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  • Thomas Jefferson, Third President Of The United States, Was One Of The Most Brilliant Men - 1,061 words
    Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, was one of the most brilliant men in history. His interests were boundless, and his accomplishments were great and varied. He was a philosopher, educator, naturalist, politician, scientist, architect, inventor, pioneer in scientific farming, musician, and writer, and was the foremost spokesmen for democracy in his day. He was born at Shadwell in Goochland County, Virginia on April 13, 1743, to Jane Randolph and Peter Jefferson. Jefferson Graduated from the college of William and Mary in 1760 (Adams, Page #26). His interest in science was fostered by Dr. William Small, teacher of mathematics and philosophy, who introduced him to Gov. Fra ...
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  • Toshiba - 1,563 words
    Toshiba Paula Dean April 27, 2000 Strategic Management Case Study Toshiba: The Future is Theirs In 1875 Hisashige Tanaka established Tanaka Seizo-sho, Japan's first manufacturer of telegraphic equipment. The company thrived for over 60 years as an independent entity. In 1890, Hakunetsu-sha & Co., Ltd, was founded. It was Japan's first manufacturing facility of electric incandescent lamps. Then in 1939, the two companies merged to become Tokyo Shibaura Denki. They were now an electric equipment manufacturer. The company's reputation was established rapidly and they soon became known simply as Toshiba. They made this official with the name change to Toshiba in 1978. Throughout the company's lo ...
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  • Tycho Brahe - 746 words
    Tycho Brahe Tycho Brahe Tyge (Latinized as Tycho) Brahe was born on 14 December 1546 in Skane, then in Denmark, now in Sweden. He was the eldest son of Otto Brahe and Beatte Bille, both from families in the high nobility of Denmark. He was brought up by his paternal uncle Jrgen Brahe and became his heir. He attended the universities of Copenhagen and Leipzig, and then traveled through the German region, studying further at the universities of Wittenberg, Rostock, and Basel. During this period his interest in alchemy and astronomy was aroused, and he bought several astronomical instruments. In 1572 Tycho observed the new star in Cassiopeia and published a brief tract about it the following ye ...
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  • Ufos: Fact Or Fiction - 2,026 words
    Ufos: Fact Or Fiction? Unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, are one of the most controversial mysteries known to mankind. From ancient to present times, unidentified objects have been seen in the sky by millions of people. The question is, of course, what is it that we are seeing in our skies? Are they foreign spacecrafts from distant planets, merely Air Force experiments, or only our imagination? Many people believe that extraterrestrial life is existent and far more advanced then us. Conversely, many believe that aliens are just figments of our optimistic imaginations. What about our governments? Are they hiding vital information from us, the citizens of the world, in belief that we are b ...
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  • Ufos: Fact Or Fiction - 2,028 words
    ... hich explains UFO reports. This hypothesis declares that there is no need to consider pseudoscientific or more exotic hypotheses; there is certainly no justification for the idea that UFO reports represent evidence for the activity of aliens or paranormal influences (Amateur 15). The similar appearances of UFOs are easily explained using the mirage theory. Stars and planets can be seen from anywhere on Earth. Our atmosphere is as likely to produce an inverted reflection (mirage) in one place as another. Moreover, the few basic shapes reported are consistent with the protean forms seen in mirages, especially the double ᠆ ...
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  • Upon Examining Issues Of Mind And Thought, The Questions Of Artificial Intelligence And Its Capabilities Become Important Con - 1,497 words
    Upon examining issues of mind and thought, the questions of artificial intelligence and its capabilities become important considerations for answering the ultimate question of what thought truly is. Computerized calculation is one of the few events that is somewhat analogous to human cognitive thought, so the extension of this current technology to more advanced future applications makes it a very interesting testing area for questions into consciousness. If one concludes that the advancement from cash registers to present day computers is a step closer to human thought, then we must concede that progressing technology will bring us closer and perhaps to the very point of true cognitive skil ...
    Related: artificial, artificial intelligence, examining, intelligence, personal identity
  • Us Politics And Foreign Policy - 576 words
    US Politics and Foreign Policy Letter to the editor, Re: American Reluctance After decades of so called healthy, democratically provoked American military intervention in Central America, why is it the U.S. is reluctant to invade Haiti and restore the popular, and of course, democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide? What is Mr. Aristide? Basically, he is a social democrat, who has seen and is dedicated to helping the poor. He was attempting to improve the lives of the indigent Haitians through some redistribution of wealth and land reform, which are initiatives abhorred by all previous, and maybe following, U.S. administrations. What of George Bush? You could say that these a ...
    Related: foreign policy, external affairs, northwest territories, george bush, wanting
  • Violence And Television - 1,090 words
    Violence and Television Boink! Boom! Crack! The sounds of the fight scene rage on. Many have fallen in this particularly bloody battle. The good guys have taken their losses but struggle on to what is seemingly a victory. Their aggression is fierce and helps them. Fires consume the background; men and women lie on the ground in pain. Even if it werent for the bombs, missiles, bullets, etc. that are flying around, hand-to-hand combat would have got the better of them. It was a classic battle scene when looking back at it, a true testament of blood, hell, and gore. This may sound like a heroic made-for-TV movie shown only on primetime in the hopes of recruiting a mature audience. But it is not ...
    Related: cable television, television, television violence, violence, violence on television
  • Y2k - 915 words
    Y2k I Understanding the Y2K problem A- Two-Digit year/Six-digit date coding But what is the meaning for two-digit year/Six-digit date coding? It is very simple, the two-digit year is the last numbers entered for the year. So if you want to put the year 1990 into some applications in the computer, you will enter the last two numbers 90 to the applications. Six-digit date coding is which In BIOS the date is written into six digits, two for day, two for month and two for year. By using the two digits for representing the year is the problem. It will cause in year 2000 a failure. The applications that require the user to enter the year routinely into two digits to reduce the keystrokes will fail ...
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