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  • A Midsummer Night Dream - 1,514 words
    A Midsummer Night Dream Jennifer Lopez Period 7 English Book Report The Mixed up Troubles of Love A Midsummer's Night Dream is one of Shakespeare's romantic/comedy plays. This play is about love and all the troubles that it brings to people. It also has a side story about a pompous actor who has a mysterious dream in the forest. The four main characters are all trying to find love with one another and when magic is involved it causes more cause between the four than it does to help. The play is set in Monte Athena, Italy in the nineteenth century. The main characters are the four lovers Hermia, Lysander, Helena and Demetrius. The Duke and his fiance Queen Hipolyta, Puck the mischievous creat ...
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  • A Midsummers Night Dream - 594 words
    A Midsummers Night Dream A MidSummers Night Dream One of Shakespeares better plays, A MidSummers Night Dream incorporates 4 plots in one. It intertwines these four plots without mixing the characters or the themes. They come out of the blue with all different themes that somehow lead to the forest every time. The forest is enchanted with a sense of lawlessness and and it all traces back to Adam and Eve. The title of this play has to do with the summer and how it brings about the good vibes in people. The four stories all happen somewhere in the woods where either the parents or society cannot touch the people who are bothered by the outside world. This quote, And in the wood, where often yo ...
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  • Mid Summer Night Dream - 495 words
    Mid Summer Night Dream A Mid Summer Nights Dream True love never runs a smooth coarse. And this is quit evident in a Mid Summer Night's dream. The young love of two people is far more powerful than one thinks. And at the end true love will prevail no matter what gets in the way. Hermia and Lysander are the two lovers where nothing goes their way. Their love is so strong that nothing shall get in the way of true love. Hermia is faced with a decision to marry Demetrius, the man she doesn't love, or be faced with death. The father of Hermia is the one setting up the marriage between the two. There love is so strong that they will let nothing stop them, so they run away together into the woods. ...
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  • Midsummer Night Dream - 1,648 words
    Midsummer Night Dream Sometimes in our lives reality can seem like a dream come true, in "A Midsummer Night's Dream," by William Shakespeare, to the characters, their dreams are reality. Shakespeare focuses on comic love scenes to portray dream within reality and reality within dreams. This play takes you to a fantasy world where fairies live and pixie dust is real and where anything is possible. In this world, dreams become reality and reality is alluded as a dream. The first act gives us a look at our first conflict. Hermia is betrothed to Demetrius by her father Egeus. Hermia is in love with Lysander because, as her father describes it, Lysander has "by moonlight.... interchanged love tok ...
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  • Midsummers Night Dream - 1,933 words
    Midsummer's Night Dream So often, when books or plays get made into movies, the whole story is butchered, and the final outcome is uninteresting. This is not the case for A Midsummer-Nights Dream. The movie A Midsummer-Nights Dream was extremely well acted out , and had an entertaining plot that kept its viewers intrigued. Its plot was fun and dream-like that kept its viewers entertained. The story line and critical elements were well acted out exciting to follow. Shakespeare created many parallels between this play and that of Hamlet. Overall this was a very good movie, one that I would definitely one that I would tell a friend about. The action in A Midsummer-Nights Dream takes place in my ...
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  • A Mid Summer Nights Dream Film Analysis - 1,207 words
    A Mid Summer Night's Dream Film Analysis A Mid Summer Night's Dream Film Analysis A Mid summer Night's Dream is another entry into Shakespeare's recent rebirth on film. Michael Hoffman's film dose not stay true to the text, but he must take liberties to allow for this classic story to be entertaining to today's audience. In this essay I will discuss the differences between the text vision and the film vision of this story from the historical setting, the time placement, Hoffman's personal adaptations, and finally Hoffman's character adaptations. In Michael Hoffman's film of William Shakespeare's a Midsummer Night's Dream, Hoffman has made some changes to the location and historical aspects o ...
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  • Long Days Journey Into Night - 1,206 words
    Long Days Journey Into Night It is understandable that so many people in our class did not find the last act of Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey Into Night a satisfying one; there is no tidy ending, no goodbye kisses or murder confessions; none of the charaters leave the stage with flowers in their hands or with smiles on their faces and none of the characters give explanatory monologues after the curtain falls, as we've become accustomed to by reading so much Shakespeare. O'Neill, though, isn't Shakespeare and Long Days Journey Into Night is as different from, say, A Midsummer's Night Dream or Twelfth Night than a pint of stout ale is from a glass of light chardonney. It is because of th ...
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  • Shakespeare Overall Essay: History And Effects On History - 1,629 words
    Shakespeare Overall Essay: History And Effects On History SHAKESPEARE Let me tell you a story of two young lovers torn apart by the wrath of their parents oh, you've heard this one already? How about the story of the evil villain plotting to overthrow his king? Heard that one too? Surprisingly enough, these stories came into creation over two hundred years ago. The wonder lies not in the stories, but in the man behind them. William Shakespeare is really the defining icon for modern literature. Because of his plays, prose, and poems; the works of Shakespeare are considered to be some of the finest literature ever written. His stories established a foundation off which thousands of dramas, rom ...
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  • What Makes Us Love - 421 words
    What Makes Us Love? What makes us love? This question has been studied for centuries by philosophers, scientists, and even writers in search of a sensible answer. Shakespeare, for one, explored many ideas to justify love. In his play, "A Midsummers Night Dream", he lists various thoughts on what he thinks causes people to love. Some are overwhelmingly ridiculous, while others make some sense. One of his far-fetched answers as to how people fall in love was Cupid. He believed Cupid would shoot his arrows of love into individuals, and they would magically fall for the next person they saw. "Cupid all armed. A certain aim he took/At a fair vestal throned by the west,/ and loosed his love-shaft ...
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