I had used up all of my money for the month, and owed, at the same time, my sister ten dollars. Boy, that was pure hell. You cant buy anything, and you feel like you have no control over anything. Well, imagine an entire continent in a financial rut. That is what is currently going on in Asia. This dilemma is known as the Asian Financial Crisis. Now, what exactly is the Asian Financial Crisis? Well, it is the current imbalance of Asias economy. While some areas are doing great, most areas are poor and economically unstable . Currency value has gone down ...
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  • Atomic Theory - 1,225 words
    Atomic Theory In ancient Greek the word atom meant the smallest indivisible particle that could be conceived. The atom was thought of as indestructible; in fact, the Greek word for atom means not divisible. Knowledge about the size and make up of the atom grew very slowly as scientific theory progressed. What we know/theorize about the atom now began with a core theory devised by Democrotus, a Greek philosopher who proposed that matter consisted of various types of tiny discrete particles and that the properties of matter were determined by the properties of these particles. This core theory was then modified and altered over years by Dalton, Thompson, Rutherford, Bhor, and Chadwick. The ato ...
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  • Death Penalty - 1,357 words
    Death Penalty Virtually every major program designed to address the underlying causes of violence and to support the poor, vulnerable, powerless victims of crime is being cut even further to the bone In this context, the proposition that the death penalty is a needed addition to our arsenal of weapons lacks credibility Scott Harshbarge, Attorney General of Massachusetts Across the United States, police officers are losing their jobs, prisoners are obtaining parole early, courts are clogging with cases, and crime is on the rise. Over two-thirds of the states use capital punishment, which is a grave mistake by any measure of cost effectiveness. The government spends hundreds of millions of dol ...
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  • Earths Geological History - 343 words
    Earth's Geological History Scientist would need a variety of different pieces of evidence to document the scope and scale of geologic history. The earth is billions of years old, therefore rocks are obvious evidence of it's geologic history. Since all natural land masses ever created on earth stay on earth, it is a fact that the scope and scale can be determined by using it as evidence. The movement of the land masses and land creations can help determine the scope and scale of earth's geologic history. Rocks are obvious evidence of geologic history. Rocks come from the interior of the earth. They are created from magma, and change its form over years of weathering. Scientist also use rock l ...
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  • Milton Mayeroffs On Caring - 1,354 words
    Milton Mayeroff`S On Caring In class we have just completed Milton Mayeroff book On Caring. Mayeroff discusses many of lifes philosophies, and the meaning and importance of caring as well as being cared for. He deals with peoples basic morals towards caring and being cared for in many situations. Caring is feeling and exhibiting concern and empathy for others. (Encarta 99). I feel that caring is being able to be honest, trust, and also being able to stay strong with courage. All these aspects play a large role in a person growth over years with their family, and friends as well as associates. Caring is often taken for granted, but Mayeroff clearly defines the true meaning of caring in his bo ...
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  • Modernization And Medicine - 791 words
    Modernization And Medicine On the first day of class, we discussed how modernization has brought the institution of medicine so far. Although the cost of modernization is seen as the "social germ", modernization has also brought enormous improvement in health. Modern medicine defies all ancient reason. In primitive societies the division of labor was vague, no real specializing in anything, but over years of experimentation and development, the establishment of medicine was born. We now have overflowing systems of specialization and technological advancements, but this did not happen overnight. Originally, religion had made medicine its own institution, despite Hypocrites suggestion to "take ...
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  • Mount Adams - 643 words
    Mount Adams Mount Adams is one of the largest volcanoes in the Cascade Range, it is way bigger then any of the surrounding mountains. Mount Adams has been less active during the past few thousand years than its neighboring mountains of St. Helens, Rainier, and Mt. Hood, it will erupt again. In the future the eruptions will probably happen more often from vents on the summit and upper sides of Mount Adams than from vents scattered in the volcanic fields beyond. Large landslides and lahars that dont need to be related to eruptions probably will cause the most destructive, far-reaching hazard of Mount Adams. Volcanoes create a variety of geologic hazards during eruptions and when there isnt any ...
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  • Notes On Russian Nationalism - 844 words
    Notes On Russian Nationalism Nationalism in Music Prior to the 1830's, Russian opera and classical music was largely uninspired and derivative of Western works. While Italian and German music was well-known and enjoyed in Russia, the country had no distinctive classical musical style to call its own. Mikhail Glinka, commonly considered the father of Russian classical music, changed that. Glinka's compositions were powerful and distinctive, incorporating elements of Russian folk music. Glinka kick-started the development of the Russian Art Music style, which integrated components characteristic of Russian folk music and church hymns into classical music. He went on to become part of the Russi ...
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  • Plato And Forms - 1,257 words
    Plato And Forms Platos Forms The influence that Plato, the Greek philosopher born in 427 BC in Athens, has had throughout the history of philosophy has been monumental. Among other things, Plato is known for his exploration of the fundamental problems of natural science, political theory, metaphysics, theology and theory of knowledge; many of his ideas becoming permanent elements in Western thought. The basis of Plato's philosophy is his theory of Ideas, or doctrine of Forms. While the notion of Forms is essential to Plato's philosophy, over years of philosophical study, it has been difficult to understand what these Forms are supposed to be, and the purpose of their existence. When examinin ...
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  • Plato Vs Aristotle - 1,043 words
    Plato Vs. Aristotle Regime Change We have two great philosophers, Plato and Aristotle. These are great men, whose ideas have not been forgotten over years. Although their thoughts of politics were similar, we find some discrepancies in their teachings. The ideas stem from Socrates to Plato to Aristotle. Plato based moral knowledge on abstract reason, while Aristotle grounded it on experience and tried to apply it more to concrete living. Both ways of life are well respected by many people today. Plato started his teachings in remembrance of his good friend, Socrates. After his death he traveled back to Italy and studied under Pythagoras. Some years later he began "The Academy". Much of the c ...
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  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases - 1,894 words
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), formerly known as venereal diseases, infectious diseases passed from one person to another during sexual contact. STDs are among the most common infections known. More than 12 million people in the United States, including 3 million teenagers, are infected with STDs every year. The United States has the highest STD rate in the industrialized world about one in ten Americans will contract an STD during his or her lifetime. People who do not know they are infected risk infecting their sexual partners and, in some cases, their unborn children. If left untreated, these diseases may cause debilitating pain or may destroy a woman' ...
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  • The Crucible - 5,780 words
    ... nothing of sticking a needle two inches into her own belly in order to bring about the murder of Elizabeth Proctor. And she gets away with most of it. But Abigail isn't a child. She's had a grown-up love affair with John Proctor, and has lost her childish faith in the lying lessons I was taught by all these Christian women and their covenanted men. A child, when hurt, may strike back in anger. But only an adult could so coolly plot and execute the ingenious revenge Abigail plans for Elizabeth. The important thing to decide about Abigail is whether you think she's evil or not. Without doubt, almost all her actions have evil consequences, and if there is good in her, we don't get to see m ...
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  • The House Of Seven Gables Symbolism - 1,307 words
    ... it keeps the family from reaching the deed because it is hidden in a recess behind the picture. Similarly, the Pyncheon family has had several past problems because of greed over the deed (Abel 263). The picture has always held the deed which is a way to escape from the house, but the picture instead holds the deed until it is useless. The picture therefore continues to punish the family for their vicious actions against the Maules. The picture remains with the family, just like the guilt that has been passed on generation from generation over the Colonels immoral treatment of Matthew Maule (Abel 260). Hawthorne has turned the portrait into a lasting symbol of the families torrid past. ...
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  • The Value Of Human Life - 1,322 words
    The Value Of Human Life The beliefs and views of modern society are hypocritical and unjust. By the time an individual matures from a young child to an adult, they have been taught an uncountable number of life lessons. One of the outstanding lessons that each and every person has learned is that killing another human being is wrong. This is perhaps the first recognizable lesson on the value of human life. Most children know that killing is against the law and learn religiously that it goes against all religious morals and beliefs, yet society is bombarded by violence everyday in the media and in real life. Today, the value of human life can be questioned, especially that of the young. Throu ...
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  • Title: Landfills Fact Is More Ominous Than Fiction It Has Long Been Believed That The Largest Entity Brought Upon The Earth B - 1,528 words
    Title: Landfills - Fact is more ominous than fiction It has long been believed that the largest entity brought upon the Earth by humankind is the Pyramid of the Sun, constructed in Mexico around the start of the Christian era. The mammoth structure commands nearly thirty million cubic feet of space. In contrast, however, is the Durham Road Landfill, outside San Francisco, which occupies over seventy million cubic feet of the biosphere. It is a sad monument, indeed, to the excesses of modern society [Gore 151]. One might assume such a monstrous mound of garbage is the largest thing ever produced by human hands. Unhappily, this is not the case. The Fresh Kills Landfill, located on Staten Islan ...
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