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  • Drugs And Their Effects On Business - 1,068 words
    Drugs And Their Effects On Business Drugs are used heavily for recreational purposes. It is becoming more common for addicts to get high at work. Stoned workers are inefficient and are costing companies millions in accidents and los t productivity. Searches to catch users have raised questions of the right to privacy. The problem has become so big that companies have banded together to form rehabilitation programs to help the affected workers. Drug use affects employees for one re ason or another in every position of a company, and this greatly reduces the efficiency of those employees, and this has prompted companies to initiate illegal searches, which question the rights of employees, and ...
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  • Pacific War - 1,912 words
    Pacific War Pacific War World War II was fought across more land and involved more men than any other war in the history of human civilization. Never before or since has there been a war of such vast importance and of such a large scale. The United States had an absolutely crucial role in the outcome of this war. The U.S. was faced with the colossal challenge of waging two wars at the same time on two very different parts of the planet. The European front was, of course, the more obvious of the two considering the undeniable atrocities and evils that were being committed by Adolf Hitler. Involvement on the European front was inevitable and, generally more accessible for U.S. forces. Less tha ...
    Related: eastern pacific, pacific, pacific islands, south pacific, japanese imperial
  • The Battle At Midway - 2,307 words
    The Battle at Midway Nothing distinguished the dawn of June 2, 1942, from countless other dawns that had fallen over tiny Midway atoll in the North Pacific. Nothing, that is, except the tension, the electric tension of men waiting for an enemy to make his move. On Midway's two main islands, Sand and Eastern, 3,632 United States Navy and Marine Corps personnel, along with a few Army Air Force aircrews, stood at battle stations in and near their fighters, bombers, and seaplanes, waiting for the Japanese attack they had been expecting for weeks. The carrier battle of Midway, one of the decisive naval battles in history, is well documented. But the role played by the Midway garrison, which manne ...
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  • The Bomb That Saved Millions - 1,496 words
    The Bomb That Saved Millions The Terror that Saved Millions The atomic bomb and it's use over the two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is still a source of heated debate even over fifty years later. Many people on both sides -Japan and The United States- hold the belief that Truman's decision to drop the bomb was a mistake and that under no circumstances should such drastic measures be taken in war. What these people do not realize are the far more horrible alternatives than the destruction of just two cities: an invasion of mainland Japan where millions of more deaths would have occurred, Soviet aid resulting in the division of Japan into a communist nation and the destruction of t ...
    Related: atomic bomb, bomb, japanese culture, president harry truman, terror
  • Tom Clancy: Believable Plots - 1,116 words
    ... ife, too." (pg. 211, TCTK) His misfortunes caused by the State created a realistic reaction of a human being. Filitov turned against the Soviet Union and became an American spy. The defection was easily accepted by the reader because of Filitov's past and reason for anger and lost trust for the Soviet State. With a realistic character and importance which Filitov held as a spy helped develop a believable plot. Another character in TCTK who greatly contributed to the plot's approval by the reader was the behaviour of a true Communist and a human being, Colonel Vatutin. He, like many other characters, made decisions based on his beliefs about the State and also out of fear for losing power ...
    Related: york prentice, great britain, soviet state, imagining, bureaucracy
  • Whats Wrong With The Military Budget - 937 words
    What's Wrong With The Military Budget Jerry Batorski English II Honors Whats Wrong With The Military Budget? The cold war is over so we dont need to spend so much money on the military, many people say after the military budget grows each year. That is an understandable statement to say, backed with much evidence of misuse in the government. Money in the military is sometimes used on useless things that just cost an incredible amount, but serve no practical use. The budget needs to cut back in certain areas such as buying new weapons and researching new weapon technologies. The current military budget is approximately $291 billion dollars and that is not even enough to satisfy what the milit ...
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  • World War 2 - 1,135 words
    World War 2 1.1 HARRY S. TRUMAN & THE BOMB A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY 1.2 Robert H. Ferrell editor with commentary 1.3 High Plains Publishing Company, Inc. 1.4 1996 1.5 Chapters: 21, Pages: 125 2.1 The title fits the story line because the story is about Trumans decision on dropping the atomic bomb. This is a non-fiction book that includes diary entries, letters, White House press releases, and handwritten notes by Truman. These documents are from 1945-1958 and are all related in the decision to drop the atomic bomb. 2.2 The authors points are that Truman used all available sources to help him make the decision of dropping the bomb (military advisors, scientists, what he saw in Germany) and he be ...
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