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  • Mtv As The Dominant Music Video Outlet - 1,840 words
    Mtv As The Dominant Music Video Outlet Music Television, a basic cable service known by its acronym MTV, remains the dominant music video outlet utilizing effective marketing and competitive business practices throughout its nineteen year history. The creation of the I Want My MTV marketing campaign and use of the campaign throughout the 1980's helped the cable outlet secure a substantial subscriber base. MTV dealt with competition from cable mogul Ted Turner's Cable Music Channel by creating a fighting brand, sister cable service VH-1, along with facing challenges by numerous other music video programming services. Through exclusivity agreements with record labels for music videos and limit ...
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  • Engl: Book Critique Mark Posters The Mode Of Information - 1,361 words
    ENGL444: BOOK CRITIQUE - Mark Posters "The Mode of Information" Maitiu Ward Mark Posters "The Mode of Information" can be seen as something of an attempt to establish a new discourse in socio-political theory. He does this mainly through the concerted criticism of several prominent philosophers, including Marx, Foucault, Derrida and Baudrillard. Typically, his prime concern with the bulk of most of these philosophers works is their tendency towards totalization, or their failure to adequately incorporate an understanding of what Poster sees as the "mode of information" into their theorizing. From what remains of his counterparts theories, Poster attempts to assemble his new discourse, incorp ...
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  • Fantasy Rock Business Report - 1,573 words
    ... he store. Radio is most effective, followed by local print media. The local stations that we are currently at placing advertisements on are of the most popular between college students, and more stations including music that a family would listen to. The stations that apply to college students are Power 92.3, 93.3, 104.7, and 106.3. All these radio station have a pretty cheap rate for airtime. A simple advertisement placement cost about $0.98 a minute. To reach our families and business customers we will have advertisements on Cool 94.5. They charge a rate of $0.78 a minute. These prices are well reachable for our small business as advertisements. All these station play a variety of Rock ...
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  • Gangsta Rap - 756 words
    Gangsta Rap Gangsta rap is a form of expression which uses words with rhythmic beats to make one point or another. What separates gangsta rap from regular rap is that gangsta rap talks about gang life and rap usually doesn't. Lyrics in gangsta rap that cause the most controversy are the ones that talk about killing people or ones that portray woman as just objects. People like Delores Tucker and William Bennett are currently trying to censor these "filthy" lyrics because they believe that these lyrics corrupt minds. But even though gangsta rappers like Tupac Shakur and "Biggie Smalls" might rap about hurting women or killing people, they are not to be blamed for what people do regardless of ...
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  • Madonna - 1,055 words
    Madonna Madonna Madonna was born on August 16, 1958, in the city of Bay City, located in the state of Michigan. Her real birth name is Madonna Louise Ciccone. However, most people know her as simply Madonna. She is known as a controversial singer, actress, dancer, songwriter, and has become one of America's biggest and well-known stars in the late 1980s. Madonna's assertive behavior, outspoken personality, and aggressive acts of sexuality, along with her great efforts to push back the borders of the acceptable, have brought her tremendous commercial success in America and abroad. She has achieved the reputation as a forefront performer and entertainer. Before Madonna began her superstar care ...
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  • Media Violence - 1,097 words
    Media Violence Jason Brooks English 101 Nov. 14, 1997 Persuasive Essay: The Impact of Media Violence "Monkey see, monkey do" has become a well-known saying in today's society, but is it correct? Just sixty years ago the invention of the television was viewed as a technological curiosity with black and white ghost-like figures on a screen so small hardly anyone could see them. Today that curiosity has become a constant companion to many, mainly children. From reporting the news and persuading us to buy certain products, to providing programs that depict violence, television has all but replaced written material. Unfortunately, it is these violent programs that are endangering our present-day ...
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  • Mtv - 1,441 words
    Mtv MTV Everyone remembers Michael Jackson's red leather jacket covered with zippers and the sexy style of Madonna. MTV, or music television, nationally publicizes these images and entertainers, and others like them. The station also promotes an idealized teen lifestyle, reflecting the images of these famous artists, that contrasts with the realities of the Generation X lifestyle. While some view the station as illustrated radio or an entertainment network for viewers' pleasure, others more accurately assess it as an advertising enterprise that endorses products and promotes attitudes. The advertisements that are both hidden in videos and placed in regular slots, influence viewers. Whether o ...
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  • Mtv And Its Affect On American History - 1,869 words
    Mtv And It's Affect On American History MTV History In 1954, the release of "Rock around the clock", known as the original white Rock n' Roll song and becoming number one on the pop charts, marked a turning point in the history of popular music and it's success in the future. In the late 70s, early 80s, Reagan was president, then Senator Al Gore's wife led the crusade against inappropriate rock lyrics and founded the Parents' Music Resource Center(PMRC). The hippies became yuppies and began to devote their time to raising well mannered, preppie children. Rock music, a vital social phenomena among American youth, had grown dull due to it's lack of style change from earlier music. Something ne ...
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  • Mtv And Its Affect On American History - 1,878 words
    ... ey are known as one of the most honest and powerful lyrical statements to be made during the 90s. No Doubt and beck grew popular due to their original musical Talents and unique styles and self expression. With the start of the new millennium, rock is still evolving and moving in many new directions. New bands such as Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach and Creed have formed. When Pap Roach's "Last resort" hit MTV, it was clear that rock had invaded the pop music world. Hip Hop has become popular with performers such as Puff daddy, Jay-Z, Eminem and Snoop Dog. Teen pop has also evolved recently, with the sole purpose of entertaining teen fans with heart throbbing teen groups. Many teen groups such a ...
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  • Music Business - 2,499 words
    Music Business Music Business Exam Number One Question 1. The music publishing industry at a glance would seem to be those who print sheet music, method books, lead sheets, and all of the texts or notated music that musicians (and those aspiring to be musicians) use. Years ago, this was what most music publishers did, but as the industry has evolved the process that become much more complex. Music is not just ink and paper, intellectual material and property to the individual who writes it. Therefore the song does not become "a song" when it is written down. This is not an easy concept to grasp because the song by itself has no physical makeup. A song could exist once it is played for the fi ...
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  • Part I - 1,398 words
    ... ic-related web sites on the net, but also the whole music industry, as it is now possible to visit sites that allow anyone to listen to a part of a song or even watch a music video. The growth in the number of teenagers collecting songs is much like the one when people started collecting records. However, the only difference is that on the Internet, there is a greater variety of music, and that one can stay at home while buying or listening to the songs. These improvements attract those who are too lazy to go to stores to buy the records (Vittachi). As shown in the survey of one thousand high school students, online interactions in the form of chatrooms or newsgroups are where users spen ...
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  • Sport For Babies - 1,786 words
    Sport For Babies A baby is born and the doctor looks at the proud parents or parent and says three simple words: Its a boy, or Its a girl! Before a newborn child even takes his or her first breath of life outside the mothers womb, he or she is distinguishable and characterized by gender. The baby is brought home and dressed in clothes that help friends, family and even strangers identify the sex of the child. Baby boys are dressed in blue and baby girls are dressed in pink. The baby boy may be dressed in a blue jumpsuit with a football or a baseball glove on it. The baby girl may wear a bow in their hair and flowered pajamas. As the boy begins to grow, he is given a miniature basketball and ...
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  • The Point Of Pornography On The - 1,488 words
    ... The Point of Pornography on the Internet Why is the Internet so enticing for pedophiles? " Its created easily accessible stimulation for child molesters. Anybody can download pictures in complete anonymity. They do not have to make any kind of human contact" (Trebilcock 102). There may be definitions to describe pornography, but they do not truly examine the destruction, degradation, and the pathetic nature of the concept. The word pornography is more destructive than one might believe. It would fit perfectly into Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomons essay entitles "Cheap Thrills". The essay talks about the influencing images of music, video and television. The computer is becoming more and m ...
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  • The Vast Cyberfrontier Is Being Threatend With Censorship From The Government - 1,233 words
    ... nternet.25 Only nine out of 11,000 Web pages contained anything obscene yet Time still said, "There's an awful lot of porn online."26 "[Cyberspace] is a safe space in which to explore the forbidden and taboo. It offers the possibility for genuine, unembarrassed conversations about accurate as well as fantasy images of sex," said Carlin Meyer, a professor at New York Law School.27 "It is clearly a violation of free speech and it's a violation of the rights of adults to communicate with each other," House speaker Newt Gingrich shared.28 In a Time/CNN poll conducted by Yakelovich Partners, 1000 people were involved and 42% were for FCC-like control over sexual content on the computer networ ...
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  • Tupac Shakur, In My Thoughts, Is The Best Rapper There Is Tupac Amaru Shakur Was Born On June 16, 1971 He Was Born In New Yor - 708 words
    Tupac Shakur, in my thoughts, is the best rapper there is. Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on June 16, 1971. He was born in New York. Tupac Amaru are Inca words. Tupac Amaru means a "shining serpent." Shakur means "thankful to God," and that came from the Arabic language. When Tupac was 12 years old, his first performance was a play "A Raisin in the Sun." In that play Tupac played Travis. In June of 1986, Tupac's family moved to Baltimore from New York. That is where Tupac wrote his first rap. 3 months later Tupac attended Baltimore School for the arts. That is where he studied ballet and acting. About two years later Tupac moves west of the United States to Marin City, California. He moved in w ...
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  • Wendy Martin - 1,172 words
    ... instead either ignore it o constructively use the situation to teach the child to move in ways which aren't as bothersome to others. Parents can learn how to effectively use positive reinforcement by attending to their child's positive behavior while ignoring, as much as possible the negative behavior. Without consistent structure and clearly defined expectations and limits, children with ADD can become quite confused about the behaviors that are expected of them. As a normal child shifts from pre-school to elementary school, the major psychosocial tasks of childhood have been dealt with and the child is able to focus his energy on learning in school along with the refinement of interper ...
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