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  • Antigone Jenny Peterson - 398 words
    Antigone Jenny Peterson Antigone Jenny Peterson In our society today, movies and television shows are being broadcast all over the world to many genders, races, and ages. Some of these shows involve many violent topics and situations. For example, the news qualifies as a violent shows because three fourths of every broadcast involves a violent situation. The next generation of adults is exposed to this violence everyday, thinking its cool or acceptable. I think that if teenagers witness the violent actions in person they would react differently than seeing them on TV. The violent scenes in Antigone are much like crimes that occur everyday. For example, a gang related crime can be compared to ...
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  • Are Societies Ills The Fault Of Rock Music - 558 words
    Are Societies Ill's The Fault Of Rock Music? Rock has been blamed for many things in society such as rape, murder, and suicide. It's human nature to both need a reason for why something happens, and to pass the blame to someone and/or something else. In 1690's Salem, witches were blamed for all misfortune and innocents were hung. In 1930's and 1940's Germany, the Jewish faction of society was blamed for all that was wrong, and put to death. Now in the 1990's and 2000 music is blamed, will it have the same fate? Music has noconsciouness, will of it's own, or any inherent good and evil. Yet we blame rock for driving people to commit heinous crimes. Rock is not a living thing, it's not a virus ...
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  • Danforth - 731 words
    Danforth "I can't believe the news today, I can't close my eyes, and make it go away." -Hewson Judges, by their very nature, are used to protect and uphold certain societal values which the majority deems necessary. If you ignore the majority, then you become somewhat of a tyrant, if you ignore the minority, then you really step into danger. The minority is always the group that uprises, that is just a logical conclusion, seeing how if the majority wanted to uprise, it would have already occurred. Danforth decides that he can somehow sustain the outcry from the majority, and the anger of the minority. Danforth isn't a judge, he is an executioner. Piling stones atop an old man's chest isn't j ...
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  • Death Penalty - 499 words
    Death Penalty A Time to Play God In national news today, a black man from southern Texas was killed today. He was brutally beaten and than roped to the back of a pick-up and dragged to his death. This isnt all too uncommon to hear in todays news and if anything I think that we have grown numb and gotten use to hearing things of this nature. I dont think that crimes are getting more gruesome, but it does seem that they are becoming more frequent. Either way whether or not they are becoming more frequent there is no cure for the problem. There have been plenty of talks in the recent presidential debates about the death penalty, and many discussions of George Bushes fancy for it and in many cas ...
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  • Fidelity In Movies - 1,299 words
    Fidelity In Movies In today's society, fidelity is something that most people no longer pay mind to. It has become so common to lie or cheat in a relationship that it is not looked at as a loss of moral values for most of today's modern and more liberal society. It is rather unfortunate because I believe that the ability to maintain proper morals and values, or to instill them into those that are our future plays an important role in our lives today. In the Webster's Dictionary the noun, fidelity, is written to mean the quality or state of being faithful. This can be taken in a number of ways depending on the relationship two people may have. For example, the relationship between a parent an ...
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  • Media Paper - 635 words
    Media Paper In the news today, especially on the internet, issues written that are written about are going to have a certain bias. One of the reasons is because anyone can have website if they have a computer and the proper software. Therefore instead of getting one opinion, or one outlook on stories, news, debates etc., you can get both sides of the story and therefore make your opinion. On the four outlets of these stories you will see how they treat stories differently, or in some cases dont even carry them. The minute you load up the MSNBC website you can clearly see that they have money. There site is very well thought out they give you options for local news and have pictures and the n ...
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  • Pornography On The Internet - 1,895 words
    Pornography On The Internet Pornography It started by way of messengers and scribes, evolved through the presentation of newspapers and radio, brought us together with television, and now serves us world-wide by the ever-popular Internet. It is the mass media, and even from the beginning it has contributed greatly in ways that both enlighten and enrich society, and ways that deteriorate and corrupt it. It is not a surprise to learn, then, that the mass media is the most powerful source of information we have, and nothing else in todays world influences public perception quite as heavily. Unfortunately, most of what is broadcast in the news today is something that society as a whole sees as n ...
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  • The Entertainemnt Industry - 1,070 words
    The Entertainemnt Industry In the past five years, the entertainment industry has been more and more focused on the idea of reality-based entertainment. This vast desire for seemingly live television has made a great impact upon major network television stations. Shows such as MTVs Real World and CBSs Survivor are great indicators of societys obsession with drama in a live situation. It seems our infatuation with these shows stems from our desire to focus our attention away from our own tribulations and focus on problems elsewhere. Our mysterious want for conflict among others has forced many networks to provoke such drama, for example in Survivor, where castaways are forced to take sides an ...
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  • Twilight Zone - 1,063 words
    Twilight Zone Enter sounds of the Twilight Zone Mona: waving the multicolored flashlight. Our setting is a very boring planet in the middle of two points in the galaxy. This planet is doomed for destruction by the Galactic Hyperspace Planning Council to make way for a hyperspatial express route that will run through our star system. This is a special report from The United Relocation Committee in the hopes of preparing the majority of the population for the inevitable move to Earth. This report is designed to help with synthesizing our Altarian culture to that of the Earth. Earth, as you all know, is the best chance for creating homeostatic environment between two cultures, one of which is o ...
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