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  • Atampt - 356 words
    AT&T AT&T In 1994 AT&T decided to bring the work to the worker, not the worker to the work. They created an alternative workplace (AW). Around 32,000 of their employees worked at home. AT&T was trying to see how far a company of their size and stature could go. AT&T was not the only place to try this. Some 30 million to 40 million employees in the United States work at home or are telecommuters. There are many reasons why companies change to an AW. First it reduces cost by a lot. AT&T for example has freed up some $550 million, which is a 30% improvement, by freeing up office space, and by reducing overhead costs. Another reason is that it causes a great potential for ...
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  • Collective Bargaining In The Workplace - 2,241 words
    ... d by the parties to be a legally enforceable contract unless the agreement - (a) is in writing, and (b) contains a provision which (however expressed) states that the parties intend that the agreement shall be a legally enforceable contract (2) Any collective agreement which does satisfy these conditions in subsection (1)(a) and (b) above shall be conclusively presumed to have been intended by the parties to be a legally enforceable contract.' There are four main advantages claimed for the legal enforcement of collective agreements: (a) collective agreements would have to become both more comprehensive and more precise in defining the rights and obligations of each party if their meaning ...
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  • Future Scaping Hr - 1,238 words
    ... s will now be explored in greater depth to help focus our thinking around strategic approaches to take in accomplishing work in organizations in the next century. Technology seems to have tree main effects on the workplace, which are:  The constraints of the physical facility no longer exist  Hours have extended to be on-call nearly 24 hours a day  Huge issues in personal time management. The virtual office has come about with the advent of the cell phone, pager, laptop, e-mail and other such electronic tasking devices. The good or bad new is that fewer people are normally in the physical office. The virtual office can be an advantage if it results in lower office ...
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  • History Of The Stock Market - 1,446 words
    History Of The Stock Market Once there was a time when shares in business corporations were rarely bought and sold because few companies were considered promising financial profits (Blume 21). That is hard to believe considering almost everybody has invested in some stock today. The stock market went through some distinct changes since its inception, and has evolved into a shaping force in the world today. There is one idea that sparked the fire which produced the stock market: capitalism. Everything the stock market is, and was, rooted in the basic idea of capitalism. Without that idea, stocks and bonds would never have come to be. Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of pr ...
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  • Homelessness Causes - 1,556 words
    Homelessness Causes "Being homeless is often defined as sleeping on the streets. Although this is the most visible and severe form of homelessness, there are many other types of acute housing need. These include living in temporary accommodation, poor or overcrowded conditions, or being in mortgage arrears and under threat of re-possession." (Hope 1986) It is a symptom of many complex problems: mental illness, emotional instability, illiteracy, chronic substance abuse, unemployment, and, most basic of all, breakdown of the family structure. Anyone can become homeless and the reasons that force people into homelessness are many and varied. The leading cause, however, of homelessness in the Un ...
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  • Lan Proposal - 1,076 words
    Lan Proposal Barrett & Barrett Advertising NJ is the newly established satellite office of Barrett & Barrett Advertising CA. Due to their increasing number of East Coast clientele, they have opened a satellite office to accommodate that business. B & B Advertising currently employs 56 people, 5 of which will transfer to the NJ office upon final renovations. Although a small outfit by number, gross sales for fiscal year 1998 exceeded $18,000,000.00. B & B CAs current computer usage is significantly high. Their need for efficient graphic capability requires them to maintain state of the art software and hardware. However B & B has stressed that user friendliness is a higher priority. B & B NJ ...
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  • London Docklands - 1,722 words
    London Docklands London Docklands "Evaluate the success of the economic, social and physical regeneration of The London Docklands." In Medieval times development occurred on the Thames, where Romans had once settled. Growth of shipbuilding industry led to the development of this area. The London Docks were built between 1700 and 1921. The reason was to ease congestion on the Thames between ships, and the lock gates helped to control the water level in the river. Security was also improved within the docks because of the high walls around the dock basins. The Eastend of London developed around the Docks. At the docks hay day London was at the centre of world trade. However in 1967 the docks s ...
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  • Portrait Of A Companies Success - 3,046 words
    Portrait Of A Companies Success Portrait of a Companys Success by Introduction One can hardly find a party without them, the Kelly products: Popcorn, chips, peanuts have been keeping the American Party flair going for more than 40 years. Kellys is a brilliant Viennese company with a long traditional success story. The crunch-munch story began in Vienna during the post wartime, 1955. The US major Howard M. Kelly tried to find a way to stay in beautiful Vienna he met Herbert Rast. In 1955 nobody in Austria wanted to eat popcorn. And so the two of them showed the Austrians that eating popcorn in cinemas is a great experience. The two founded the first American popcorn company with the motto: I ...
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  • President Of Us - 1,235 words
    President of US The President of the United States - this title has come to earn so much honor, as it is considered "the most powerful elected official in the world" (World Book). Some of Americas most distinguished men were once presidents, and we recall such great names as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. This prestigious position is not something one is just handed, and when one does obtain it, it is very hard work. In this paper, I will help illustrate the role of the President, and his/her affect on our American Government. The position of President was created during and immediately after the Revolutionary War under laws called the Article ...
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  • Telecommunications Amp Networking Report - 2,198 words
    Telecommunications & Networking Report Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter! Telecommunications & Networking Report 1. 23-Sep-99: "Free Web Services Challenge AOLs Dominance" - Internet business analysts generally are not yet convinced of the viability of the free web service business model for bring profitable. None-the-less, most agree that the free access will probably take a significant chunk of AOLs market share before running out of investors money. 2. 23-Sep-99: " Builds White Pages for Web Phone Calls" - has unveiled plans to simplify the routing of phone calls over the Internet. They will provide a directory service which will p ...
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  • Telecommunications Amp Networking Report - 2,276 words
    ... ons Tycoon. 40. 11-Nov-99: "Telecom Start-Up Sees Gold in Copper Lines" Advanced Switching Communications (ASC) plans to build a low-cost product to harness the existing infrastructure of copper lines in providing a single set of equipment to link to access technologies. ASC has developed a box which will convert data from DSL, T-1 and traditional twisted pair wires and move it onto the Internet. The product is fully scalable as additional bandwidth is needed, adding to its potential as a viable alternative for consumer data access. 41. 16-Nov-99: "Sony and 3Com to Jointly Develop New Palm Products" Sony & 3Com struck a deal where Sony will be able to use Palms operating system, wh ...
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  • Telecommuting: The Evolution Of A New Work Environment - 1,446 words
    Telecommuting: The Evolution of a New Work Environment David Hess The days of reporting to the office at 8:00 am, taking lunch at noon, and driving home at 5:00, have eroded over the past few decades. People today are faced with different situations that make this type of routine unfeasible if they want to have a career. Women are no longer the stay-at-home moms that they use to be. Many families are force into having a dual career household to make ends meet or single parenting has not left that as an option. Businesses have had to make changes too if they want to keep the employees that they have and also to get the employees they want. Until the dawning of the age of computers and connect ...
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  • Telecommuting: The Evolution Of A New Work Environment - 1,433 words
    ... r people to work from home they have to be able to get through this protection layer and they themselves are not protected by any type of firewall. It is believed that telecommuters pose the biggest threat to security. Home workers like to have a sense of control over their machines that is not found in the workplace. Many people not only use their home computers for work but also for personal use and because of this want as little restrictions placed on their systems. The telecommuter also is able to disable many of the security features put in place because of the access they need to be given. The use of VPN's also work as a way to bring in email that may contain viruses to the main co ...
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  • The Empire State Building - 1,170 words
    The Empire State Building The Empire State Building The granddaddy of all skyscrapers and now a National Historic Landmark, the Empire State Building (ESB), with its central Manhattan location, offers the best views of New York City. It is still one of the world's tallest buildings. This New York icon was completed in 1931. Its famous Art Deco spire, visible throughout much of New York, is immortalized in countless movies, including King Kong and Sleepless in Seattle. The Empire State Building is located in Manhattan at 350 Fifth Avenue, between Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth Street. The building's splendor and lift, its very being remain a magical presence, a cynosure for the city's residen ...
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  • The Law Of All Land - 1,673 words
    The Law Of All Land The Law of All Lands: A Study of Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges I. Introduction A Brief History of Diplomacy II. Related Terms in Diplomacy III. United Nations Legislation A. Vienna Conventions 1961 and 1963 B. Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976 and Diplomatic Relations Act of 1978 C. General Assembly Resolution IV. U.S. Policy on Diplomatic Immunity V. Abuses of Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges VI. Conclusion VII. Appendices VIII. Bibliography I. INTRODUCTION A Brief History of Diplomacy Sadaam Hussein emerged as public enemy number one because of his blatant disregard to international law and relations, in his continued hostage hold of U.S. diplomats. ...
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  • The Us Constitution - 1,033 words
    ... ished by Congress is hierarchical. The highest court, the Supreme Court, is located in Washington D.C. and consists of nine justices, there are eleven Circuit Courts of Appeals distributed throughout the country, and approximately ninety federal District Courts (Holder 40). Judicial power extends to all cases in which law and equity arise under the Constitution (Holder 42). The Supreme Court consists of eight associate justices and the chief justice, all appointed by the president with the consent of the Senate. Members of the Court are appointed for life terms and can be removed only by resignation or impeachment (Holder 44). Over time, the United States Government has grown steadily in ...
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  • Two Years After The Death Of Mao Zedong In 1976, It Became - 2,268 words
    Two years after the death of Mao Zedong in 1976, it became apparent to many of China's leaders that economic reform was necessary. During his tenure as China's premier, Mao had encouraged social movements such as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution which had had as their bases ideologies such as serving the people and maintaining the class struggle. By 1978 "Chinese leaders were searching for a solution to serious economic problems produced by Hua Guofeng, the man who had succeeded Mao Zedong as CCP leader after Mao's death" (Shirk 35). Hua had demonstrated a desire to continue the ideologically based movements of Mao. Unfortunately, these movements had left China in a state w ...
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  • What Is The Nature And Substance Of Organisational Culture To What Extent Can It Be Changed - 1,322 words
    What Is The Nature And Substance Of Organisational Culture? To What Extent Can It Be Changed? Culture, the acquired knowledge that people use to interpret experience and generate social behaviour (Spradley, 1979, p. 5), provides people with a way of seeing the world. It categorizes, encodes, and otherwise defines the world in which they live. Whenever people learn a culture, they are to some extent imprisoned without knowing it. Anthropologists talk of this as being culture bound--i.e., living inside a particular reality. References to culture have long abounded in professional literature. However, it is only fairly recently that the literature shows references to culture as a lens through w ...
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