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  • Nikola Tesla - 1,073 words
    Nikola Tesla My great grandmother was born on September 30, 1895 in Strum, Wisconsin, and used to tell us the most important invention for the home, in her lifetime, was the clothes washing machine. Now history always seems to make the present era seem more civilized, when in fact, it is probably only cleaner, thanks to my grandmother's favorite invention. But, I wonder if it is easier. Certainly, there were many patents issued in the 1880's for inventions that truly would change the lives of future generations, and a handful of these amazing contrivances would have a great impact on that which is truly important to an industrialized nation: the machinery that speeds business, business being ...
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  • Nikola Tesla - 1,053 words
    ... m into the shapes of famous scientists' names - the first neon signs that we See all around us today. I almost forgot - Tesla designed the world's first hydroelectric plant, located in Niagara Falls. He also patented the first speedometer for cars. Word began to spread about his AC system and it eventually reached the ears of one George Westinghouse. Tesla signed a contract with Westinghouse under which he would receive $2.50 for each kilowatt of AC electricity sold. Suddenly, Tesla had the cash to start conducting all the experiments he ever dreamed of. But Edison had too much money invested in his DC system, so Tommy did his best to discredit Tesla around every turn. Edison constantly ...
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  • Attention Deficit Disorder Is The Subject Of Two Widely Challenged Debates In Medicinal Practice And Theory One, The Argument - 1,262 words
    Attention deficit disorder is the subject of two widely challenged debates in medicinal practice and theory. One, the argument for ADD being a clinical and mental "disorder", is in favor of medical treatment, claiming the diagnosis is attributable to brain damage or neurological defects. The second gives an alternative idea behind ADD, stating that people showing traits of the disorder often exemplify characteristics such as creativity, inventiveness, and even giftedness. As a rising percentage of children are being diagnosed with the disorder, more and more research has been called for, in an attempt to find an actual cause. ADD is classified as multi-factorial, meaning that multiple reason ...
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  • Robots: Their Past And Future - 683 words
    ROBOTS: THEIR PAST AND FUTURE Past: It was approximately 3,000 years ago when the first signs of a robot appeared. The Iliad mentions a mobile tripod and in the myth Jason and the Argonauts a giant sentinel by the name of Talos is talked about. These weren't real life robots, so when did the first robot appear. From what people think robots are today really is a far cry from the actual first robots. The abacus or bead-adding machine was the first computer and was used as far back as 1000 B.C.. Then there were Automatons which were scale models of creatures that moved. One of which used water to move it, it was called Hercules Killing the Dragon. It was made about 300 B.C. by Hero. William Ou ...
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  • Thomas Alva Edison - 857 words
    Thomas Alva Edison Thomas Alva Edison was the most famous and prolific inventor of all time. During his life, over 1100 patents were issued to him or his associates; he was known as the wizard of Menlo Park, the town in New Jersey where he set up his first invention factory. Yet he was not really a scientist, having no theory or mathematics, and most of his success came from perfecting the ideas of others or already existing inventions by trial and error. He learned telegraphy on the railway, and his services as a telegrapher were in demand during the Civil War, when he traveled all over the country, incidentally studying electricity. In 1868 came his first invention: a machine to record vot ...
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  • What Is Radar - 1,103 words
    What Is Radar The word "radar" was invented by scientists of the United States Navy during World War II. The word comes from the first letters in the term "radio detection and ranging.""Detection," as used here, means finding an object or target by sending out a radio signal that will bounce back off the target as a radio echo. "Ranging" means measuring the distance to the target from the radar set(the device tat sends out the radio signal and picks up the returning echo). Radar set on the ground uses radio echoes to locate aircraft, ships, and other objects. Radar sets can locate artificial satellites and spacecraft thousands of kilometres from the earth. They can find such "targets" even i ...
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