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  • 100 Years Of Degradation - 1,060 words
    100 Years Of Degradation Students were assigned this essay as an inside look at oppression and racism from the last one hundred years, told by two elderly ladies in the book, Having Our Say. 100 Years of Degradation There are several books that have to be read in English 095. Having Our Say is one of them. My advice is to read this book while you are still in 090 or 094, just to get the advantage. These are some things that you will discover in this extraordinary biography. This book is tough to take as humorous, because its heart-wrenching to look at racism in America, but Having Our Say, manages to pull off the feat. Having Our Say really makes you think and tries to somehow reflect on the ...
    Related: degradation, public school system, rights movement, school teacher, negro
  • Beethoven, Berloiz, And Chopin - 1,380 words
    ... she was in financial hardship so she decided to meet Berlioz. She saw him as a way out of debt, so on October 3, 1833, they were married. In December, he gave a performance of King Lear, after which Paganini gave him great praise, and they developed a friendship. Berlioz wrote a piece for him and turned it into Harold in Italy. In 1834, they had a son, Louis. Harriet's acting career failed, and her beauty and health were fading fast. She soon began drinking and was turning into a shrew. Berlioz could not deal with her anymore, and moved out and took a mistress named Marie Recio, and opera singer. The next few years after that, he traveled a lot with success in Germany, Russia and London ...
    Related: chopin, yellow fever, george sand, early years, rondo
  • Frederic Chopin - 1,114 words
    Frederic Chopin Frederic Chopin, the Polish composer and pianist, was born on March 1,1810, according to the statements of the artist himself and his family, but according to his baptismal certificate, which was written several weeks after his birth, the date was 22 February. His birthplace was the village of Zelazowa Wola, part of the Duchy of Warsaw. The musical talent of Frederic became apparent extremely early on, and it was compared with the childhood genius of Mozart. Already at the age of 7, Frederic was the author of two polonaises, the first being published in the engraving workshop of Father Cybulski. The prodigy was featured in the Warsaw newspapers, and little Chopin became the a ...
    Related: chopin, frederic, frederic chopin, folk music, piano music
  • Listening Assignments For Brooklyn College 22 - 1,282 words
    Listening Assignments For Brooklyn College 2.2 Brooklyn College Instructor R. Janssen 7/15 Listening Assignment # 1 Organ Fugue in G Minor, J.S. Bach, p109-110 A highness in the pitch is the frequency in the vibrations are getting faster. A second tone is getting introduced, there is an interval between them. This second tone is low, as it gets louder the vibrations increase. It is the same tone in the first part, but the octave changes to low and high and the vibrations increase introducing other tones. In Class: The pitches of the melody are high, there are many pitches from low to high. There are three layers of pitches making every layer sound distinct. the music becomes more intense and ...
    Related: brooklyn, brooklyn college, listening, young child, good time
  • Listening Assignments For Brooklyn College 22 - 1,236 words
    ... ive throughout the song, but again I would never be able to repeat it back correctly. It doesn't seem as if there a motive but there is theme. 7/22 Listening Assignment #5 Major Minor Neither Organ Fugue in G Minor, J.S. Bach Rite of Spring, I. Stravinsky Loengrin, Wagner Take the A train, Stray horn Britten, guide to the Orchestra Ritual Melodies, Harvey Major Minor Neither Mara-Bihag Song from Angola Hallelujah,G.F. Handel Alleluia: Vidimus stellam La Primavera, A Vivaldi Symphony #40, W. A. Mozart Nocturne, F. Chopin Five Pieces for Orchestra 7/26 Listening Assignment #6 Alleluia: Vidimus stellam Monophonic male voices. Music flows out of a regular meter from beginning to end. This is ...
    Related: brooklyn, brooklyn college, listening, string quartet, middle ages
  • The Life And Works Of Frederick Chopin - 1,181 words
    The Life And Works Of Frederick Chopin The Life and Works of Frederick Chopin The 1830s have been called the decade of the piano because during that period the piano and the music written for it played a dominant role in European musical culture. The piano had, of course, already been popular for more than half a century, but by the third decade of the nineteenth century, changes in the instrument and its audience transformed the piano's role in musical life. As the Industrial Revolution hit its stride, piano manufacturers developed methods for building many more pianos than had previously been feasible, and at lower cost. Pianos ceased to be the exclusive province of the wealthy; an expandi ...
    Related: chopin, frederick, franz liszt, industrial revolution, explore
  • Walkthrough - 1,217 words
    ... raise the water to the third level. Now put on your iron boots and sink to the bottom. Go through the north passage all the way then turn around and face up. You should see a longshot target, so fire your longshot at it. Now turn around to see a locked door with a longshot target above it. Fire the longshot over there to get to the door. Now open it and get to a room with many tektites and whirlpools. Put your iron boots on and jump in so you don't get sucked down the whirlpool. When you get to the other side, get up to the ledge and open the door. Now you will get to a room with a switch. Now jump up to the left ledge and blow up the wall with bombs. Now push the block as far as it will ...
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