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  • Black Americans - 1,275 words
    Black Americans Black Americans are those persons in the United States who trace their ancestry to members of the Negroid race in Africa. They have at various times in United States history been referred to as African, coloured, Negro, Afro-American, and African-American, as well as black. The black population of the United States has grown from three-quarters of a million in 1790 to nearly 30 million in 1990. As a percentage of the total population, blacks declined from 19.3 in 1790 to 9.7 in 1930. A modest percentage increase has occurred since that time. Over the past 300 and more years in the United States, considerable racial mixture has taken place between persons of African descent an ...
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  • John Muirexplorer, Writer, And Conservationistwas Born On April 21, 1838 In Dunbar, - 968 words
    John Muir--explorer, writer, and conservationist--was born on April 21, 1838 in Dunbar, Scotland. Until the age of eleven he attended the local schools of that small coastal town. In 1849, the Muir family emigrated to the United States, settling first at Fountain Lake and then moving to Hickory Hill Farm near Portage, Wisconsin. Muir's father was a harsh disciplinarian and worked his family from dawn to dusk. Whenever they were allowed a short period away from the plow and hoe, Muir and his younger brother would roam the fields and woods of the rich Wisconsin countryside. John became more and more the loving observer of the natural world. He also became an inventor, a carver of curious but p ...
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  • Rocky Mountains - 3,661 words
    ... rp. Historically, a number of Native American peoples lived in the valley along the Missouri, including the Hidatsa, Crow, Iowa, Arikara, Blackfoot, and Sioux. The region was popular for buffalo hunting and agriculture, and the tribes used the river for commerce. In 1673 French-Canadian explorer Louis Jolliet and French missionary and explorer Jacques Marquette became the first Europeans to discover the Missouri when they came across the lower river during a journey down the Mississippi. The lower river became an important route for fur traders, who began to venture farther up the river. During the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804 to 1806, American explorers Meriwether Lewis and Willia ...
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  • The American Delima - 373 words
    The American Delima The Younger family is a sterling example of a typical black, urban, Northern United States family living in Southern Chicago subsequent to World War II. Their life is not an easy one, as they endure daily indignities and sufferings while trying to measure out their existence on a very uneven playing field. Indeed African Americans face many hardships; many of which are self-induced whilst others are imposed upon them by the dominant culture that exists. I. Pride is an expensive luxury that the Younger family seems to have an addiction to, however, it later serves as a character defining virtue that allows the Younger family to escape their current state of depravity and m ...
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