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  • Checks And Balances - 1,118 words
    ... er is that they simply could not. This being the case, it is necessary for judges to be able to use the Constitution as a blueprint, and to make decisions based on good judgment, not on laid out specific rules. Even with all of these proofs, one of the most solid pieces of evidence that leads to the conclusion that the Constitution should be used as a backbone for judges today is a direct quote once taken from James Madison stating that future generations will need to make "...useful alterations suggested by experience" (Scholastic Update, 4). One would figure that if this came from the mouth of one of the original framers, that it is the way it should be. It could mean that they purpose ...
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  • Constitutional Interpretation - 1,307 words
    Constitutional Interpretation Introduction In this essay I will try to explain and critique the two dominant methods of constitutional interpretation. Which are originalism and non-originalism. I will do this by taking help from "How to Read the Constitution" by Christopher Wolfe, and different source's from Internet. I will start by giving what Wolfe says originalism is, and then I will give some background to other ways to interpret the constitution, and the founders and interpretation and I will finish up with my view on originalism and non-originalism and the critics to that. Wolfe on Originalism Wolfe says that originalism is a two-fold doctrine. First, it holds that the constitution is ...
    Related: constitutional, constitutional interpretation, interpretation, free speech, judicial review
  • Stop Seeking Certainty Minows Response To Bork - 1,108 words
    "Stop Seeking Certainty.." Minow's Response To Bork Philosophy Of Law In considering the views of Robert Bork and Martha Minow, I am impressed more by Minow. I will compare their respective views and arguments in an effort to show why I prefer the arguments of Minow to those of Bork. First though it is necessary to have a brief overview of Bork's philosophy. Bork is a firm believer in the originalist mode of Constitutional interpretation. Many different scholars may have differing views as to the meaning of the word originalism. Here, it is intended to define "an.. approach to constitutional adjudication that accords binding authority to the text of the Constitution or the intentions of it's ...
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  • Stop Seeking Certainty Minows Response To Bork - 1,089 words
    ... s. To deny this effect is to delude ourselves. This is the reason that I hold the view that impartiality is a myth. Our socialization is integral to our being, we are humans, not machines, and as such are not immune from our inner stereotypes, prejudices and beliefs. In addition, Minow points out that true objectivity would require a "God's eye view" , that is, a view which is capable of seeing everything at once. This kind of view is obviously unattainable by humans, and as Minow points out "those who claim it are untruthful" (Minow, pp. 171). Third, the Borkian view, in it's quest for impartiality shows a distinct preference for deference to the legislature, and in doing so fails to be ...
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